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Captain Sky's Pirates
Izumi: Isn't this just a page from the script you gave us?
Yuki: The lines are kind of different, though.
Tsuzuru: I didn't write this.
Tsuzuru: I found this in the courtyard the other day. Well, it was a paper airplane then, but when I opened it up, I realized what it was.
Tsuzuru: After reading it, I felt like writing a pirate story, which is how I ended up creating our newest script.
Muku: But if you weren't the one who wrote this, Tsuzuru, who was?
Tsuzuru: Well, it was probably--
Misumi: Gramps...
Izumi: How do you know it was him?

This is Gramps' handwriting.

Tsuzuru: Uh, what does Misumi mean by 'Gramps'?
Izumi: Hakkaku, the former scriptwriter for the original Mankai Company, was Misumi's grandfather.
Tsuzuru: Wait, that was Misumi's grandfather?!
Tenma: Which means this is an actual draft of an original Mankai Company script, right?
Tsuzuru: That's what I thought at first, too, but when I looked closer, I realized there's some sort of map scribbled in with the notes.
Izumi: Oh, you're right.
Kazunari: Ooh, so it's a treasure map?
Yuki: Maybe. It even has "Out upon a wee island in the great expanse of the sea have I hidden my treasure" written on it.
Muku: Oh my gosh! It's like a page right out of Captain Kidd's life!
Misumi: Who's that?
Muku: He was a famous pirate captain whose name rang across the world long ago.
Muku:  There are tales about how other pirates began searching for his hidden treasures far and wide after he was captured.
Izumi: So this could actually be a treasure map that Hakkaku left behind...?
Kazunari: This is so legit! Hey, Sumi, maybe you'll remember stuff about your grandpa if you follow this treasure map!
Misumi: Oh...
Tenma: Well, you ARE the one who has the most rights to claim whatever treasure's hidden on this map, since you're Hakkaku's grandson and all.
Tenma: Why don't we try and find it together?
Misumi: Okay!
Yuki: This looks like a simplified outline of the inside of the dorm.
Tenma: Are you sure? Doesn't look that way to me...
Yuki: Look closer. Here's the entryway, and this is the lounge, see?
Tenma: ...?
Kazunari: Oh! And here's the bath and the courtyard!
Yuki: Yeah! 
Muku: Oh, you're right! Yuki and Kazu, you're both so amazing!
Tenma: Huh...?
Yuki: Just quit thinking and follow us, Mr. More Directionally Challenged Than a Rock. You're just going to give yourself a headache. 
Tenma: Hey!
Izumi: So if this is the dorm, then X marks the end of the hallway on the second floor, right?
Misumi: Let's go!
Tenma: Where are you guys getting all this information from?
Kazunari: Don't sweat it, Tenten! Let's just go!
Misumi: I found it!
Tenma: I never realized there was a treasure box hidden here.
Muku:  It's really tiny and well hidden, so maybe that's why!
Kazunari: Sumi! Open it, open it!
Misumi: 'Kaaay!
Misumi: ...Huh?
Izumi: Is that another map?
Yuki: Greaaat.
Kazunari: Where will this one lead us, I wonder?
Tenma:  Okay, this one can't possibly be another map of the dorm, can it?
Yuki: It is, you hack.
Tenma: Seriously?!
Misumi: Next is, um... the courtyard!
Kazunori: It's go time!
Izumi:  It looks like it's beneath the bench.
Kazunari: Time to do some excavating, y'all!
Misumi: Huff...huff...
Misumi: Here it is!
Tenma: This time for sure, it's the actual treasure, right?
Kazunari: Aw, man! It's another map!
Yuki: How many times will we have to do this?
Muku: But this feels like a real treasure hunt now, doesn't it?
Kazunari: Looks like our next destination is... our room, Mukkun!
Muku: Huh? I-it is?!
KazunarI: I don't think I've ever seen a treasure box in our room before. 
Muku: Me neither...
Kazunari: Hmm. Maybe it's hidden around the windows... Aha!
Muku: Oh! That's it!
Izumi: But that's just a volume of manga!
Muku: But it's my treasure! This is my fifth volume of "Heartthrob King!" I thought I had lost it forever! Thank goodness I hadn't!
