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Izumi: It's so nice to be out and about right now. It's much cooler at night, but it's pleasanter than I expected!
Yuki: This is better than I thought it'd be, too.
Tsuzuru: It's great that you two are enjoying yourselves, but look behind us...
Itaru: Ugh. I can't go on anymore. Just leave me here to die...
Banri: C'mon, move your legs, not your mouth. We're out here 'cause we gotta train up your stamina, dude.
Tsuzuru: I feel like it's not just stamina he's lacking. The bigger problem is his lack of motivation... 


Hurry up, old man.
Itaru: I'm not old. I'm so young at heart, I'm practically still a little schoolboy. 
Yuki: Gross.
Izumi: You're going to be left behind at this rate, Itaru.
Itaru: You guys are walking way too fast...
Izumi: Stop making excuses! If Hisoka can keep up with everyone, so can you! He's actually sleepwalking... but that's not the point! 
Azuma: Here, Hisoka. A marshmallow for you.
Hisoka: Nom. Zzz... Zzz...
Itaru: How the hell is he doing that...?
Banri: C'mon, Itaru. You're gonna end up dealin' with Sakyo's punishment if you keep this up.
Itaru: Ugh, anything but that.
Azuma: Hehe. I do wonder who will have to face that mystery punishment?
Tsuzuru: Sorry if this sounds rude, Azuma, but I really didn't' think you'd be the type to go on nighttime strolls.
Izumi: Actually, I was thinking the same thing. I would never have thought you would enjoy something like this. 
Azuma: I don't like going outside during the day, but I do exercise lightly once in a while. I sometimes even go to the gym to stay fit.
Yuki: Exercise is good for your skin, too. Anyway, you're doing good compared to a certain lazy blob we know.
Tsuzuru: Itaru's really draggin' us down, isn't he...?
Itaru: I'm not ashamed of being your ball and chain.
Izumi: Hang in there, Itaru! We'll make sure you'll be ready for the Night Walk! 
Banri: A'ight, so that's one loop around this area done.
Tsuzuru: Yikes, that took quite a bit of time. We need to up our pace more.
Izumi: We're pretty close to the dorm, so let's get going after a quick brea-- Wait.
Izumi: Where's Itaru?! And Azuma and Hisoka?!
Tsuzuru: Huh?! They were just here!
Yuki: They were already gone when I looked behind us a short while ago.
Tsuzuru: You should've told us, then!
Banri: Man, where the hell'd they go?
Izumi: I'll try DM'ing them...
Azuma: Oh, there you all are.
Tsuzuru: Azuma! And Hisoka and Itaru too! Where'd you three run off to?
Izumi: You scared us, disappearing like that!
Azuma: Our apologies. We were feeling a bit parched, so we decided to duck into a cafe for a quick drink. 
Itaru: Their iced latte was delish.
Hisoka: The hot cocoa with marshmallows, too...
Izumi: When did you have the time to do all that?!
Banri: At least pretend to be a li'l remorseful or something'.
Yuki: Sigh.
Tsuzuru: This does not inspire any confidence... at all.