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Blazing Beachside Passion
Muku: Oh? What, uh, do you mean by 'the required items'? 
Citron: Ta-dah! I have brought a volleyball! This is a must for all beachside quests, no?
KazunarI: Heck yeah! You know where it's at, Ron-ron! Let's get a game of beach volleyball going!
Izumi: Nice, Citron! Oh, but we have an odd number of people, don't we? I can be the ref for the first game!
Muku: Are you sure, Izumi? Thanks so much!
Juza: I'll switch with you in a bit.
Omi: Gather up, guys. Let's decide our teams with rock scissors paper.
Izumi: Okay! So we have Team A, with Muku, Juza, Kazunari, versus Team B, with Tasuku, Omi, and Citron!
Kazunari: Tax and Omimi are on the same team?! How are we supposed to win against that powerhouse?
Muku: J-Juchan, let's do out best!
Juza: ...Yeah.
Tasuku: We're not going easy on you.
Citron: Let us have a righteous battle, right in the midst of this summery beach!
Omi: Haha. Here's to a good game!
Izumi: Read, guys? And...set!
Tasuku: Fushimi!
Omi: Got it!
Citron: Here I am going! Citron... SPIKE!
Izumi: Whoa!
Kazunari: Ron-ron, pull back a little! You pegged that way out of bounds!`
Citron: No, no! In my country, the rule is to hit the ball as far as you can!
Izumi: What kind of rule is that?! That sounds totally different from the beach volleyball I know.
Juza: Our serve... Huff!
Tasuku: Ngh!
Muku: W-whoa! Ah, I got it!
Kazunari: Nice save, Mukkun! All right, time to show off my sick skills! Kazunari Miyoshi's Secret Volley Ball Technique--
Kazunari: Whoops!
Citron: Oh, too bad! What a clean whiff!
Izumi: You were so close, Kazunari!
Kazunari: Noooo! Sorry I tripped, guys!
Muku: I-it's not your fault! I was the one who wasn't able to get the ball into a better position for you...!
Kazunari: Shake it off! You're great at this, anyway! And hey, the game's just started. We still have tons of leeway to turn this around! 
Muku: R-right! Let's do this!
Kazunari: Mukkun, it's all yours!
Muku: Hup! Juchan!
Juza: ...!
Izumi: Oh!
Izumi: (The ball flew off in the totally opposite direction...)
Juza: My bad.
Muku: It's okay, Juchan! Don't worry!
Kazunari: It happens sometimes! Don't beat yourself up!
Tasuku: You, on the other hand, might benefit from a little humility...
Citron: Their ranks are scattered! It is time for a counterattack! 
Omi: Nice toss!
Muku: O-oh!
Kazunari: Nice receive, Mukkun! Hyodle, you got this!
Juza: Ngh!
Izumi: Ah...
Juza: ...
Izumi: (He dropped the ball again... Are Muku and Juza having trouble getting in sync today...?)
Citron: It is time for... Ron-ron Retribution!
Kazunari: There he goes again! It's another home run!
Omi: Oops. That'd be great if we were playing baseball...
Izumi: He's not playing by any of the rules...
Citron: It is no protein, I promise!
Kazunari: Uuugh! Ron-ron, I love you, but your special rules are way too special! BRB! I'm gonna go grab the ball!
Juza: ...
Muku: Juchan...?
Tasuku: ...