Yuki: Quit trying to bait and switch us.
Misumi: I found it! It was over here!
Tenma: What's inside it?
Izumi: Another map...
Yuki: Seriously, how many times are we going to have to do this?
Kazunari: We have no choice but to hunt them all down, Yukki!
Misumi: We can do it!
Izumi: It should be around here this time...
Tenma:  H-hey, wait! I'll search for that area...
Yuki: What are you panicking for?
Kazunari: Ooh, Tenten, do you have some... forbidden stuff hidden over here or something? 
Misumi: Let's dig up Tenma's hidden treasure!
Tenma: Knock it off!
Muku: I found something!
Tenma: Put it back!
Yuki: Yeah, that's not suspicious at all.
Izumi: "The Dummy's Guide to Not Getting Lost"...?
Yuki: Someone's self-conscious about themselves. Heh.
Tenma: Sh-shut it, you!
Kazunari: Hey, I found the treasure box!
Misumi: It's... another map!
Tenma: Not again!
Misumi: And a key!
Izumi: That's new.
Yuki: We've been getting nothing but maps up until now.
Kazunari:  Could it be that we're finally reaching the end of our hunt?!
Muku: The map looks a little different from the other ones, too.
Izumi: It's another map of a building, but I don't think it's of the dorm, it looks like a smaller space...
Kazunari: I know! I bet it's a map of our theater!
Yuki: Looks like it.
Tenma: Let's head over!
Muku: The treasure box should be around here, right...?
Misumi: I can't find it...
Kazunari: Do you think someone else found it before us?
Tenma: When you think of it, it's a miracle all the other boxes have been untouched until now.
Yuki: I wonder if there have been any major renovations or changes to the theater.
Tenma: Let's ask Matsukawa if he knows anything. 
Manager: The theater, you say? No, I don't believe its interior has been altered in any significant way since our founding...
Izumi: Then do you happen to know where Hakkaku might have hidden some sort of treasure?
Manager: Hakkaku...?
Manager: Hmm... If it's information about Hakkaku you want, it might be better to ask Yuzo, instead.
Manager: I'll give him a call.
Yuzo: Treasure? The hell are you talkin' about? I don't have time to play around with you right now. I'm neck-deep in preparin' for our performance, you know?
Manager: But they're telling me that Hakkaku left behind a bunch of treasure maps around the Mankai Company's dorm.
Yuzo: Hakkaku did?
Yuzo: ...Hang on. I'll be there in a bit.
Tenma: What'd he say?
Manager: He said he'll be coming shortly.
Yuki: How is that geezer always so free? Does he really have a job?
Manager: Oh! you're here!
Yuzo: Well? What maps were you talkin' about?
Izumi: Um, we found these ones.
Kazunari: The last map led us here, but we're not coming up with anything.
Yuzo: Hmm...
Yuzo: That's 'cause you've been lookin' in the wrong place. Here, follow me.
Yuzo: This used to be Hakkaku's usual spot. He'd always sit here when our shows were goin' on.
Muku: He'd be out there, in the lobby...?
Yuki: Why didn't he go inside to watch?
Yuzo: He said he didn't want to get in the way.
Yuzo: Said it'd be a waste if he took up an audience seat, so he'd sit out here and work on scripts while listenin’ to the performance.
Misumi: Gramps would do that...?
Kazunari: Come to think of it, the X was drawn right between the audience seats and the lobby, wasn't it?
Tenma: Which means this is the right place.
Izumi: There's... nothing here?
Yuki: Nope.
Tenma: What’s going on?
Muku: Maybe we got the spot wrong.
Yuzo: Well, I can't think of anywhere else Hakkaku would’ve hidden something.
Manager: Perhaps the Ikaruga family took it with them.
Manager: After Hakkaku passed, his remaining family took all his possessions with them.
Manager: They didn't leave a single pen or slip of paper of his behind…
Manager: There is a high possibility they found it and are keeping it in their possession.
Yuki: Then why don't we just go to Misumi’s home?
Kazunari: Yeah! Let's go get that treasure!
Misumi: ...I don’t wanna go back.
Izumi: Huh? Why not, Misumi?
Yuzo: The front door. You should just give it up.
Muku: Wh-what…?