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Blazing Beachside Passion
Kazunari: Change of clothes, check! Drinks, check! Oh, Izumi, I'll help load that into the car!
Izumi: Thanks, Kazunari.
Omi: You guys got everything?
Citron: Yes! We have brought everything we need, including our hopes and dreams!
Kazunari: Nice one, Ron-ron!
Muku: It's been so long since we've been to the beach together, Juchan. I'm excited.
Juza: ...Yeah.
Izumi: (I hope it's just my imagination, but Juza looks a little off... I wonder what's wrong?)
Izumi: Hey, Ju-
Tasuku: Traffic's going to get bad if we don't head out soon.
Kazunari: Ooh, that's true! We'd better hustle!
Omi: Juza and I'll head out on our bikes first. You guys be careful, all right?
Izumi: Okay! We will. You guys be careful, too!
Juza: 'Kay.
Citron: Seeing you soon!
Kazunari Whoo-hoo! Departure time for Team Tax: right now!
Citron: Let us fly like the wind!
Tasuku: How are you guys so hyper ready? We're not even on the road yet. Just settle down back there...
Citron: I would like to have a juice! Muku, can you please get me something from that bag?
Muku: Here you go, Sir Citron. We have snacks, too. Would you like some?
Kazunari: Ooh, we have snacks? Me, please!
Citron: Izumi, Tasuku, which drink would you like?
Izumi: Umm, I'll have the orange soda! Thanks, Citron.
Kazunari: Tax, Tax! My man! Put this song on for me?
Tasuku: I told you guys to settle down!
Kazunari: Aww, c'mon! We gotta get the party started in here somehow! There's nothing like a nice drive on a clear summer's day!
Citron: Yes, it is great! I feel much excitement from whooshing around!
Kazunari: Yeah! Whoo-hoo, summertime fun!
Kazunari: Let's go, summer! Let's go, let's go! ♪
Citron: Summer, summer, go, go! ♪
Muku: Let's go, summertime! ♪
Izumi: I don't blame them for being this excited. We haven't really gone on a road trip together like this before.
Muku: Izumi's right! And you're so mature and manly, Tasuku! You're the best driver we could ever have!
Kazunari: Right? Ooh, I bet all the ladies love how reliable you are!
Kazunari: I can't miss taking a shot of your stoic, furrowed brow as you drive! Gimme a good scowl, my dude!!
Tasuku: Cut that out. Geez... What did I sign myself up for?
Omi: Here you go, Juza. You good with strawberry milk? There was caramel, too.
Juza: Strawberry's good, thanks.
Omi: This weather is perfect for a bike ride. The wind feels really refreshing in this heat, too.
Juza: Yeah. Roads ain't crowded, neither.
Omi: Thankfully. Looks like we'll be able to get there right on schedule.
Omi: By the way, Muku looked like he was really looking forward to going to the beach. Have you two gone together before?
Juza: ...
Juza: ...Yeah.
Omi: Juza? What's wrong?
Juza: S'nothin'. We better get goin' or the others are gonna beat us there.
Omi: Yeah... That's true. Let's go.