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Homare: Azuma, mayI borrow that color, please?
Azuma: Sure.
Tasuku: What are we doing for practice tomorrow, Izumi?
Izumi: Oh, good question. Why don't we have a discussion about that now? It's about time we start preparing for the Winter Troupe's third performance any way.
Tsumugi: Have you spoken with Azuma yet?
Izumi: Oh, no, I still need to ask him about that.
Azuma: About what?
Izumi: During our last meeting, we decided to ask if you'd like to be the leader for our next performance.
Azuma: You want me to play the lead...?
Izumi: You're the only one in the Winter Troupe who hasn't had a chance to be in a leading role yet.
Izumi: Tsumugi and I both feel that getting a bigger role would be a good experience for you.
Azuma: I mean... I'm honored that you feel that way, but are you sure I'm a good fit?
Tsumugi: If we cast Tasuku as the co-lead, he can help you and set your mind at ease.
Azuma: Hmm...
Izumi: Tsuzuru and I were talking about how we've always wanted to bring your unique and mysterious presence to the stage.
Izumi: But this is only what we think would work, of course, so we'll leve the final decision up to you two, Azuma and Tasuku.
Homare: What a fantastic suggestion. This could serve as an opportunity to explore some new horizons.
Tasuku: I don't mind. I'll put my all into whatever role I'm given.
Izumi: (So now we just have to hear from Azuma about how he feels about all this.)
Izumi: You can take some time to think about it, Azuma. No rush.
Azuma: Hehe. There's no way I could say no to such an adorable request from you, Izumi.
Izumi: Wait, does that mean you'll do it?!
Azuma: Mm-hm. I'll do my best.
Tsumugi: Glad to hear it. I'm looking forward to seeing how things will turn out.
Izumi: I'll have Tsuzuru cook up a plot right away!
Tsumugi: Izumi, what's on our training menu for tomorrow?
Izumi: Let's see... I'd like to do a read-through of the script once we get it from Tsuzuru, but...
Masumi: Here you go.
Izumi: Masumi?
Masumi: I thought you'd be looking for the script just about now, so I stole it from Tsuzuru when he wasn't looking.
Izumi: You what?
Mazumi: Just kidding. Tsuzuru's dead as usual, so I'm delivering it to you instead.
Izumi: Geez, you scared me for a second there...
Izumi: It's good to hear that he managed to finish the script, though. Thanks, Masumi.
Masumi: ...Tell me to do more.
Izumi: Then could you make copies of this, please?
Masumi: Okay.
Tsumugi: You've become a pro at handling Masumi.
Izumi: Tsumugi, can you get the Winter Troupe together? I want to got through the script right away!
Tsumugi: Sure thing.
Izumi: ...
Izumi: (Hm, so we've got a modern-day story that follows the lives of Kota, a normal office worker, and a vamppire named Reo. It's quite dark and angsty...)
Izumi: (What a fitting vibe for the Winter Troupe.)
Tasuku: This is pretty great.
Homare: Indeed. The mood of it envelops me like the darkness of a cold and dreary winter scape.
Tsumugi: Sounds like the perfect setting for us.
Hisoka: ...It's interesting.
Azuma: ...
Izumi: All right, everyone! We'll start going through the script during practice tomorrow, so be sure to read through all of your lines before then.
Tsumugi: All right.
Tasuku: Okay.
Azuma: ...
Izumi: (Azuma looks kind of down... Is he okay?)
Azuma: "Good night, and sweet dreams", huh...?
Azuma: What a terrible fate for me...
Azuma: Hm?
Text message: Tasuku: Wanna go for a drive?
Azuma: How rare of Tasuku to invite me out.
Azuma: Oh, I think I know why he's doing this.
Text message: Azuma: Sure. I'll go wherever you want.
Text message: Tasuku: Okay. Let's meet at the front door in ten.
Azuma: ...
Tasuku: ...
Azuma: It's been a while since we've been here.
Tasuku: Huh?
Azuma: We all came here together right after the Winter Troupe was formed, remember?
Tasuku: Oh, yeah. You're right.
Azuma: Back then, I wouldn't have ever imagined coming out here with just the two of us.
Tasuku: Same for me, really.
Azuma: A lot happened back then, huh?
Tasuku: Yeah...
Azuma: I wonder if we've changed at all since that time?
Tasuku: ...
Azuma: Why did you invite me out tonight?
Tasuku: I wanted to talk to you about our play.
Azuma: And here I was, thinking this was only going to be a relaxing drive...
Azuma: But this is fine. I don't mind.
Tasuku: You brought your script with you?
Azuma: I had a feeling I was going to need it.
Azuma: You tend to let our plays consume your mind once we start practicing for them.
Tasuku: ...Sorry.
Azuma: Hehe, there's no need to apologize. So, what would you like to do?
Tasuku: Let's do a quick run-through of the script.
Azuma: Thanks for helping me out this whole time. I didn't plan to stay for so long, but I felt so at home.
Tasuku: You don't have to leave right away. You've been a big help to me, too.
Tasuku: I feel like we need to make it more apparent how Reo and Kota’s relationship has changed in this part.
Azuma: I agree. Good idea.
Tasuku: I think Kota Should be the one who opens up his heart first. What about you?
Azuma: I'll leave it up to you.
Tasuku: This isn't a drive we’re talking about. You can't just leave the destination to me.
Azuma: He's just received the script, so I'm not sure how I want things to progress yet. How about we make these decisions as we continue rehearsing?
Tasuku: ...Fine.
Azuma: Sorry for being wishy-washy.
Tasuku: No, I'm the one who should apologize. Once I get a script in my hands, my imagination starts running wild.
Azuma: That's so like you.
Tasuku: I can't deny that I’ve always let performances take over my thoughts.
Azuma: ...Hey, why did you join this troupe, Tasuku?
Tasuku: What?
Azuma: I know you couldn't join other troupes before because of the pressure from the God Troupe, but you don't have to worry about that now, right?
Azuma: You must have had other troupes you wanted to go to.
Tasuku: I guess I'd be lying if I said I didn't, but…
Azuma: Is it because Tsumugi’s here?
Tasuku: I like the performances we do here, and I'm really grateful that they took me in. The Mankai Company is a special troupe to me.
Tasuku: I think the only time I’d consider leaving this company is once I've done everything I possibly can here.
Tasuku: That's why I want to make this play another success.
Azuma: ...I see.
Tasuku: What about you, Azuma? Why did you--?
Azuma: We should come back here with the rest of our troupe sometime.
Tasuku: With everyone else?
Azuma: I'm sure it'll feel a bit different than the last time.
Tasuku: I can picture the chaos already.