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Sakyo: That's all I have to say for tonight's meeting. I'll have Rurikawa start on our costumes in two days' time, so hurry up with those design choices.
Sakyo: Don't forget that you'll have to wear the costumes we used during the Night Walk as punishment if you turn in your requests late.
Itaru: No... Anything but those cursed bunny pajamas.
Izumi: You all should do some street acts in your pairs to prepare for the event!
Sakuya: Great idea, Izumi! We'll do our best.
Izumi: Okay, we're done for today, then. Get started on that brainstorming.
Banri: Got it.
Kazunari: What should I be? I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!
Kazunari: Have you decided yet, Azu? Do you want to be something spooky, like a ghost! Or, ooh, I bet you'd be a great demon!
Azuma: Hehe, really? If we're talking demons, I think Itaru would look great as one, too.
Itaru: Man, I wasn't even within aggro range...
Muku: Hmm. What should I be?
Itaru: Animal themes are pretty common for Halloween costumes, but you could even try something really out of character, like a zombie or something.
Masumi: Hey. What are you gonna be?
Izumi: Huh? I'm not going to be competing, so I wasn't planning on dressing up.
Masumi: No, you have to. Sakyo said he's forcing everyone to do it.
Kazunari: I want to see you in costume, too!
Muku: Me too!
Azuma: Hehe. You'd look good in just about anything. 
Itaru: We can't let you be the only one to get away with this, Izumi.
Izumi: H-hey... Come on, you guys...
Tasuku: Ugh... I can't believe I have to dress up again.
Tsumugi: Ahaha! Come on, it won't be that bad!
Taichi: Hmm...
Kazunari: Hey, Taicchan, what do you plan on being?
Taichi: H-huh?!
Kazunari: I bet you're gonna go with a mummy costume, right? Oh, but I could totes see you as a ferocious werewolf!
Taichi: ...
Omi: Taichi?
Taichi: ...I want to be a wizard.
Tasuku: ...!
Taiichi: Ha...haha! I'm' just joking, of course!
Kazunari: Aw, no need to be shy! That'd be a great look on you! You can definitely pull it off!
Izumi: Yeah, I can already picture you with a wizard's hat!
Taichi: R-really? Haha, thanks...!
Azuma: Oh, I thought you'd choose something wilder and fiercer-looking, little pup.
Taichi: U-um, well, y'know, I figured it was time to show the ladies my cute and adorable side, too. Ahaha.
Izumi: The outfit possibilities for a wizard are endless, too. It's a great choice!
Tasuku: Hmm...

What's the matter, Tasuku?

Tasuku: Oh... It's nothing.
Tsumugi: Huh?
Taichi: Crap, I got way too into this magazine!
Taichi: Sakyo's gonna rip me a new one if I don't take a bath soon.
Tasuku: Hey, Nanao.
Taichi: O-oh! Tasuku? What's up?
Tasuku: ...