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Izumi: Just like Matsukawa said, this is our chance to put our theater's name out there!
Izumi: Which is why I think the Mankai Company should enter the contest, too!
Kazunari: Heck yeah, I'm totes down! Let's do this, guys!
Banri: This event seems right up your alley, Kazunari.
Misumi: I can't wait to dress up! I wanna be a triangle!
Itaru: Does that even count as a costume?
Citron: This sounds fun. If we become more famous, more people will come to watch us, and our popularity will go through the attic!
Tsuzuru: I think you meant 'go through the roof'...
Tenma: If we're really doing this, we'd better be in it to win it.
Izumi: Of course!
Manager: We'll take down the God Troupe this year for sure!
Izumi: Oh, the God Troupe will be participating, as well?
Manager: That they are! Halloween on Veludo is one of Veludo Way's biggest events, after all.
Manager: It would only make sense for the God Troupe, Veludo Way's biggest troupe, to participate in it every year.
Manager: Unfortunately, they've been dominating the competition these past few years... Boo-hoo-hoo...
Kamekichi: Quit cryin', dummy! Be strong!
Omi: Wow. Taichi and Tasuku, does that mean you two have done this before?
Tasuku: ...
Taichi: I've never, but Tasuku was selected to before!
Tasuku: Nanao...
Izumi: Selected? What do you mean by that?
Taichi: There are so many members in the God Troupe that they need to hold auditions for who can compete in the contest every year. 
Taichi: Tasuku was always chosen to enter!
Itaru: Whoa, really?
Tasuku: Why do you have to blab like that?
Izumi: So that means you had to dress up, right? What did you end up performing as, Tasuku?
Omi: I'm curious to know, too.
Taichi: Tasuku would dress up as a--
Taichi: Mngh!
Tasuku: Shut it, Nanao.
Taichi: Mmph...
Izumi: (I guess he doesn't have very fond memories of those days. We shouldn't pry into it too much.)
Omi: Well, whatever it was Tasuku had to wear, as least we know that we'll need costumes, as well.
Kazunari: If we're all gonna be competing and dressed up, let's make sure to blast the competition away!
Citron: Yes! It is trick or treat time, everyone!