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Izumi: The Theatrical Night Walk Competition is finally upon us! Everyone, work hard with your teams and do your best to win today, okay?
Citron: It is understood!
Juza: Why're we in costume?
Izumi: According to Yuzo, it's a tradition for participating troupes to do the Night Walk in costume! 
Sakuya: Ooh, so that's why I saw the other troupes all dressed up, too!

It feels like we're part of a special parade! Everyone's costumes are so interesting, I really want to know more about the plays they wore them for!

Izumi: The winners of the competition will get a chance to promote their troupes with their costumes, too! We have nothing to lose and everything to gain, guys! 
Yuki: Good. The more people who see my costumes, the better.
Tsuzuru: Man... I thought these ears and I were through already...
Itaru: LOL. Look at you and your li'l bunny ears. 
Tsuzuru: Stop that! If you're going to tease me, why don't YOU put these on for a change?!
Itaru: I will have to very politely decline that offer, thanks.
Banri: Azuma, you look pretty good with short hair.
Azuma: Why, that you, Banri. You look rather dashing with your glasses on, as well. They make you look particularly intelligent and refined.
Izumi: Not to toot our own horn, but getting to see costumes form other troupes and comparing hem with ours really highlights how high-quality our costumes are! 
Azuma: It's all thanks to our wonderfully dedicated and talented costumer. I bet you'll be a renowned fashion designer in the future, Yuki.
Yuki: ...Sure, yeah. Maybe.
Izumi: (Huh? That reaction was a lot less enthusiastic than I expected...)
Yuki: All right, even if it's tradition to walk around in costume, I'll still murder you if you get them dirty. You'd all better be careful!
Tenma: Are you being serious?! That's impossible!
Tsuzuru: The next turn should be... right, according to our map.
Yuki: Hmm. These shoes really aren't great for walking in for long periods of time...
Tsuzuru: Mine aren’t, either.
Itaru: Same.
Azuma: I’m jealous of how comfortable your shoes and outfit are, Banri. Hisoka, here’s a marshmallow.
Hisoka: Awmph.
Banri: If we're talkin’ comfort, Izumi’s probably havin’ the easiest time outta all of us. Hell, she's in straight-up sportswear.
Izumi: Hey, I work backstage, so I can wear whatever I want!
Itaru: Izumi, wanna swap shoes with me?
Banri: Dude, your shoe sizes are anywhere NEAR close.
Yuki: Don't even think about wearing running shoes with that costume. I'll make sure you regret it if you do.
Itaru: Where the heck are we going, anyway?
Tsuzuru: They gave us instructions before the event started! Weren't you listening at all?
Itaru: I was too busy pretending that I wasn't actually going to participate in all this.
Tsuzuru: Itaru…
Yuki: We're supposed to head toward the checkpoints on this map. Once we get there, we'll compete in an improv battle with another troupe.
Yuki: There'll be a judge who’ll decide which group the audience liked more. Basically, the group who receives the loudest cheers earns points.
Itaru: Okay, cool. Got it.
Banri: Dude, c’mon. Yuki’s got his shit together better than you, and he’s a friggin’ middle schooler.
Azuma: Oh, I had no idea this road existed.
Izumi: I wonder if the other teams’ routes are like ours, too.
Yuki: Dunno. They all have different maps and routes.
Izumi: Okay… Oh, it looks like we'll have to head towards the mountains after the next checkpoint.
Itaru: Ugh, Are you serious? There's gonna be, like, no signal up there. I’d better use up all my LP while I can…
Banri: Oh, yeah. The in-game event’s gonna end tomorrow, so I better clear out my LP, too.
Izumi: Guys! Focus! we're in the middle of a competition right now, so put your phones away!
Azuma: Have a marshmallow, Hisoka.
Hisoka: Nom…
Tsuzuru: ... Why are they all like this?