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Captain Sky's Pirates
Misumi: It's okay... I can still remember your face, Gramps…
Misumi: Tri-tr i-triangle! This time, I'll make a paper airplane with a jet engine!
Hakkaku: Misumi! Where are you?
Misumi: Gramps! You're here!
Hakkaku: The troupe gave me a recording of one of their rehearsals, so I brought it back for you.
Misumi: Yay! Thank you!
Hakkaku: It's a story about pirates this time.
Misumi: Pirates...?
Hakkaku: That's right. See, it has all these rough-and-tumble characters.
Hakkaku: The one with the biggest hat on is the captain of the crew.
Hakkaku: Hahaha. Look at you. You're only this quiet when you're watching these plays.
Hakkaku: Acting is a lot of fun, you know. You should try it out someday, Misumi.
Misumi: Okay!
Hakkaku: And when you do start acting…
Misumi: When I start acting…
Misumi: ... What was I supposed to do again?
Misumi: Um… Umm…?
Misumi: Why can't I remember...?
Misumi: Gramps…


Muku: Ye must be really nothin’ but a small fry fer us to snare you as, um, easy as this…
Muku: Sorry! I messed up again…
Yuki: Just relax, okay?
Kazunari: Deep breaths, Mukkun! C’mon. Breathe in... and out! In… and out.
Muku: In... and out. In... and out…
Muku: Ye must be really nothin’ but a small fry fer us to snare you this easy as this!
Izumi: (Even though we've started our rehearsals in earnest, Muku's still have trouble with his role... To make things worse, Misumi’s not doing so hot, either.)
Tenma: Hey, Misumi.
Misumi:? Huh? What's up, Tenma?
Kazunari: Sumi... seriously, are you okay?
Yuki: Seeing you stand all still and quiet is giving me the creeps.
Izumi: Are you not feeling well?
Misumi: Hm... My tummy doesn't hurt or anything, but…
Izumi: What's wrong?
Misumi: I just kind of feel sad and confused. Um... Like when a triangle isn’t a triangle?
Yuki: What.
Misumi: Umm… Hmm... Never mind.
Tenma: You're the one who said you wanted to be the lead this time, so take some responsibility and lead us properly already.
Tenma: Half-assing your role and spacing out during rehearsals disrespectful to the rest of us.
Misumi: I'm sorry…
Izumi: (Oof, I feel like I could cut the air with a knife right now. I need to do something about this, or Misumi and Muku will lose even more confidence.)
Izumi: (I wonder why I wonder why Tenma’s scolding Misumi so harshly? He isn’t usually so severe.)
Yuki: Hey, Trianglian, What's got you stuck in your head?
Yuki: I have no idea what you were trying to say before, so quit beating around the bush and explain it better this time.
Yuki: If we leave you to your own devices, I bet you’ll just fill your head with triangles or whatever.
Kazunari: Yeah! Yukki’s right.
Kazunari: You chose to be the lead and supported that one hundred percent! If something’s eating at you, tell us! We all wanna help you figure it out!
Izumi: (After all that trouble they went through as the leads of Sardine Search, both Kazunari and Yuki have grown so much!)

I-I might be more harm than help, but... I want to try and help you too, Misumi!

Tenma: C'mon. Let's go figure this out so you can get back to your old self and focus on the play.
Misumi: Thanks, guys...
Izumi: Misumi, do you know what's making you feel so upset?

...I can't remember Gramp's face.

Izumi: Oh... Is that why you only drew a triangle when you tried to show us what Hakkaku looked like?
Misumi: Uh-huh... I used to remember everything about Gramps, but now I can't even remember his face or the things he used to talk to me about...
Misumi: Everything is really fuzzy.. and it's really scary. I feel so lonely, and my chest feels funny, like it's being squeezed real tight.
Misumi: Gramps was the only one who didn't abandon me. He was the one who made sure I wasn't alone.
Misumi: But now... I can't even remember his face...
Yuki: Don't you have any pictures of him?
Misumi: No...
Muku:: We still have recordings from the old Mankai Company's rehearsals and performances. Plus, there's the storage room, right? Maybe we can find him in something! 
Kazunari: We can ask Manager if he has any photos or videos, too!
Misumi: You guys will help me look for him in all that stuff?
Tenma: Of course. We're here with you now, aren't we? You're not alone anymore.
Misumi: ...Yeah!
Kazunari: So where should we start looking?
Yuki: The storage room is probably our best bet.
Muku: Maybe we should ask Yuzo too.
Kazunari: Yeah! He might have a photo album or something!
Izumi: Hey, Tenma?
Tenma: Hm?
Izumi: I couldn't help but notice that you were a little harsh on Misumi earlier.
Tenma: Oh, that...
Tenma: See... As long as I'm here, I can help these guys up no matter how many times they stumble and fall.
Tenma: But if I'm not around, then they'll have to figure out how to stand back up by themselves, right?
Tenma: I can't always be the one holding their hand when things get rough. Eventually, they'll have to learn how to stand on their own, whether I'm here or not.
Izumi: Oh... So that's what you were trying to do.
Izumi: (It's not just Kazunari and Yuki who have matured. Tenma's grown a lot, too. He's started thinking about his fellow troupe members and what's best for them.)
Tsuzuru: Hey, everyone.
Izumi: Tsuzuru? What brings you here?
Tsuzuru: I meant to talk to you all about something the other day, but I totally forgot.
Izumi: Oh, that's right! You did mention something like that when you handed us the finished script.
Tsuzuru: Yeah. Here. I wanted you guys to take a look at this.
Izumi: A... sheet of paper?
Tsuzuru: Just look at it for me.
Izumi: ...
Izumi: Wait, isn't this...?