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Taichi: This looks amazing!
Kazunari: Oh em gee, it smells so good! Let's cut it up already!
Izumi: I'm home. Wow, something smells heavenly! 
Azuma: Welcome back, Great timing, too.
Tsuzuru: Omi just finished baking a pie.
Izumi: It looks great! And it's huge! What kind of pie is it?
Omi: Pumpkin. Not sure where he got them from, but Matsukawa brought back a ton of pumpkins.
Omi: I figured it was the perfect chance to make some Halloween treats, considering the season. Eat up while it's still warm.
Izumi: Thank you! Don't mind if I do, then!
Taichi: Thanks, Omi!
Azuma: Mmm, this is great.
Kazunari: Yum! This is the best, Omimi! You should open up your own bakery!
Izumi: You really should!
Omi: Haha, thanks for the compliments. 
Tasuku: Hey, guys.
Izumi: Oh, welcome home!
Omi: Help yourself to some pumpkin pie, Tasuku.
Tasuku: Thanks, I'll have some.
Omi: I'll go make some tea, too.
Kazunari: Hey, did you all decide on your costumes yet?
Taichi: ...
Tsuzuru: Yeah, pretty much.
Kazunari: Ooh, what're you gonna be, Tsuzuroon? I'm so curious!  
Tsuzuru: I decide to go with a mummy for its simplicity. Besides, its a great, classic Halloween costume. 
Omi: I decided to be a mummy with Tsuzuru since we'll be working together. 
Kazunari: Really?! So you'll be matching!
Azuma: A pair of kind-hearted mummies sounds like an interesting concept. It could almost be its own movie.
Izumi: Ahaha! I can definitely see that.
Izumi; Are you still going with the wizard theme, Taichi?
Taichi: Huh? Uh, yeah!
Tasuku: ...
Tsuzuru: What are you going to be, Azuma?
Azuma: I'm going to be a demon. Kazu suggested it, and Yuki thought it'd be a good idea, too.
Omi: I bet you'll be able to pull it off really well.
Izumi: You'll probably end up being a very seductive demon, to boot.
Kazunari: What about you, Tax?
Tasuku: Why does it matter?
Kazunari: Aw, come on! Everyone's gonna see each other during the contest anyway! You might as well spoil us now!
Tasuku: Sigh... I'm going to be a werewolf.
Kazunari: For real?! Me too! I can't believe we'll be matching! We'll HAVE to take a picture together! 
Azuma: Oh, so that's what you went for.
Kazunari: You'll for sure be the coolest. werewolf out there, Tax! We should team up just like Omimi and Tsuzuroon!
Taichi: Y-you can't!
Tsuzuru: Huh?
Taichi: Uh, I mean... Sakyo's gonna be pissed if we change our pairs!
Tsuzuru: Oh, I guess you're right...
Kazunari: Ugh, anything but Frooch's rage, please!
Taichi: Same! I forgot to turn off the lights in the training room the other day, and he was absolutely livid. I-I thought I was going to die...
Tasuku: Sigh...
Omi: ...