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Alex in Wonderland
SCENE: MANKAI theater - Audience Seating Area. Afternoon. 'Alex in Wonderland' costumes.
Anouncement: Attention, please. The show will be staring soon, so please silence all cell phones. Thank you.
SCENE CUT: Stage curtains.
Izumi: ...
Izumi: (Just one more scene to go, the one with the professor and Alex.)
Professor (Itaru): What was invisible to you was the treasure of free time. Your moratorium only last for now- you should enjoy it while you can.
Alex (Masumi): I'll take that into consideration.
Professor: Oh? You're being quite agreeable today.
Alex: Let's just say I'm sick and tired of tea.
SCENE CUT: End of show. MANKAI theater - Audience Seating.
Audience member 1: That was a great play! The costumes were so cute!
Audience member 2: I loved it! Masumi was adorable!
Izumi: .....
Izumi: (No one messed up too badly, and they did it just like it was in rehearsal. I guess it was a pretty good opening night.)
Izumi: (But Yuzo's comment about Masumi and Itaru's exchanges was spot on. Something's just missing here...)
Izumi: (Everyone else can stand to improve before closing night, too.)
Izumi: (But Masumi and Itaru need to take the lead and show by example first.)
SCENE CHANGE: MANKAI dorms - Lounge. Daytime. Casual clothing.
Tsuzuru: Hey, there's a review of our performance up on one of the theater sites.
Izumi: What? Which one?
Tsuzuru: This one right here.
Sakuya: I want to take a look, but at the same time I'm kinda scared...
Citron: It says the Cheshire Cat's actions are too human and he needs to move more like a cat!
Sakuya: What?! Oh, no!!
Citron: I was joking!
Sakuya: You scared me...
Tsuzuru: 'The Mankai Company has settled into their second performance nicely after working out the kinks from their debut show with some more consistent acting.'
Sakuya: Is that what it says?!
Citron: We are being complimented!
Izumi: Hm, I do think we're more consistent, but...
Izumi: (That also means there wasn't a lot of variation. There hasn't been much change since opening night.)
Izumi: (Some people may be fine with that, but without changing things up every now and then, it can get pretty boring. The fans won't want to come again.)
Izumi: (I should really do something about this.)
Izumi: Could someone call Itaru and Masumi here? I'm calling a quick meeting.
SCENE CUT: Itaru and Masumi arrive in the lounge for the meeting.
Izumi: Everyone here? Good.
Izumi: So we've made it trough half of the performances. Since we have tomorrow off, let's look back on what we've done and see what we can improve in the second half.
Masumi: ...All right.
Itaru: K.
Izumi: As Yuzo said, it's good to keep changing and adjusting during each performance run. That means keeping things fresh and new.
Izumi: Of course, I'm not expecting all our audience to be people who have seen the show before. There are new viewers all the time, and that's fine.
Izumi: But if we always do the same show, we risk coming across as static. And I definitely don't want us to give the impression that we're too conservative and boring.
Izumi: And I know we've said this several times now, but I think that concersations between Masumi and Itaru could really be improved in this respect.
Masumi: .....
Itaru: ...
Izumi: That's why I'm opening the floor up to you guys right now. Is there anything you've noticed while on stage that we can polish up a bit?
Tsuzuru: Well...sometmes I feel like the Mad Hatter is trying to hard to engage with Alex.
Tsuzuru: The Mad Hatter is supposed to be eccentric and laid-back. Honestly, I thought his personality would fit Itaru like a glove, but...
Tsuzuru: It kinda feels like Itaru's trying too hard to do something different with it and it's backfiring on him.
Itaru: .....
Sakuya: On the other hand, I think Masumi's not trying hard enough to meet Itaru halfway.
Sakuya: Alex needs the Mad Hatter to get back to the real world, but he acts as if he's totally uninterested in him.
Sakuya: So maybe that's why it seems like the Mad Hatter's being overeager in his conversations?
Tsuzuru: Ah, I get it. That's a good point.
Masumi: .....
Citron: You two are complete opposites. Like boiling water.
Tsuzuru: Do you mean like, oil and water? Biling water is still water.
Tsuzuru: Anyway, I know all of us have things we can improve on, too.
Sakuya: Yeah, this isn't just an issue with Masumi and Itaru.
Izumi: Masumi, since you're the leaeder, do you have anything to say?
Sakuya: Yeah, let us know anything you've noticed, Masumi. I'm all ears.
Tsuzuru: We still have lots of time to improve thing for our second run of performances.
Masumi: In the first act...
Masumi: Ah, never mind. You're all doing great.
Izumi: Huh?
Tsuzuru: ...For real?
Sakuya: Are you really serious, Masumi?
Masumi: Yep?
Tsuzuru: Anyone else scared here?
Sakuya: He's way too different from how he was during Romeo and Julius...
Citron: But I accidentally said 'Put him behind the bards' during our second matinee show!
Tsuzuru: Good on you for admitting your mistakes and all, but I can't believe you continued the scene with a straight face!
Sakuya: I guess we all heard what we needed to in the moment...
Izumi: (Masumi's been acting weird ever since we started this play.)
Izumi: (I'd rather he be honest with his feelings instead of forcing himself to act more like a leader.)
Itaru: .....