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Sakyo: We find the assassin, and we find who wanted our boss dead. Isn't that right?
Juza: I just hope it was another family's doing.
Sakyo: What are you getting at?
Izumi: (The training room has never felt this tense before... The intensity of Sakyo's performance is that enthralling.)
Izumi: (Sakyo and I have been demanding more from everybody that usual, but they've all been keeping up and delivering.)
Izumi: (I can't believe how much everyone's improving right before my eyes! I can't wait for opening night!)
Izumi: All right, that should do it for today.
Sakyo: ...Didn't realize it was this late.
Izumi: Well, you WERE pretty focused!
Juza: Ngh...
Banri: Damn, I'm beat...
Omi: My legs hurt and my throat's dry.
Taichi: These combat scenes are killing me.
Banri: The mental strain of having to be Hyodo's underling is what's killin' me.
Juza: The hell did you just say?
Izumi: Oh, yeah. You played Juza's boss in The Stranger, right, Banri?
Banri: Yeah, and rightfully so. I mean, with a second-in-command like this, no wonder the family's gettin' wrecked.
Juza: You wanna try sayin' that again?
Sakyo: Quit whining already. Banri, you're the underling, so act like it.
Banri: And I will. On the stage, at least.
Sakyo: You reek of insubordination. 
Taichi: You can practically see it!
Banri: Heh. But that's my role, ain't it?
Yuki: Hey, guys.
Izumi: Yuki! What's up?
Taichi: Hi, Yuki!
Yuki: I finished the costumes. I want to see how they look up against you guys.
Sakyo: So Kazama's in a kimono, huh?
Yuki: Tsuzuru specifically requested it. This will make it pretty clear who the lead is, don't you think?
Banri: These outfits are straight-up gaudy, man...
Izumi: We're definitely in yakuza territory.
Taichi: It looks so scary!
Yuki: Omi, you're gonna need some facial hair and a scar with your costume.
Omi: Facial hair, huh? I've never really tried growing one...
Sakyo: I think it'll suit you.
Izumi: We need you to look older for your role, after all.
Taichi: Oh, man! It's scary how real you look in that outfit, Omi! I'd definitely run the other way if I ever met you in a dark alley!
Banri: Look in the mirror, dude. You'll be the spittin' image of a dirty street punk the second you put your own costume on.
Taichi: You've got a point there...!
Izumi: (I get the feeling our training room is going to look even more like some shady underground headquarters when the boys put their costumes on...)
Yuki: Oh, yeah. Kazunari said he wanted to take pictures for the flyers and the website this Saturday.
Omi: Saturday. Got it.
Izumi: Hey, since your costumes are done and all, why don't you all try them on now?
Juza: 'Kay.
Banri: Seriously? 
Taichi: B-but look at mine...!
Sakyo: Stop griping and get changed.
Banri: Fine.
Yuki: Hey, Omi. Let me try giving you a beard and a scar with some makeup.
Omi: Should I be worried about how I'll turn out?
Juza: Please. Won't you avenge the boss for me?
Juza: I can't make any moves with the trouble brewing in the house. Please! You're the only one I can ask.
Izumi: (Hm... Something's still missing from Juza. He's holding back and it's making him feel more like Sakyo's underling instead of the other way around.) 
Izumi: (Even though Tatsuta's begging Kazama for aid in this scene, they're technically supposed to be equals. It just feels off...)
Izumi: (Maybe Juza's off-stage relationship with Sakyo is affecting his acting.)
Izumi: (it might take some time for him to able to separate his on-stage and off-stage self and get completely in character.)
Sakyo: Hyodo, you have to think of me as your equal.
Juza: 'Kay.
Izumi: (So Sakyo's noticed it, too.)
Sakyo: Also, don't bow your head in that scene.
Juza: 'Kay.
Omi: Not only do we have to keep in mind the characters' relationships, but their mannerisms and speech patterns, too... This is going to be tough.
Banri: Guess we should watch a yakuza movie for reference.
Taichi: Ooh! Sounds fun!
Izumi: I say we end rehearsal here, then. I want all of you to reflect on your performance and try to make improvements for tomorrow!
Sakuya: Ahh... I'm hungry...
Banri: The hell're you doing, crossin' into my turf? You keep makin' a mess and I'll cut ya up, real good.
Juza: Huh? Talk to me like that again. I dare ya.
Sakyo: Shut the hell up, you fools! You're scaring the civvies!
Sakuya: Wh-whoa!
Citron: Oh, no! They are fighting like tigers and wolves!
Tsuzuru: I think you mean 'cats and dogs'...
Tenma: Oh yeah, the Autumn Troupe's next performance is a yakuza thing, isn't it? Is that why they're talking like that?
Tasuku: The Autumn Troupe keeps getting fiercer every time I look away.
Homare: "Crossin' into my turf", was it? An interesting way of phrasing things, indeed.
Azuma: You're writing it down?
Homare: But of course! Who knows when I will need to call upon it!
Tasuku: How about never.
Juza: That was good.
Taichi: Yeah, everything was delicious! 
Izumi: The roast beef was amazing!
Omi: Always glad to hear it.
Sakyo: Oh, before I forget. I have plans this Monday, so I'll be joining rehearsal late.
Izumi: Work keeping you busy?
Sakyo: ...Something like that.
Izumi: Okay...?
Sakyo: It's nothing, don't worry.
Sakoda: And... There we go.
Omi: "Congrats on your first major role!"...?
Taichi: Is that for Sakyo?
Sakoda: Sure is! I'm gonna make a big ol' sign congratulatin' the boss on his big break!
Banri: Aw. Well, ain't that cute.
Sakoda: Miss Ruruikawa let me have some leftover fabric from his costume, so I'm gonna make a jersey and headband, too!
Banri: You're basically makin' fan merch at this point.
Juza: You're real dedicated.
Taichi: Wow, you really are his biggest fan...
Banri: Come to think of it, why aren't you with him today?
Sakoda: Oh, that's cause he's busy lookin' at apartments today. He's gonna go again next Sunday, so--
Banri: He's looking at apartments...?
Omi: Why is he doing that?
Sakoda: Oh, crap! He made me promise not to say!
Taichi: W-wait! What does this all mean?!
Sakoda: I'm sorry, but my lips are sealed! P-please, just don't tell him you found out from me! Or else I'm... I'm...!
Juza: S'fine. You're secret's safe with us.
Sakoda: I, uh... I gotta get to the office now! Bye!
Banri: Hey, wait--!