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Tasuku: Huh? Aren't you going to eat anything?
Azuma: I have a rather irregular eating schedule, so don't mind me. You go on and enjoy your meal.
Izumi: (Overall, everything's looking pretty good so far, but Azuma's portrayal of Reo is still lacking something...)
Izumi: (Reo's detached and ethereal air is supposed to fit Azuma to a tee, but for some reason it's not meshing well with him.)
Izumi: (Maybe he just hasn't gotten completely into his character yet... He's not his usual, almost transcendental self, either.)
Izumi: Let's end practice here. Keep working on fleshing out your roles.
Izumi: Tasuku, try to show more of vulnerability and uncertainty.
Tasuku: Got it.
Izumi: Azuma, I feel like you need to become more attuned to your character as we continue rehearsals.
Izumi: At the moment, it feels like there's some distance between you and Reo's character. We should find a way to bridge that if we can.
Azuma: Distance, you say...
Tasuku: I think you should focus more on Reo's acceptance of his solitary life.
Tasuku: Right now, his fleeting and transient presence is overpowering his loneliness.
Izumi: (That's probably where the feeling of standoffishness is coming form, actually.)
Izumi: (But it might also be that Reo's lonely lifestyle is hitting a little too close to hime for Azuma...)
*start flashback*
Azuma: My family all died in a traffic accident back when I was in grade school.
*end flashback*
*start flashback*
Azuma: Sometimes I have this dream where I keep calling out to my family to stay, but they leave me anyway and vanish.
*end flashback*
*start flashback*
Azuma: That's why I took up cuddling. Companionship works wonders as a distraction, as it turns out.
*end flashback*
Izumi: (Azuma's past might be the reason why he's struggling to get into Reo's character.)
Azuma: Okay, I'll try doing that.
Tasuku: I'll be right here to help you out.
Azuma: You don't have to do that. I'm the one who has to change.
Izumi: ...
Izumi: (Now that I think about it, I don't believe anyone else knows about Azuma's past.)
Izumi: (I can't just tell them about Azuma, since it's such personal information, but...)
Izumi: (It might be easier for Azuma to act in this play if he at least told Tsumugi or Tasuku about his history...)
Azuma: A solitary life...
Azuma: Maybe I should try going back to living alone...
Azuma: ...
Tasuku: I think Kota should deliver his line somewhat clumsily here.
Tsumugi: No, that will just distract the audience. I think it'd be better if Reo turned away instead and...
Homare: Are those two still at it?
Azuma: They've been debating this for the past hour.
Homare: I say, these thespians never know when to rest.
Azuma: Indeed...
Azuma: By the way, do you enjoy acting, Homare?
Homare: Hm?
Homare: Well, I suppose I would not be doing this if I had not taken a liking to it...
Homare: Or rather, I place importance on things I find meaningful, not on my preferences for them.
Homare: And so, I found that acting is worth pouring my whole heart into.
Azuma: Oh...
Bespectacled Man: So where's this restaurant we're going to?
Itaru: It's on the second floor of that building. I'm still surprised you agreed to join us today.
Bespectacled Man: I'm going to be working in Japan for a while, so I figured I should build a better rapport with my co-workers and boss.
Bespectacled Man: And to do that, socializing over drinks is a must, isn't it?
Itaru: You sure are knowledgable about all this, despite having lived outside of Japan for so long.
Bespectacled Man: When in Rome, they say.
Azuma: ...
Bespectacled Man: Hey, isn't that one of the guys from your troupe, Chigasaki?
Itaru: Huh?
Itaru: Oh, it is.
Bespectacled Man: He's from the Winter Troupe, right?
Itaru: That's right.
Bespectacled Man: That reminds me, isn't their next performance coming up soon? I still need to get a ti--
Itaru: Don't worry, I've already got you covered.
Bespectacled Man: Sorry you have to do that for me every time.
Itaru: Are you really, though?
Bespectacled Man: I'll make it up to you later.
Itaru: I think I've heard those words more than once already.
Bespectacled Man: Have you, now?
Bespectacled Man: At any rate, I hope you don't mind continuing to help me out. See, I've really taken a liking to your theater troupe.