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Captain Sky's Pirates
Izumi: Tsuzuru, I heard you finished writing the script already.
Tsuzuru: I did, yeah.
Tenma: And, hey, look at you. You're still alive.
Muku: This is so rare!
Kazunari: Ooh, I'm totally hyped to see what you wrote for us this time, Tsuzuroon!
Misumi: I hope it's a story about triangles!
Yuki: Fat chance.
Tsuzuru: Just read through it. After you're done, there's something else I want to talk to you all about.
Izumi: What is it?
Tsuzuru: Go ahead and read the script first. I'll get into it later.
Izumi: All right, then.
Izumi: Hmm...
Muku: Wow! We're doing a story about pirates this time!
Yuki: Hm. Looks like it'll be a piece of cake to put together the costumes for this play.
Kazunari: Yeah! We got the sky and the sea and the pirates... Blue would be good base, and--ooh! you can use yellow as an accent color!
Izumi: (Let's see... So it's another comedy, of course. We have a crew of pirates who are led by their airheaded and naive captain, Sky...)
Izumi: (When they hear of the bounty on Black Beard's head, they start the hunt, but shenanigans ensue when their target runs right into them.
Izumi: This is really funny and interesting!
Tsuzuru: Hng...
Izumi: W-whoa! Tsuzuru?
Tenma: so much for still being alive!
Yuki: What is this? Delayed onset sleeping syndrome?
Kazunari: Can't say I was expecting that!
Izumi: Whatever he wanted to talk to us about, that can wait until later. Let's get him back to his room first!
Misumi: Okay!
Tenma: Fine.
Izumi: Okay, let's start with castin--
Yuzo: Hey. I'm comin' in.
Izumi: Oh! What's up, Yuzo?
Yuzo: I needed to borrow some props from you guys, and I thought I'd drop in and see how your mugs were doin' while I was at it.
Izumi: Great timing! We were just about to decide roles for our new play.
Yuzo:  So the Summer Troupe's up to bat again? What's the story about?
Tenma: Pirates.
Yuzo: Pirates, huh?
Yuzo:  The original Summer Troupe did a play on pirates, too. Hakkaku used to love that play. They kept doin' reruns of it.
Misumi: Gramps liked pirates, too?!
Kazunari: Wait a sec, Sumi. Your grandma used to be involved with the Mankai Company?
Misumi: Uh-huh!
Izumi: Misumi's grandfather, Hakkaku, was the scriptwriter for the first generation of the Mankai Company.
Tenma: Seriously?!
Muku: No way!
Yuki: So that's why the Trianglian was secretly living in the dorm?
Misumi: Well... I actually came here 'cause this dorm had the biggest, most triangular roof I could find!
Yuki: wait, it was just a coincidence?!
Muku: What a wonderful coincidence it was! Maybe it was fate!
Yuzo: How's that old man doin', anyway?
Misumi: He died six years ago.
Yuzo: He what?!
Yuzo:  ...So he's gone, huh.
Izumi: You didn't know?
Yuzo: After the original Mankai Company disbanded, we stopped talkin' to each other. Then, we just lost contact altogether.
Yuzo: If I'd known this might happen, I would've tried to get in contact with him and the others earlier, though...
Yuzo: I bet none of 'em even know Hakkaku's passed, even though he did so much for us back then...
Izumi: (Yuzo...)
Misumi: If Gramps liked pirates that much, then I wanna play the captain!
Tenma: Why not? With your acting skills, you should have no problem with that role.
Izumi: Your happy-go-lucky personality fits perfectly with Sky's, too!
Kazunari: I'm totes down for Sumi as the captain!
Muku: Same!
Yuki: No complaints here.
Izumi: Great! So Misumi will be Captain Sky! Next, we need someone to play the role of his navigator, Henry.
Tenma: I think it should be someone who hasn't had a major role yet.
Yuki: Well, that leaves us with one person.
Kazunari: Mukkun, it's you!
Muku:  W-w-what? Me?!
Misumi: Let's do this, Muku!
Muku: B-but... Are you sure I'm the right choice for a lead role?
Tenma: Sure. This is already our third show, which means you have plenty of experience under your belt now. You'll be fine.
Kazunari: Yeah! You've got this, Mukkun!
