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Izumi: So this is the first checkpoint and resting area, huh? Wow, so many peopel have gathered here to watch the battles!
Itaru: U-ugh! We finally made it...
Azuma: That little trek was quite tiring, wasn't it? Why don't we have something to drink first, before we perfor---
???: Heh heh heh... So you've arrived at last, have you?
Izumi: Uh...?
???: So you're the Mankai COmpany? It took you long enough to get here. I was about to go mad from waiting.
Tsuzuru: Um, who are you again?
Aaron: I am Aaron Maxwell! I am the supervisor of the theater troupe, Scarecrow!
Aaron: Heh. Prepare yourselves, Mankai Company, for we shall be your opponent, right here, right now!
Yuki: We're going up against these guys? Seriously? 
Tsuzuru: Their supervisor is... really something else.
Banri: Man, he's layin' it on so thick, I don't even know if his name is real or not...
Itaru: I actually kinda like him. He's interesting. 
Tsuzuru: Hey! You're on our team, remember?
Izumi: Huh? Where did Azuma and Hisoka go?
Banri: They're takin' a break over there.
Tsuzuru: Get back here, you two!
Aaron: Now, then! We cannot continue to keep our lovely judge and audience waiting, can we? Let us begin our righteous battle!
Aaron: We shall show you how things should be done! Haha!
Yuki: Hm, not bad.
Izumi: That was amazing! I didn't know what to think when we first met Aaron, but his actors are no joke! They were great!
Banri: Hey! Don't go rootin’ for the other team, Izumi.
Aaron: Go ahead! The stage is all yours.
Tsuzuru: Shoot, we don't even have a theme ready.
Hisoka: Can’t act... without a theme…
Yuki: Hey, Izumi, give us an idea already.
Izumi: U-um… Uh!
Izumi: Got one! How about ‘pet shop’?
Tsuzuru: You were CLEARLY just looking at my fake ears just now.
Izumi: Sorry! They just stand out so much!
Hisoka: A pet shop…
Itaru: GL. We're counting on you two and your fuzzy li’l ears.
Banri: Guess that's good enough. Our costumes work well with that theme, anyway.
Izumi: Do your best, guys!
Azuma: You were so adorable in your last play, Yuki. I'm looking forward to seeing how cute you can be for us this time.
Yuki: Nyo problem! You can leave this to meow!
Banri: Okay! Looks like you two are in perfectly good health.
Banri: Hm? What's wrong? Are you two nervous?
Banri: Don't worry. The people who are coming to adopt to you today are very nice. I guarantee you'll be very happy with them. Promise.
Tsuzuru: I-I want to believe him, but I'm still so scared!
Yuki: I wonder what our mew owners will be like… I’m scared, too!
Banri: Look! Here they come.
Hisoka: Aww! Look at how cute the kitty and bunny are! Which one should we take home?
Itaru: Choose whatever you want. I don't care.
Azuma: Hello, bunny. What a sweetheart you are. Do you like listening to the koto? I don’t mind you sitting next to me, as long as you don't nibble on the strings.
Azuma: And how would you like to enjoy nice Japanese gardens and beautiful ink paintings with me? We can even compose lovely haiku together.
Tsuzuru: Wow! He seems so cultured! I bet he lives in a huge house, too. I never heard a haiku, though. How do they go again? One, two, three, one, two, three?
Yuki: Nyo! What are you trying to do? Dance a waltz? Haiku have a five-seven-five syllable pattern!
Tsuzuru: O-oh, oops! But this man seems really nice, so I'm sure he’d forgive me for not knowing how to write a haiku!
Yuki: Good for you... But what about meow? The younger boy looks okay, but the older one’s scary.
Hisoka: Okay! In that case, we'll take the kitty cat.
Itaru: Sure. Why not.
Banri: Oh, I know your type.
Banri: Even though you love animals, you act all cold and aloof. But the second you think no one's around...
Banri: You start cooing and fawning over them like there's no tomorrow!
Hisoka: Uh-huh. He’s just like that.
Itaru: H-hey! Don't just tell everyone that!
Yuki: Phew! Looks like I was worried over nyothing! I bet I'll be really happy with my mew owners, too!
Audience Member A: Ahahaha!
Audience Member B: Hehe! This is hilarious!
Audience Member A: Aww, that was so sweet!
Audience Member B: Yeah! I couldn't stop laughing, either! I wish they could’ve kept going.
Judge: The audience has voted with their cheers and applause! The Mankai Company wins!
Aaron: Grr... Damn you all!