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Izumi: Sakyo, I think you should tone your performance down when saying this line to give the scene more balance overall. What do you think?
Sakyo: Yeah, sounds good...
Izumi: And for contrast, I thought it would be a good idea to make him sound more aggressive instead--
Sakyo: Just let him do whatever he wants with that line.
Izumi: ...
Izumi: (It's like the way everybody's been acting recently has gotten to Sakyo, too... It's like all the spirit's left him.)
Izumi: (He's a lot more apathetic about the show and everyone's acting now compared to how he was when we first started practicing... This isn't good.)
Izumi: All right, that should do it for today.
Juza: Thanks, Izumi.
Banri: Nice work, guys.
Sakyo: Sorry, Izumi. I have some things to take care of tomorrow, so I'll only be able to make our evening rehearsal. 
Taichi: Huh?!
Omi: Which means...
Juza: ...
Sakyo: ...What?
Banri: S'nothin'.
Sakyo: ...
Izumi: (Yeah, something's definitely off between Sakyo and the others.)
Izumi: (They're walking around him as if he were surrounded by invisible landmines.)
Izumi: (If I leave things be, it'll affect their performance on stage, and I can't let that happen. I should talk to Sakyo to see if he knows anything.)
Sakyo: ...
Izumi: (Oh, there he is!)
Sakyo: ...
Izumi: (He looks so deep in thought. I wonder what he's thinking about?)
Izumi: ...
Sakyo: ...
Izumi: ...
Sakyo: I never thought I'd see the day where I could stand on stage as the lead in a Mankai Company play.
Sakyo: Even during rehearsals, I find myself doubting if this is real... I wonder if I'm just dreaming all of this.
Izumi: You don't have to worry. This is really happening. 
Sakyo: ...This isn't like me at all. Not one damn bit.
Sakyo: Performing as an actor for this company used to be such a far-fetched idea. And now I'm the lead.
Sakyo: This is an opportunity the rest of the Autumn Troupe gave me. I have to make it count.
Izumi: (Sakyo's dedication to the stage hasn't wanted at all, and he's still determined as ever to lead everyone in this play.)
Izumi: (But if that's the case, then the cause of everyone's unease must be something else...)
Izumi: Sakyo, we have to do something about the haze that's hanging over everyone if we want this play to succeed.
Sakyo: Yeah, you're right.
Izumi: (I want to see this play do well.)
Izumi: (I can't let everything they've built up so far be for nothing.)
Izumi: (I'm sure everyone feels the same. I have to help them fix this!)
Izumi: Do you have any idea why everyone is acting weirdly? Did you guys have a fight?
Sakyo: Not any fight worth remembering. I wouldn't get into a real fight with any of them to begin with.
Sakyo: But maybe they have some built-up resentment against me for my treatment of them in general and during rehearsals. 
Izumi: Hmm...
Izumi: (It's so frustrating not knowing what caused things to go sideways...)
Sakyo: I used to be their age, too. But lately I just can't understand what's going on in their heads at all.
Sakyo: If only I had started acting when I was younger...
Izumi: Sakyo...
Sakyo: To be honest, this isn't just a problem with my age. My upbringing as a yakuza member is just too different from what they've experienced in their own lives.
Izumi: (I've never seen Sakyo so bothered about his age and job...)
Sakyo: Despite all that, I had made up my mind to be honest with them and face them as equals.)
Sakyo: But I guess I was just fooling myself.
Sakyo: I thought they'd be able to answer every demand I made of them.
Sakyo: I should've figured that doing nothing but barking at them to work hard wouldn't be taken well.
Sakyo: Looking back at how I was during rehearsals, I see that I was doing nothing but criticize them without giving them a single word of praise.
Sakyo: I became so personally invested in this play, I didn't realize how much stress I was causing them.
Izumi: That's not true!
Izumi: What I saw was a group inspired by your passion!
Izumi: I could tell they understood where you were coming from and were doing their to best meet your standards.
Izumi: Your age and job have nothing to do with any of this, Sakyo.
Izumi: No matter what life you led before, the moment you stood on stage as a Mankai Company actor, you've been on equal ground with everyone.
Sakyo: ...
Sakyo: Yeah, I guess you're right.
Izumi: Anyway, sorry if I was overstepping my boundaries there.
Sakyo: When aren't you, you cheeky little brat?
Izumi: You take that back! I'm just trying to help, y'know! Besides, I'm not always being cheeky... sometimes. Maybe.
Sakyo: Heh.
Izumi: In any case, I noticed everyone started acting strangely this week. There has to be something outside of rehearsals that's causing this.
Izumi: I'll go see what's going on with them.
Sakyo: Thanks, that'd be great.