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Alex in Wonderland
SCENE: MANKAI dorms - Downstairs Lesson Room. Daytime. Rehearsal clothes.
Izumi: All right, everyone! It's time to hit off our first rehearsal for the Spring Troupe's new play, "Alex in Wonderland"!
Tsuzuru: Thank God I finished the script just in time...
Sakuya: Everything okay, Tsuzuru?
Tsuzuru: Yeah. I slept for a whole day, so I'm good.
Citron: You are always burning the cradle at both ends, Tsuzuru! Please take care!
Tsuzuru: You mean the candle. That version sounds scary.
Izumi: All right, Masumi. Any words for everyone as the leader this time around?
Masumi: ...
Itaru: Might be asking for the impossible here. We all know Masumi's bad at-
Masumi: As leader for this play, it's my hope to use the experience I gained during our debut performance to guide you all.
Masumi: I still have a ways to go, but I hope you'll stick with me.
Izumi: ...Huh?!
Tsuzuru: What the heck?!
Citron: Masumi is malfunctioning!
Itaru: Is he saying someone else's line?
Citron: Perhaps the writer made a mistake!
Itaru: Or maybe something was lost in translation.
Izumi: (That was a bit shocking... I didn't know Masumi could make a proper speech like that!)
Izumi: ...Anyway, let's get started with the first scene.
SCENE CUT Rehearsal.
Itaru: Alex, say there is a treasure of gold that only your friends can see, but is invisible to you. What could it be?
Masumi: If we think about it logically, Professor, a situation like that could never exist in reality. Therefore, the only conclusion is that it is a dream.
Itaru: And just what separates dreams from reality? Alex, what you have in intelligence, you lack in imagination. Here, try drinking this.
Masumi: And this is?
Itaru: Plain black tea. A balm for the mind. Perhaps it will help loosen up your rigid way of thinking.
Masumi: I doubt it, but I suppose I'll take your word for it.
Izumi: (Masumi's amazing... He just got the script yesterday but he already has it memorized.)
Tsuzuru: Oh dear, I'm running late! I must hurry!
Izumi: (And while I can see a definite improvement in everyone's perfromances since our debut play...)
Sakuya: Hey, that's my favorite napping spot. Think you could move?
Izumi: (...They still have a long way to go to get on Masumi's level.)
Citron: Put him behind the bards!
Izumi: ?!
Tsuzuru: It's 'behind bars'!
Citron: I was wondering why it was so festive!
Tsuzuru: Yeah, because you completely changed the meaning!
Izumi: (Annnd Citron's the same as usual. We're gonna need to put a lot of work into rehearsing this thing.)
Masumi: ...
Izumi: M-Masumi?
Izumi: (Oh dear, is he angry? He always went off on them during Romeo and Julius when they messed up their lines.)
Masumi: ...Do it again.
Izumi: What?
Masumi: I want the King of Hearts to say his line again.
Citron: But of course!
Citron: Put him behind bars!
Masumi: Good.
Izumi: (Wow, would you look at that. Masumi's keeping his cool and helping the rehearsal go smoothly!)
Izumi: (I was a bit worried when I put him in charge, but looks like he's doing just great. He's really matured.)
SCENE CUT: MANKAI dorms. Downstairs Lesson Room. Afternoon.
Izumi: All right, that should do it for today.
Izumi: Any comments, Masumi?
Masumi: ... There are still a lot of things we need to work on, but that's pretty standard for the first rehearsal.
Masumi: Make a note of the lines you had trouble with and practice those on your own.
Sakuya: Y-Yeah, got it!
Citron: Masumi is being so dependable!
Tsuzuru: He even gave us advice.
Itaru: Gave me the chills...
Izumi: (He really has grown so much... I'm really proud of him!)
Izumi: Masumi's right. Try to brush things up for tomorrow's rehearsal. That should do it!
Izumi: (Now that I know I can rely on Masumi, I'm really looking forward to this play.)
Masumi: ...Hey.
Izumi: Hm?
Masumi: How'd I do-
Masumi: ...Uh, never mind.
Izumi: ???
Masumi: Step 3: Never fish for compliments... Wait patiently for recognition. Yeah. I'm a patient guy...
Izumi: (Um, why was he muttering to himself? Maybe he really is malfunctioning...)
Izumi: (I wonder if he's worried about something?)
Tsuzuru: Gonna be real with you. It throws me off when he acts so different.
Izumi: Who, Masumi?
Tsuzuru: Yep. I thought for sure he'd chew us out like he used to do. He's never been gentle with his words and all.
Izumi: Yeah, I know. But he's acting totally different from how he was during Romeo and Julius.
Sakuya: I bet he just wants to do a really good job since he's the leader now!
Sakuya: Everyone gave me tons of support during Romeo and Julius, so now it's my turn to support Masumi this time around!
Citron: I shall do my best as well!
Sakuya: Hey, let's practice our lines after dinner!
Citron: Our battle begins at dusk! I shall claim my revenge!
Tsuzuru: What battle?! What revenge?!
Sakuya: See you all later!
Citron: See you!
Tsuzuru: I dunno, if you ask me it seems like Masumi's pushing himself a little too hard. Like he's forcing himself to be someone he's not.
Izumi: You think so?
Izumi: (Tsuzuru has a point. I guess this is kind of a sudden change for Masumi...)
Izumi: (I'd like to think he's just trying harder, but at the same time I don't want him forcing this on himself.)
Izumi: (Plus there was that thing he was going to say to me before he interrupted himself...)
Izumi: Maybe Masumi is trying a bit too hard...
Izumi: At first I was happy to see that he's matured, but you're right it's not natural to change that dramatically out of the blue.
Tsuzuru: Right? He's not acting like himself...
Izumi: What do you think, Itaru?
Itaru: ...Who knows? We barely cross paths as it is. Honestly, I have no clue what's going through his mind.
Izumi: (Itaru's never been too interested in others to begin with.)
Izumi: (But Masumi and him are lead and co-lead, so we'll have problems down the road if this dynamic keeps up.)
Izumi: Itaru, I'm going to need you and Masumi to get on the same page.
Izumi: Especially since the conversations between you two are the crux of the whole play.
Izumi: Why don't you try striking up a conversation with Masumi? The more he opens up to you, the more it will reflect on your acting.
Itaru: Unlocking Masumi's backstory? Impossible.
Izumi: Don't say that! You haven't even tried.
Itaru: Can't do it, won't do it.
Izumi: Seriously? But I guess you have a point. It's hard imagining Masumi opening up to anyone, really...
Tsuzuru: It might be easier with his new personality, but we all know that's not really him.
Izumi: Yeah, he's way too different from the regular Masumi.
Tsuzuru: Itaru, you're the grown-up here. You take care of it.
Itaru: For real?
Izumi: We're counting on you, Itaru!
Itaru: ...I'm the grown-up, huh?