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Azuma: I'm home...
Azuma: ...Not that anyone's around. I've gotten so used to having someone welcome me back.
Azuma: ...Sigh.
Azuma: ...
Azuma: (I didn't realize how deathly quiet it is here.)
Azuma: (Back in the dorm, I can always hear someone...)
Azuma: (Kamekichi, Matsukawa, and whoever doesn't have class are usually around in the afternoon, and there's always someone chatting in the courtyard at night.)
Azuma: (I always wake up to the sound of the younger ones getting ready for school in the mornings, too... I haven't had this much silence in a long time.)
Azuma: It's so lonely...
Izumi: You've outdone yourself once again with these costumes, Yuki! They're so cool!
Yuki: It wasn't all that hard to make them since it's a modern-day play.
Tsumugi: These outfits are all so chic and sophisticated.
Hisoka: ...I like mine.
Tasuku: This seems like something you'd like, Mikage.
Homare: I would have preferred something a little more extravagant, myself.
Yuki: Don't worry. You look extravagant enough from the neck up.
Homare: I am pleased that an artiste such as yourself is able to recognize the inherent beauty that I possess!
Yuki: I'd think twice about taking that as a compliment if I were you.
Azuma: It's nice that Hisoka and my outfits stand out a bit more, since we're playing vampires.
Yuki: It'd be drab if I made your outfits too practical, so I added in a little dramatic flair to their designs.
Tasuku: This shirt's pretty tight around my chest.
Yuki: What the hell? Did you gain more muscle again?
Tasuku: I'm not doing any special training or anything.
Yuki: Then there's no way it'd be tight.
Tasuku: Wait. Actually, I did change up my workout routine recently.
Yuki: Well, it's not working. Scrap it.
Izumi: (There's our Yuki, savage as ever...!)
Tsumugi: Good morning. Great weather we're having today.
Tsumugi: Have you been off on weekdays as well, Mr. Seo?
Homare: I see you are eager to dive right into your character already.
Tsumugi: Oh...! Er, it just felt so natural after putting on the costume, so...
Yuki: What do you want to do with your hair, Azu? I was thinking of just styling your natural hair.
Azuma: ...I'm thinking of cutting it.
Izumi: What?!
Tsumugi: You're going to cut your hair?
Azuma: People seemed to have really liked me with short hair during our last play, and all.
Yuki: You should just wear a wig again, then.
Homare: It would be a shame to lose those long and luscious locks of yours.
Azuma: I've been meaning to cut it soon.
Izumi: Didn't you say before that you've been growing it out for a reason, though?
Hisoka: ...I didn't know that.
Tasuku: You are?
Azuma: Well, yes. It's fine, though. I was getting bored with it, anyway.
Yuki: I mean, if that's what you want to do...
Izumi: Okay, let's take an hour break until afternoon practice.
Azuma: There's something that I need to take care of. I'll be back in time for our next practice.
Izumi: Okay.
Yuki: ...
Izumi: What's wrong?
Yuki: Azu's skin doesn't look as flawless as usual.
Izumi: What?! I didn't notice a difference.
Izumi: (I thought he was glowing even more than usual today. I wish that's what my skin looked like on a bad day...)
Yuki: He normally looks even better than this.
Izumi: I had no idea...
Tsumugi: Is he feeling okay?
Tasuku: Maybe he's not getting enough sleep?
Hisoka: ...He's been going out every night lately.
Izumi: He must be busy…
Tasuku: I feel like he hasn't really been concentrating during practice, to be honest.
Homare: Indeed... I also thought that he has been acting rather unusually.
Tsumugi: I wonder if something happened with him…
Yuki: Why don't you just ask him yourselves?
Homare: If only that were possible.
Tsumugi: I'm sure there's some stuff he doesn't feel comfortable going into with us.
Tasuku: You’re probably right…
Izumi: (The Winter Troupe’s non-confrontational attitude is night and day compared to the Summer Troupe. They're so considerate of each other. Maybe too much so.)
Izumi: But we can't just leave things as they are, either.
Izumi: If only there was an easier way to approach him about this…
Yuki: Why don't you go out for drinks? Isn't that how you adults handle stuff?
Hisoka: ...That may work with Arisu, but Azuma’s not affected by alcohol like that.
Homare: Hm?!
Izumi: Hmm…
Tsumugi: Maybe we'll just have to wait until he's ready to talk.
Tasuku: I'll figure something out.
Izumi: Huh?
Tasuku: As a fellow lead, I need to do what I can to support him. I'll try speaking with him.
Izumi: That's a good idea. I'm sure discussing things with him will help improve your interactions on stage, too.
Tsumugi: We're counting on you, Tasuku.
Tasuku: You got it.