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Sakyo: The food was good. Thanks. I'll be going now.
Taichi: Oh...
Juza: ...
Omi: ...
Izumi: (Hm, everyone's still acting odd, and they look so down, too.)
Izumi: Hey, guys? What's going on? You've all been out of it lately.
Taichi: Wh-what, us?
Juza: ...
Omi: Well, uh...
Taichi: We're not sure... we can tell you.
Izumi: Huh? Why not?
Omi: It's really nothing, Izumi. Please don't worry about it.

It's just... not our place to say anythin'.

Izumi: You sure...?
Izumi: (What could it be that they can't even tell me...?)
Izumi: (I can't pretend nothing is wrong, but if they can't tell me now, then I should trust them and wait until they're ready to talk.)
Izumi: ...
Juza: ...
Taichi: ...
Izumi: (But just because I need to wait for them doesn't mean I should get dragged down into this gloomy mood! All right, time to lighten things up!)
Izumi: Oh, I almost forgot tell you guys, but the flyers for your play are ready! Check them out!
Juza: Huh, not bad.
Taichi: Aw, dude! Sakyo and Juza look so cool!
Omi: Wow, this looks like a legitimate yakuza movie poster.
Banri: 'Grats, Hyodo. Looks like Kazunari was able to pull off another miracle and make your ugly mug bearable to look at.
Juza: What're you tryin' to say about my face?
Banri: I mean, c'mon. You looked like you were about to piss your pants the entire photoshoot, you were so wound up.
Juza: Oh yeah? And you look like a third-rate punk with or without your costume. 
Banri: Say that again! I dare you!
Taichi: C-c'mon, you guys!
Omi: All right, calm down, you two.
Muku: Oh, did Kazu finish making the new flyers?
Izumi: He sure did! Want to take a look?
Muku: Oh, wow...! I can't wait to give these to my friends!
Muku: Oh, Juchan, is Kyuchan going to come and watch you again?
Juza: Yeah. He said he'd come opening night.
Izumi: That's your little brother, right? I didn't know he came to see all of your performances.
Muku: He's a big fan of the Autumn Troupe!
Juza: He's been beggin' me for flyers of this show. Can I have three?
Izumi: Why does he need that many copies? Is he going to hand them out, too?
Juza: Uh, no. He said he wanted to save one, display one, and carry one around.
Izumi: He wants to what now?
Muku: He must be extra excited since you're going to be a lead again!
Juza: I should go home and hand these to him today...
Banri: Man, enough with this brotherly love crap. I'm gonna puke.
Juza: You say somethin'?
Izumi: O-okay guys! Get back to me after you know how many tickets you'll need for friends and family!
Juza: 'Kay.
Muku: Yes, ma'am!
Juza: ...
Juza: (I should stop by that bakery near home. Bet everyone could use some cake. That place is real good, too.)
Sakyo: ...
Kind-Looking Woman: ...
Juza: ...!
Juza: (Sakyo...?)
Juza: (Is that lady next to him his lady? She looks a lot older than him... Didn't know that was his taste.)
Sakyo: This is our station. Come on.
Kind-Looking Woman: ...
Juza: ...
Sakyo: ...
Kind-Looking Woman: ...
Juza: ...
Juza: (Wait... Why am I tailin' them? This's just like something that damn Settsu would do.)
Sakyo: ...
Juza: (But I can't just forget what I saw...)
Juza: ...
Juza: (Ugh, dammit, whatever. If I'm caught, I'm caught, and I'll deal with things then.)
Real Estate Agent: Oh, good day. You made it.
Sakyo: Sorry to keep you waiting.
Real Estate Agent: It's not a problem at all. Please follow me.
Juza: ...
Juza: (Is this the apartment he's plannin' to move into?)
Juza: (This is real far from the theater. The commute'd be a pain, too. Is he really gonna quit...?)
Real Estate Agent: This unit is actually very popular. There was another client looking to buy it, so it's good that you made the decision when you did.
Real Estate Agent: Well, then. All that's left is to sign the contract.
Juza: ...!
Juza: (Damn. He's really gonna buy it...)
Real Estate Agent: Huh?
Real Estate Agent: I'm sorry, but is that a friend of yours?
Sakyo: Who?
Real Estate Agent: That man over there who's staring at us.
Juza: ...!
Sakyo: Hyodo, what the hell are you doing here?