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Citron: A money prize! How chilling! I wonder what we should buy if we win?
Hisoka: ...Marshmallows.
Taichi: Just the thought of buying whatever we want is exciting!
Manager: It's not just a simple cash price that's up for grabs! they'll also be giving out a set of gift cards valid for any shop on Veludo Way!
Manager: You can even use it at the new clothing boutique that just announced the date of its grand opening!
Yuki: What boutique?
Manager: Now this is a surprise. I expected you to be the first to know. They’ll be opening soon in the shopping mall.
Izumi: I didn’t know about this new store, either.
Manager: Hmm, what was it called again? I can't quite recall... Something like F&F... Wait, that might be wrong…
Banri: What? For real?
Yuki: Are you serious? An F&F’s going to open in this dinky little city?
Manager: Of course I'm serious! We received a promotional flyer for it just the other day.
Yuki: Huh. If that's the case, I guess I could afford to put some effort into this thing.
Banri: Same. I'm in the market for some new looks, anyway.
Tenma: Find, then. If we’re doing this, how are we going to split the teams?
Masumi: I wanna be on the same team as Izumi.
Sakyo: Teams will be decided with this.
Citron: Oh! Sakyo’s special straws have appeared!
Sakyo: Since it’s all up to chance, I don't want to hear any complaints about who's with who.
Izumi: Thanks for preparing these for us, Sakyo! Okay, let's all take one.
Izumi: Everyone got their straw? Let's see... I’m on the A Team along with…
Itaru: This is why I hate randomized team selections…
Banri: Let's do this, Itaru.
Hisoka: Zzz…
Yuki: Is this guy going to last two seconds in this competition?
Tsuzuru: I don't believe in my ability to wake him up…
Azuma: Hehe. We’ll be fine, Tsuzuru. Let’s ask Homare to lend us some marshmallows.
Izumi: And that makes the seven of us, I guess.
Masumi: I'm on the A Team, too.
Sakyo: Don't be difficult. you're on the B Team, and that's the end of it.
Masumi: Dammit.
Sakuya: It’s okay, Masumi: This is the fun team!
Kazunari: You said it, Sakku-saku! B Team, get ready to bring the party!
Taichi: Whoo-hoo! We got this!
Masumi: This is the worst.
Tsumugi: Haha. I doubt there will be any dull moments with this team. Let's keep that energy up when we're doing our street acts!
Juza: ‘Kay.
Citron: The C Team will not lose to you!
Tenma: Walking and acting at the same time, huh? This is going to be a great chance to build up some stamina.
Homare: Truer words have never been spoken! I have no doubt that the evening breeze will stir up and coax the most wonderful poems from me!
Tasuku: You need to focus on your acting, not your poems.
Misumi: Ehehe! This’ll be so fun!
Muku: I agree! I can't wait to take a nighttime stroll together with everyone!
Omi: What an unexpected combination of people. I'm looking forward to working with all of you.
Sakyo: Now that all the teams have been decided, let's get into the fine print.
Sakyo: I don't want any slackers, so the last person to finish the course in each team will have to face punishment.
Sakyo: Rurikawa will be lending me a hand with that.
Omi: There's a punishment, too?
Yuki: Wait, you're not talking about THOSE things, are you?
Sakyo: They're exactly what I'm talking about.
Yuki: Huh. All right, then.
Kazunari: Wait, you were in on this, Yukki?!
Yuki: He asked me to make them ages ago, but I didn't know this was what he needed them for.
Sakyo: And now you do.
Tsuzuru: This mystery punishment is really leaning into the ‘fear of the unknown’ aspect...
Itaru: Look, I'm really not feeling this ‘night walk’ thing. Can you count me out?
Yuki: Get over it. You're supposed to be a responsible working adult already, so why don't you act like it?
Banri: C’mon, dude. There's money to be won from this thing.