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The Great Sardine Search
SCENE: MANKAI dorms - Room 201 - Tenma & Yuki. Daytime. Casual clothes.
Tenma: Sardines, you say? Ever heard of them, Tama?
Tenma: Hmm...
Yuki: .....
Tenma: It's hard playing a cat. I don't wanna come off as just some weirdo wearing a Halloween costume.
Tenma: Maybe I should focus on figuring out how a cat-person would move...
Yuki: .....
Tenma: Hey, Yuki-
Yuki: ......
Tenma: Yuki? Earth to Yuki. Feel like coming down from the space station?
Yuki: .....
Tenma: Um, Yuki?
Yuki: What? I'm busy.
Tenma: Yeah, busy spacing out!
Yuki: Oh, shut up! Leave me alone!
Tenma: The hell is his problem? He was just blankly staring down at his desk...
Tenma: Oh, are these the costume sketches...? They're totally blank. What's he been doing this whole time?
SCENE CHANGE: MANKAI dorms - Downstairs Lesson Room. Nighttime. Rehearsal clothes.
Izumi: That's it for today. Everything's coming along pretty well.
Izumi: (I say that, but Shiro and Kuro still have this weird distance between them.)
Izumi: (Still, we haven't even gotten the costume sketches yet. Maybe it's better to let Yuki focus on those for now.)
Tenma: .....
Izumi: Tenma? Something wrong?
Tenma: Actually, never mind.
Tenma: I may be the troupe leader, but I'm taking the backseat this time. We won't get anywhere if the two leads can't figure things out for themselves.
Izumi: (I'm sure Kazunari and Yuki have got each other's backs. They'll be able to get through this without me sticking my nose in.)
Izumi: (It all goes to show how much Summer Troupe's come to trust each other. They've come so far from how things were during their debut performance.)
Izumi: Yeah, we should leave it to them, then.
Izumi: (I can't help with costumes, and fixing the kinks in Shiro and Kuro's relationship is all on them. Best to keep watch and offer help when I can.)
Izumi: Hey, Yuki? Kazunari? We talked about this early on, but I still don't think Kuro and Shiro's relationship is coming across.
Izumi: I know you're really busy with costumes, Yuki, so there's no rush, but just put some thought into it, okay?
Yuki: ...Okay.
Kazunari: Roger that, Miss Director.
SCENE CHANGE: MANKAI dorms - Entrance. Nighttime. Casual clothes.
Misumi: Ah... I'm tiiiiiiired.
Muku: I'm starving.
Kazunari: I wonder if there are any leftovers from dinner.
Tenma: Nope. I was on dishwashing duty today, and those plates were licked clean.
Izumi: Those stewed hamburg steak patties Omi made were so yummy, everyone had seconds. And thirds.
Misumi: Then I'm gonna make a midnight onigiri!
Muku: Oh, that's a good idea.
Kazunari: With basil and cheese inside to make 'em stylish!
Tenma: Don't be ridiculous. If we're talking about onigiri, it's traditional or bust. Can't go wrong with fish flakes and seasoned kelp.
Kazunari: Dude, Tenten are you 16 or 60?
Tenma: Don't filling-shame me! Fish and kelp is delicious!
Yuki: Two tails are better that one! We can search for the shardines together!
Izumi: Yuki? Are you still at it?
Yuki: Yeah. I always get this part wrong.
Izumi: Is that so? Hey, come to think of it, I wanted to ask about the costumes... How are the designs coming along?
Yuki: I'm...still thinking.
Izumi: Oh, really? It's unusual for you to not even have the designs drawn out by now.
Yuki: I'm just having a hard time coming up with ideas. Once I get inspiration, I'll have them out in no time.
Izumi: Okay. Just let me know if there's anything I can do to help.
Yuki: Sorry, but this play is about cats, not curry.
Izumi: How rude! The Curry Kingdom will have it's day!
Yuki: ...Thanks, though.
Izumi: (I'm sure he's feeling a lot of pressure, but if he's feeling well enough to slip in the usual insults, maybe I don't need to worry.)
SCENE CHANGE: MANKAI dorms - Lounge. Nighttime. Casual clothes.
Tenma: Hey, Izumi.
Izumi: Tenma?
Tenma: Yuki's struggling. He hasn't gotten anywhere on the costume designs, either.
Izumi: As in, he hasn't even started them? That's one rough creative slump.
Tenma: If it goes on for too long, we might have to re-think things.
Izumi: ...You may have a point.
Kazunari: .....
SCENE CHANGE: MANKAI dorms- Downstairs Lesson Room. Daytime. Rehearsal clothes.
Yuzo: .....
Izumi: So? Impressions?
Yuzo: Tama and Mikke are believable siblings. They're also believably sheltered.
Yuzo: The two of 'em contrasted well with Nora, who's more detached and used to fighting.
Muku: I got Juchan to teach me how to walk and talk tougher.
Izumi: I was wondering how you got so good at that!
Yuzo: The issue's Shiro and Kuro. They're lettin' their real personalities the in the way of their characterization.
Yuzo: Shiro, you need to be more innocent and carefree. Embrace your inner idiot.
Yuki: Excuse me?
Yuzo: The line between you and your role is too obvious. If you're not in character, you take the audience right outta the story.
Yuki: .....
Tenma: You're asking him to be innocent? Good luck. He doesn't have an innocent bone in his body.
Yuki: Shut up and keep your rude thoughts to yourself.
Yuzo: Kuro, you gotta man up. No one'll believe Shiro relies on you like an older brother if you don't act the part. The whole story hinges on that relationship.
Kazunari: Gotcha. Man, he always goes for the kill...
Yuzo: I heard you're doing the costumes this time around, too. How're they coming?
Yuki: They're still...under development.
Yuzo: If you can't do both, quit.
Yuki: It'll only take me a week to make the costumes.
Yuzo: Yeah? And whaddya plan on doing about acting, then?
Yuki: .....
Kazunari: If I get better at my role, that'll make things easier for Yukki, right? So I'll work on that while he's working on costumes! It's all good!
Yuzo: That's all fine and dandy, but remember: chase two rabbits, and you won't catch either.
Yuzo: We don't got all the time in the world. Nobody wants to see a half-assed comedy. Remember that.
Yuki: .....