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Blazing Beachside Passion
Muku: U-um... P... Porpoise!
Citron: Okay! Next will be 'S'! S... S... Sss?
Kazunari: Haha. DIdn't know you speak snake, Ron-ron... Oh! I can see the ocean! Aw, yeah!
Citron: I see it, too!
Muku: Wow! So many people are out on the beach already! They look like they're having fun!
Kazunari: Ooh, what's that? Are they doing some kind of performance there?
Tasuku: Huh. Looks like they're having an improv battle.
Muku: A battle? With improv? I've never heard of that before.
Tasuku: It's similar to an act-off. Groups of actors face off against each other with improv skits, and whoever gets the most votes from the crowd wins.
Tasuku: The winners get to keep all the tips collected during the battle. It's common enough in areas where a lot of actors tend to hang out.
Kazunari: Ooh! Ya learn something new every day!
Citron: That sounds like a good way to get many, many tips!
Tasuku: It's good practice, too. We should get in one if we get the chance.
Izumi: Good idea! Sounds like it'd be really good improv experience.
Kazunari: Whoo-hoo! The beach! We made it!
Izumi: Thanks so much for driving us, Tasuku.
Tasuku: No problem. By the way, what's with all this stuff you guys brought? Isn't this way too much?
Citron: No, no! We have all our love and courage and many other things here!
Tasuku: I thought it was your hopes and dreams you brought along. Well, whatever. I'm piling it all over here for now.
Muku: I'll help!
Omi: Hey. Good to see you guys got here safely, too.
Izumi: Omi! Juza! You made it! Good ride?
Juza: Yeah.
Omi: We got here a little while ago and already swung by the beach hut to say hi.
Omi: They're getting ready to open shop, but it'll take a while, so we're free to wander around until things are set up.
Kazunari: Whoa, free time right off the bat? I'm not gonna let this opportunity slip through my fingers!
Citron: Yes! Ocean, here I come! I will go sleep with the fishes!
Tasuku: That's probably not the phrase you were looking for.

It's so nice that they're giving us free time so soon! Oh, but you guys go ahead. I want to stop by the beach hut and say hi, too.

Muku: Okay!
Kazunari: Wow, Ron-ron! You're killing it in those swimming trunks!
Citron: Yours are also very groovy!
Omi: I haven't heard that term used earnestly in, uh... Ever.
Tasuku: What decade is he from?
Kazunari: Lookin' good, Mukkun! You're adorbs in that!
Muku: Ehehe. Thank you.
Izumi: Sorry I took so long!
Muku: Wow! You look like a princess, Izumi!
Izumi: Aw, thanks, Muku!
Kazunari: Omigosh, Izumi! It should be illegal for you to look so cute!
Citron: You are a very beautiful lady!
Omi: Yeah. That swimsuit looks great on you.
Izumi: Ahaha! Oh, you guys! It's so different seeing everyone in swimwear, though!
Kazunari: You can say that again! But it's not fair how swole you dudes in the Autumn and Winter Troupes are!
Muku: Juchan, your muscles are amazing! Wow!
Juza: Th-thanks.
Kazunari: I'm so jelly! You guys are so darn ripped!
Citron: Omi and Tasuku are so very cut! Look at how jacked their arms are!
Izumi: Where did you learn those words, Citron...?
Tasuku: Where, indeed...?
Omi: Well, what should we do first?
Muku: This could be our best chance for everyone to hang out together! 
Kazunari: Right, you are! Oh, I know. Why don't we try building a sandcastle together? 
Juza: ...
Citron: Heh! Heh! Heh!
Izumi: Uh... Citron? Why are you chuckling so ominously? 
Citron: I have stocked my inventory with all the required items for this themed quest!