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Azuma's Mom: Are you sure you'll be okay by yourself? Maybe I should stay home with you…
Azuma: Don’t be such a worrywart, Mom. I’ll be fine, so you go and have fun.
Azuma’s Dad: We’ll return as soon as we can.
Azuma’s Brother: We’ll bring back some gifts for you, too.
Azuma: Thanks. See you later.
Azuma’s Mom: Be good.
Azuma’s Dad: See you.
Azuma’s Brother: We’re off. ...Goodbye, Azuma.
Azuma: (Wait, don't go… No…)
Azuma: Don't leave me alone…!
--- Azuma:
Azuma: Huff… huff…
Azuma: Not again…
Azuma: I really hate mornings…
Azuma: (What time is it?)
Azuma: (Oh, I have a new DM…)
Text message: Tasuku: Wanna go for a drive?
Azuma: Tasuku?
Azuma: (He sent it last night... I didn't even notice.)
Text message: Azuma: Sorry, I just saw your message.
Text message: Azuma: Sure, but let’s leave our scripts at home at this time.
Azuma: Oh?
Azuma: He replied already? That was fast. Is he on his morning run?
Text message: Tasuku: Where are you now?
Text message: Azuma: It's a secret. I'm coming home now.
???: Oh, good morning.
Azuma: Good morning, Ms. Asajo.
Asajo: You’ve been coming back here a lot recently.
Azuma:  I suppose I have…
Asajo: I thought you enjoyed staying at the dorm.
Azuma:  I do, but I needed a bit of time to think about some things on my own.
Asajo: Is that so? Well, I can leave your room alone if you plan on coming back from time to time, but what would you like me to do?
Azuma: Please, give me a little more time to think it over.
Tasuku: Welcome back.
Azuma: Tasuku?
Azuma:  I didn't think I would see you here. Did you come here for me?
Tasuku: It was a coincidence. I was just about to go running.
Azuma: It doesn't look like you're dressed for it.
Tasuku: Uh…
Azuma: I'm amazed you knew I was taking the train. I could have taken a taxi, you know?
Tasuku: Now that you mention it…
Azuma: That didn’t cross your mind at all?
Tasuku: Not really…
Azuma: Once you have your sights set on something, you block out everything else. That's so like you, Tasuku.
Tasuku: ...Can’t deny that.
Azuma:  Why were you waiting for me here?
Tasuku: I've been wondering why you’ve been going out so much at night lately.
Azuma:  I'm just making little trips for fresh air while trying to get into my role. I figured I should wander a bit at night like an actual vampire would.
Azuma: Is something the matter?
Tasuku: Are you really…?
Azuma: Hm?
Tasuku: Uh, never mind…
Azuma: Don't worry, I'll make sure our play’s a success.
Tasuku: Right…
Tsumugi: Hm, I should move these next to the bench...
Tsumugi: Oh, Azuma. I'm glad you're here.
Azuma: What’s up?
Tsumugi: Look. the bellflowers are blooming beautifully right now.
Azuma: Oh, you're right.
Tsumugi: I was thinking of moving them next to the bench.
Azuma:  I'm sure everyone would love that.
Tsumugi: Yeah.
Tsumugi: How have practices been going for you, Azuma?
Azuma: It's pretty tough having a lead role.
Tsumugi: Is it difficult acting with Tasuku?
Azuma: I’d say Tasuku is probably having a harder time acting with me.
Azuma:  He always gives me his all, so if anything, he should be the one frustrated with my acting.
Tsumugi: I know he doesn't voice his thoughts much, but I'm sure he doesn't feel that way.
Azuma: You think?
Tsumugi: I can tell by looking at his script.
Azuma: His script?
Tsumugi: He almost always has it on him, so you should ask him to let you see it when you get the chance.
Azuma: Sure thing. I'll give it a try.