Izumi: Henry's perfect for you, too! He may look cute on the outside, but he's tough as nails on the inside. You'll be great as him!
Muku: I'll... I'll do my best!
Izumi: Next, we have our key leader, the mysterious Black Beard Francoise. They're supposed to be a woman, so--
Misumi: Tenma, wanna do it?
Tenma: Why me?!
Izumi: Great! now we have all the roles sorted out.
Kazunari: Oh, man! I'm so pumped to play a naval officer!
Tenma: Your personality probably resembles your character the least out of all of us.
Yuki: Says you. You're nothing like your 'lowly deckhand' role, if you ask me.
Tenma: You think?
Yuki: With the way you walk around like you own the place? Yeah. 
Tenma: H-hey, I don't...!
Yuzo: This is already shapin' up to be a pretty interesting comedy.
Izumi: Yuzo, are Tsuzuru's scripts different from the ones Hakkaku used to write?
Yuzo: Of course they are. Your scrips are usually set in the modern world. They're younger, fresher.
Yuzo: Hakkaku, on the other hand, sued to really love his period pieces.
Yuki: Huh.
Muku: Misumi, what was your grandfather like?
Kazunari: I don't know anything about him, but I'm picturing a pretty scary dude.
Misumi: Gramps was really nice! And he looked like, um...
Misumi: ...
Kazunari: Wanna try drawing him on this piece of paper?
Misumi: Thanks! Umm, he looked like this!
Tenma: That's just a triangle!
Yuki: It looks like a preschooler drew this...
Yuzo: It's pretty hard to remember what his mug looked like, eh?
Misumi: Ehehe. Yeah.
Izumi: All right, guys. I'd like you to study the script on your own until rehearsal starts tonight, okay?
Muku: Yes, ma'am!
Kazunari: Gotcha!
Izumi: Are we all ready? Let's do a read-through from the top! ...Wait, where's Misumi?
Muku: Huh? I don't see him anywhere...
Tenma: Is he running late?
Kazunari: I can go get him!
Izumi: No, it's fine. I'm sure he'll be here soon, so let's get started without him for now.
Misumi: Sorry I'm late!
Izumi: There you are, Misumi! What happened?
Misumi: Umm, I was kinda thinking about stuff... and then it was time for rehearsal!
Yuki: Seriously?
Tenma: Get it together, Misumi. You're supposed to be leading us this time around.
Misumi: Sorry...
Izumi: (How strange. Misumi's usually never late for practice. He doesn't look like his usual cheery self, either...)
Misumi: Where are we up to?
Izumi: Dont worry about it. We can start from the top again.
Misumi: Thank you!
Misumi: Listen up, ye scurvy dogs! We be lookin' fer Black Beard!
Muku: Cap'n, I heard about that rascal, but I hardly think he's worth our time!
Misumi: Henry, you fool! He's worth a million dollars! How's that for 'worth our time'?!
Misumi: Aye, with that kind of money, we can e'en fix our broken mast an' replace our sail with a nicely stitched one...
Tenma: C-Cap'n! We could do it! Got tears in me eyes!
Izumi: (Hmm...It feels like Misumi's having trouble with his lines...)
Izumi: (Well, Sky is a pretty ditzy character, so maybe it's on purpose, but...)
Tenma: Hey, Misumi. It's your line.
Misumi: Oh! Sorry!
Izumi: (...Or not.)
Yuki: Hey, Trianglian. What's up with you today?
Kazunari: Are you feeling okay?
Misumi: I'm okay!
Muku:  C-Cap'n! This scoundrel's holdin' onto a-a fake black beard!
Izumi: Relax, Muku. You're too tense.
Muku: O-okay! Sorry!

Cap'n! This scoundrel's holdin' onto a back... Oh, no!

Kazunari: Relax, Mukkun! It's okay!
Muku: Sorry... I'm just a shriveled carrot forgotten in the back of the fridge. Just a wilted, soggy scrap of spinach that should've been thrown out two weeks ago...
Izumi: You're fine, Muku! Besides, both of those are perfect for vegetable stock!
Izumi: Once you get a hang of your lines, you'll be great!
Muku: O-okay!
Izumi: (He's as nervous as he was during his first play... I hope the pressure of a lead role isn't too much for him.)
Yuki: ...


Izumi: Let's wrap things up for today. I want everyone to reflect on your performance and try to make improvements for tomorrow!
Misumi: Roger...
Muku: Okay!
Izumi: (I wasn't expecting smooth sailing for our first day of rehearsal, but this was way worse then I feared...)