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Captain Sky's Pirates
Yuki: So what now?
Muku: There must be a reason why Misumi doesn't want to go home, right?
Izumi: Yeah... After all, even Yuzo advised us against going.
Kazunari: Hmm. Maybe we can try looking for a picture of Hakkaku somewhere else.
Izumi: That might be tough, since Yuzo did mention how much Hakkaku disliked being photographed and filmed.
Yuki: Guess there'd be no point in us trying to look for him in the Mankai Company's old videos and photos, then.
Muku: Isn't there anything else we can do...?
Tenma: It doesn't look like there is, since Misumi's the one who said he doesn't want to go back home.
Yuki: I don't see why it specifically has to be him who has to go.
Kazunari: Hey, that's right! Why don't we go get it, instead? I don't wanna see Sumi all sad and droopy anymore.
Tenma: He won't be able to focus on our play if we don't do anything about this, anyway.
Izumi: So that leaves us with one choice, huh? We have to go to the Ikaruga household.
Kazunari: Yep, yep!
Muku: Yeah!
Izumi: Who-whoa...
Muku: What a fancy house...!
Izumi: I had no idea this is where Misumi used to live.
*start flashback*
Misumi: Huh?! You guys are really going?
Izumi: We want to see if they will lend us the treasure box Hakkaku hid away.
Misumi: I don't think they'll say yes...
Kazunari: Then we'll just have to wear them down till they do!
Yuki: So, what? Should we all go together?
Tenma: We'd look way too suspicious if all of us went. It's probably best to send a single representative, instead.
Izumi: I'll go, since I'm in charge of the company.
Muku: I want to go, too!
Tenma: You do? Why?
Muku: As the second lead in this play, it's my job to support Misumi. My acting might not be there yet, but I want to help him in any way I can!
Tenma: Fair enough. It'd be a good idea to have a representative from the Summer Troupe go, too.
Kazunari: We're counting on you, Mukkun!
Yuki: Good luck.
Muku: Thanks!
Misumi: Muku... are you sure?
Muku: I am. We'll get Hakkaku's treasure back for you, Misumi! I promise!
Misumi: ...Okay.
Kazunari: Cheer up, Misumi! Everything'll be a-okay!
Yuki: I didn't want to resort to this, but if it makes you feel better, I'll add some triangle designs to your costume.
Misumi: ...Thanks, guys.
Misumi: But... I think it would be better if you didn't mention me to them. Everyone might get really angry if you do...
Izumi: Oh, Misumi...
*end flashback*
Izumi: So, uh... We should probably do something before they call the police to arrest us for loitering, huh?
Muku: Y-yeah...
Izumi: Let's try calling for someone on the intercom.
Muku: O-okay!
Izumi: Here goes nothing!
???: Who are you?
Izumi: Eek!
Muku: H-huh?! We haven't even touched the button yet...!
???: I just happened to see you two out here. Did you need something?
Izumi: Um, yes, actually!
Izumi: Uh, my name is Izumi Tachibana, and I currently oversee the Mankai Company, the theater troupe Mr. Hakkaku Ikaruga used to write scripts for...
???: The Mankai Company...?
Izumi: We were hoping to borrow some personal effects of Hakkaku's and wanted to ask if you could lend some--
???: Why should we?
Izumi: Huh?! Well, um... You see...
Izumi: (Ngh... Misumi said they'd never help us if we brought him up, but how am I supposed to explain the situation otherwise?)
Muku: We, uh... want to hold an exhibition on the original Mankai Company, and, um, publish... a book? About it...?
???: Who are you?
Muku: M-m-me?! I'm a member of the company! Er, I mean, I'm more like one of Izumi's apprentices?
???: Please leave.
Muku: W-wait!
Izumi: ...
Muku: He's gone...
Izumi: That didn't go well at all...
Muku: I'm sorry... I messed everything up for us.
Izumi: It's not your fault, Muku. I didn't know how we should have explained ourselves, either.
Muku: I shouldn't have been the one to come... I bet things would've been a lot better if Tenma and Yuki were here instead.
Izumi: That's not true. I don't think the results would be different regardless of which of us came.
Muku: ...
Izumi: Hey, think of it this way: No good treasure worth its weight in gold is that easy to obtain, right? Now, what do you think Henry would have done here?
Muku: Henry...?
Izumi: That's right.
Muku: ... I think he would do anything he could to get the treasure.
Izumi: That's the spirit! And just like how Henry wouldn't give up, neither can we, okay?
Muku: Yes, ma'am!
Izumi: But you know, that boy looked a lot like Misumi... His personality was completely different, though. 
Muku: Yeah. He acted kind of mean, but he reminded me of Tenma, in a way!
Izumi: Haha, you're right. 
Misumi: Welcome back! How did it go?
Muku: ...
Izumi: I'm sorry, Misumi. It didn't work out.
Misumi: Oh...
Muku: I'm sorry...
Misumi: It's okay. Thanks for trying. Did anything bad happen?
Izumi: No, not at all. In fact, a boy came out to greet us and talked to us for a little bit.
Misumi: Huh...?
Misumi: That was probably Madoka...
Muku: Who's that, Misumi?
Misumi: He's my little brother.