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Sakyo: To get people more familiar with our entire troupe, I want everyone to enter this competition, just like we did in our last event.
Banri: Ugh, again?
Tasuku: To go over the rules again, the competition will involve performing in two-man street acts.
Tasuku: However, if you end up in the same area as another pair or if you're challenged by one, you'll have to do an improv battle.
Tasuku: And instead of tips, the winner of the battle will take all of their opponent's candy.
Sakuya: Does that mean we could lose all of our hard-earned candy if we lose a battle?
Tasuku: That's right. And the pair that ends up with the most candy wins the contest.
Juza: A winner takes all battle for candy...
Banri: Hey, we're tryna collect as much candy as we can, so you'd better not friggin' start eating that shit in the middle of the contest.
Juza: Shut up. I won't.
Sakyo: That's enough explaining. Time to decide our pairs.
Citron: Are we using your special straws again, Sakyo?
Kazunari: Nope! I prepped everything for us this time!
Citron: Oh! Playing cards?
Kazunari: Yup! I have all the heart and clubs cards numbered 1 to 10 here. Can you shuffle them for me, Ron-ron?
Citron: You have got it! I have practiced card shuffling much! Shuffle, shuffle!
Kazunari: Thanksies! Everyone will take a card, and whoever ends up with the same number will be a pair!
Sakyo: Huh. Not bad. This is a lot easier to prepare and understand.
Yuki: Leave it to Mr. Mixers Galore to know easy ways to split people into pairs.
Kazunari: Let's get to picking those cards then, y'all! 
Izumi: I guess that makes all our teams, then.
Omi: Let's do this, Tsuzuru.
Tsuzuru: Yeah. I'm glad you're my partner, Omi.
Azuma: Hehe. I think this is the first time we've been able to team up, Kazu.
Kazunari: True that! I can't wait, Azu!
Juza: We got this, Hisoka.
Hisoka: Yeah...
Itaru: Well, here's our sweet tooth duo.
Sakuya: Oh, I'm with Tenma!
Tenma: So you're my partner, huh? Let's show the others why we're troupe leaders.
Taichi: I'm with...
Taichi: Ah!
Tasuku: Huh?
Taichi: I-I'm looking forward to working with you, Tasuku! 
Tasuku: ...Yeah.
Banri: Looks like our ex-God Troupe members are in this together. 
Izumi: You're right, what a coincidence. 
Sakyo: You're free to request themes for your costumes, so get thinking. By the way, Rurikawa will be making everyone's costumes. 
Muku: What?!
Taichi: Yuki, you're gonna make all 20 of our outfits?!
Yuki: Yep. It's been a while since I've gotten so fired up about designing costumes. I'll listen to your ideas, but don't think I'll go along with any weird requests.
Sakuya: Wow! You're as hardworking as ever, Yuki!
Omi: I'll help out as much as I can. Just tell me what to do.
Taichi: Feel free to put me to work, too!
Muku: I-I might not be as helpful as everyone else, but I'll pitch in, as well!
Yuki: Thanks. It's good to know I'll have some extra support. 
Yuki: I'll make sure our costumes stand out, even in a sea of Halloween outfits. You'd better all prepare yourselves.