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Taichi: ...
Izumi: Taichi? It's your line.
Taichi: O-oh! Sorry!
Izumi: (He seems so out of it today... Actually, it's not just Taichi. Everyone else is spacing out a lot, too.)
Izumi: (Is Sakyo not being here throwing them off? Hm, that can't be it. We've done plenty of rehearsals without a full cast with no problems before...)
Izumi: Okay, let's take five.
Juza: Sounds good.
Izumi: I'll bring you guys some drinks!
Omi: ...
Taichi: Hey... why do you guys think Sakyo's checking out apartments?
Banri: I mean... he's probably lookin' to get one.
Omi: So you think he's planning on moving out?

He's leavin' us...?

Taichi: But why all of a sudden?
Banri: I dunno. Maybe he's gettin' married or something.
Taichi: Wait, Sakyo's got a girlfriend?!
Banri: Hell if I know. Why else would he need a new place to stay?
Omi: ...Maybe it's a shotgun wedding?
Taichi: What?!
Omi: It's just a theory. 
Juza: Wonder if he'll keep acting with us.
Omi: If there's a family and a kid in the picture, there's no way he'd have the time.
Banri: So what? Did he agree to be the lead this time as a last hurrah before ditchin' us?
Taichi: What... no...
Omi: Well, these are all just speculations. It'd be best if we just ask him in person. 
Banri: But Sakoda said it was supposed to be a secret.
Juza: Guess he doesn't want us to know...
Banri: Look on the bright side, though. If he leaves, we won't get yelled at all the friggin' time. Pretty sweet, right?
Taichi: I dunno... Sounds really sad to me...
Juza: Don't be an asshole, asshole.
Banri: ...Chill, I was just jokin'.
Sakyo: Sorry I'm late.
Taichi: ...!
Juza: ...
Sakyo: What? What are you staring at?
Omi: Ah, n-nothing. We were just on our break.
Sakyo: Hm? Okay then.
Izumi: ...
Izumi: (Hm... I thought a good night's rest would help everyone focus, but it's still a no-go. Their hearts just aren't here today.)
Izumi: (If they're still this way even though Sakyo is here, then maybe something else is bothering them.)
Izumi: (What could be distracting all of them so much, though? It seems like Sakyo's the only one who's unaffected.) 
Sakyo: Hyodo, we went over this part yesterday!
Juza: ...M'bad.
Sakyo: Nanao, you're making the same mistakes, too.
Taichi: S-sorry!
Sakyo: If you guys have something you need to say, then say it.
Banri: If there's anyone that's got somethin' they need say, it's...
Sakyo: What was that?
Banri: Nah... never mind. It was nothin'.
Sakyo: ...
Izumi: Hey, Sakyo? Maybe we should take  a--
Sakyo: There's no point going on like this. If you lot can't take this seriously, just quit now.
Juza: ...
Omi: ...
Sakyo: I see now that I was the only fool who wanted this play to be our best performance yet.
Izumi: Sakyo, you know that's not tr--
Sakyo: ...Tch.
Izumi: (They were doing so well just a few days ago... What happened to everybody?)
Juza: ...
Banri: ...
Sakyo: ...Thanks for breakfast.
Taichi: U-um, hey, Sakyo?
Sakyo: What?
Taichi: ...!
Taichi: N-nothing...
Banri: ...
Juza: ...
Sakyo: Fine. I need to head out today. 
Sakyo: ...
Omi: Oh, don't worry about the dishes. I'll do them. You're in a hurry, aren't you?
Sakyo: Yeah. Thanks.
Omi: Going to work?
Sakyo: Well, not exactly.
Omi: ...
Sakyo: What was that look?
Omi: Oh, uh... It's nothing. 
Sakyo: ...
Sakyo: Dammit... What the hell is up with everyone?
Banri: ...
Sakyo: Now it's your turn?
Sakyo: Look, if you've got something you want to say, spit it out. Having you all walk on eggshells around me is pissing me off.
Banri: If you needa make some huge decision or somethin', you know you can come to us for advice, right? 
Sakyo: What?
Banri:  I mean, I'm the leader of the Autumn Troupe, y'know? Which means I'm technically like your boss, right?
Sakyo: ...Do you hear yourself? 
Sakyo: Well, I'm glad you're finally accepting the responsibilities of your position. I'll keep what you said in mind.
Banri: ...
Sakyo: ...
Sakyo: (I never would have expected Settsu to say something like that. He's grown.)
Sakyo: (Not sure what he's worried about, but at least he's trying to be considerate, in his own way...)
Sakyo: (But seriously... What's wrong with everyone? Why don't they just ay whatever they have to say?)
Sakyo: ...
Sakyo: (Then again, I guess there are some things they can't confide in to a grandpa over ten years older than them.)
Sakyo: (I have a hard enough time figuring out how to relate to people around my own age as it is.)
Sakyo: (I suppose I'll have to be the bigger man here and be more empathic for their sake.)