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Alex in Wonderland
SCENE: MANKAI dorms - Lounge. Daytime. Casual clothing.
Izumi: (I can't believe the play's coming up so soon already. It's generally looking good, bit I'm still worried about Masumi and Itaru.)
Itaru: Hey, Masumi.
Masumi: ...Hmph.
Izumi: (It's been like that for a while now. Can they really pull it together?)
Itaru: Look. I told you I'm sorry. I went too far.
Masumi: Leave me alone.
Itaru: Hey!
Itaru: Sigh...
Izumi: Is everything alright?
Itaru: What do you think? He's treating me like I'm some kind of stalker.
Tsuzuru: Sorry, man. This is 'cuz of my advice, huh?
Izumi: The play itself is ready, so there's no problem in that regard, at least...
Itaru: True. Everyone's got their lines down and it sounds good.
Tsuzuru: Why don't we just let it go, then? This stuff happens. Even groups who don't get along in real life pull it together on stage.
Izumi: Yeah. I guess you're right...
Izumi: (Everyone's favorite guest is paying us a visit at today's rehearsal, so here's hoping things go smoothly.)
SCENE CHANGE: MANKAI dorms - Downstairs Lesson Room. Daytime. Reheasal clothing.
Yuzo: .....
Izumi: .....
Yuzo: .....
Izumi: W-what do your think?
Yuzo: ...Man, and here I was plannin' on tearing this thing to shreds. What a let-down.
Izumi: What?!
Tsuzuru: You don't have any critiques?!.
Citron: We have vanquished Yuzo!!
Yuzo: Don't get cocky, ya scrubs!
Tsuzuru: Also, why do you keep using such outdated phrases lately, Citron?
Citron: I've been watching periodic dramas!
Tsuzuru: Period dramas, you mean?
Sakuya: Isn't this the first time Yuzo hasn't had any complaints, though?
Itaru: Miracles excist.
Izumi: Seriously. Especially when you think of all he had to say during your debut performance.
Sakuya: I'm so glad we kept rehearsing while the other troupes were on stage!
Yuzo: I don't have any complaints, no. There is one thing I wanna say.
Masumi: ...What?
Yuzo: Now, I'm sure your banter's gonna get better during the performance run...
Yuzo: ...But it ain't playful enough.
Masumi: Playful?
Yuzo: Yeah, you gotta sell it to the audience more, make it interesting. As it is now, no one's gonna want to come back and watch it again.
Izumi: Hm, I see...
Sakuya: Oh, I see. Since this play is mostly dialogue without a lot of action, we've gotta put care into how we deliver our lines to keep things fresh.
Tsuzuru: This play is full of a lot of strange conversations and expressions to begin with, so it can get kinda long-winded at times.
Yuzo: That goes double for the Mad Hatter and Alex. Your long exchanges ain't bad, but they're not that fun, either. You two need to figure out how to spice things up.
Masumi: ...
Itaru: ...
Izumi: (I told them the same thing, but that ended up just making things worse between them.)
Tsuzuru: So it all comes back to that, huh?
Sakuya: But if their relationship gets any worse...
Izumi: (We really can't let things keep going on like this. Not if we want to put on the best show possible.)
Izumi: All right. We'll give it some thought. Thanks.
Yuzo: You do that.
Tsururu: Thank you!
Sakuya: We will!
SCENE CUT: Yuzo leaves.
Izumi: ...What should we do though?
Tsuzuru: Should we put in different ad libben portions every day like we did with Romeo and Julius?
Sakuya: Ooh, yeah!
Izumi: Nice idea! Everyone was a big fan of that.
Masumi: I dunno how to ad lib.
Izumi: Huh? But you ad libbed during Romeo and Julius just fine.
Masumi: I wasn't ad libbing. I was just responding to everyone else's ad libs.
Sakuya: I guess now that I think about it, it's true that Masumi never started any ad libs.
Izumi: Well, why don't we concentrate on that then?
Masumi: No.
Izumi: What?
Masumi: I want to do my lines perfectly this time, just like you said. If you change my lines or my blocking on me, it'll ruin everything.
Izumi: But... You're free to change your interpretations of things, Masumi. My word isn't law.
Itaru: Won't breaking away from lines and blocking help make it more playful, like Yuzo suggested?
Sakuya: Exactly, Masumi!
Tsuzuru: Let's just try it out.
Citron: Yes, let's give it twirl!
Tsuzuru: ...Let's give it a whirl.
Masumi: No.
Izumi: Masumi...
Itaru: Sigh...
Tsuzuru: It'll be hard if the rest of us are ad libbing and Masumi's the only one sticking to the script.
Sakuya: Plus the conversations between Alex and the other characters is what moves the play forward.
Tsuzuru: Yeah. Hmm...
Izumi: I have an idea. Why don't we try to forget the lines for the moment? We can do some street acts based in Wonderland!
Masumi: .....
Itaru: .....
Izumi: (No Dice.)
Izumi: (This is looking bad. Masumi's being stubborn, Itaru's already given up... How are we going to hit the ground running like this?)