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The Great Sardine Search
SCENE: MANKAI dorms - Lounge. Daytime. Casual clothes.
Izumi: Hmm... What should we do?
Tsuzuru: Hmm...I dunno.
Izumi: Haven't been this stumped in a while.
Tsuzuru: You and me, both.
Izumi: We really lucked out with choosing Alice in Wonderland for the Spring play. It was a classic with just enough of a twist to keep it fresh. How can we top that?
Tsuzuru: Beats me. There aren't many themes that have the potential for that kind of impact.
Tsuzuru: And after writing five plays straight, the ol' fountain of inspiration is starting to run a little dry.
Tsuzuru: Or maybe it's more like, I've got ideas but I can't seem to settle on just one?
Izumi: I get you. We want something that plays to the Summer Troupe's unique skills, but different enough from their first show to keep thinks interesting.
Tsuzuru: Exactly. So...what should we do?
Izumi: ...I asked you first.
Tsuzuru: Hmm...
Izumi: Hmmm...
Izumi: You know what, we're not getting anywhere just sitting around like this. Let's just leave here for today and sleep on it. We can meet up again tomorrow.
Tsuzuru: Yeah... I guess that's for the best.
???: Meow!
???: Prrow!
Tsuzuru: Was that...a cat?
Izumi: Doesn't seem like just a cat from all the commotion coming from the courtyard.
Misumi: Here, kitty, kitty!
Muku: Ahahaha!
Izumi: Is that the Summer Troupe?
???: Hissssss!
Tenma: Gyaaaah!
Izumi: What on earth is gong on out there?
Tsuzuru: No clue. Wanna go see?
SCENE CHANGE: MANKAI dorms - Courtyard. Daytime. Casual clothes.
Tenma: Ouch... What's that cat's problem?! How dare it scratch me! An actor's body is the tool of his trade!
Yuki: Of course it's gonna get mad if you try to yank it into the air like that, you brute.
Misumi: Yuki's right. You gotta be nice and gentle.
Tenma: I WAS being gentle.
Yuki: Looks like your social akwardness extends beyond the human race.
Tenma: Say that again, I dare you!
Izumi: What are you guys doing out here?
Kazunari: Ooh, Tsuzuroon and Izumi! Meeting over already? Nice!
Tsuzuru: Whose cat is that?
Muku: He's a stray that's been hanging around the courtyard a lot recently.
Izumi: Aww, he's so cute!
Kazunari: Check this out, Izumi!
Izumi: Hm? Oh, were you drawing pictures in the dirt?
Izumi: Is this the kitty? That's adorable! Looks just like him!
Kazunari: I know, right?
Misumi: Kaz's so good at drawing!
Izumi: I knew you did design work but I didn't know you could draw cute stuff like this too.
Muku: He even drew me a ictire book the other day!
Izumi: Oh wow. That's amazing, Kazunari!
Kazunari: Making picture books has kinda been my thing lately.
Kazunari: It's fun to be able to design everything myself, from the characters to the book bindings, y'know?
Kazunari: Hey, maybe I'll make you one too, Izumi!
Izumi: Really?
Kazunari: For sure. What kind of story would you want?
Izumi: Hmm.. How about...a story about the King of the Curry Kingdom?
Kazunari: Geez, you're really serious about curry!
Kazunari: I'm not so hot at coming up with stories, though. Think you could help a guy out, Tsuzuroon?
Tsuzuru: ...
Kazunari: Uh...Tsuzuroon? You good?
Tsuzuru: That's it!
Izumi: What's it?!
Tsuzuru: How about an adventure story about a pair of cats!
Izumi: Cats? Not the Curry King?
Tsuzuru: No, listen! Cats have been in lately. People love them! Plus, it'd be our first time having an all animal cast, so there's some novelty in that.
Izumi: Oh, you're talking about the play... You know, that could work!
Izumi: If any group could pull off acting in cat ears, it'd be the Summer Troupe. Honestly, this theme was made for them, if you ask me. I'm all for it!
Tsuzuru: Cool! I'll get started right away, then!
Izumi: Go get 'em, Tsuzuru!
Yuki: What's this about cats?
Kazunari: Didn't really follow what just happened, but I guess that's our next theme?
Izumi: Yep! An adventure story! About cats!
Muku: A play about cats?! That sounds adorable!
Misumi: Prrow! Meow!
Tenma: Cats, huh...?
SCENE CHANGE: MANKAI dorms - Lounge. Daytime. Casual clothes.
Tsuzuru: Ahem. I give you...the script for the Summer Troupe's second show.
Tsuzuru: I titled it...The Great Sardine Search!
Tenma: Wow. You're actually alive this time, Tsuzuru. Color me suprised.
Izumi: Yeah, usually you're on the brink of passing out after writing a script.
Tsuzuru: And now...farewell...
Yuki: Man down.
Tenma: It was only a matter of time...
Izumi: Uh...Tsuzuru?
Misumi: And here lies Tsuzuru. Rest in peace.
Muku: Misumi, d-dont hold a funeral for him!
Izumi: How about we let Tsuzuru rest for a bit while we read through the script?
Izumi: ...
Izumi: ...
Tenma: Me...ow...
Yuki: You hit your head or something?
Tenma: It's in the script!
Yuki: Huh, you're right.
Izumi: There are a lot of cat puns in here, too.
Izumi: (Looks like the script this time around is an adventure story set in a fantasy world of talking cats.)
Izumi: (It's a little different from the first Summer Troupe show, but the comedy's on the same level.)
Tsuzuru: Ugh...hegh...
Izumi: Tsuzuru! Should you be sitting up already?!
Tsuzuru: I forgot...something important...
Izumi: Yeah?
Tsuzuru: Cat ears...are a must. Non-negotiable.
Tenma: What's so important about that?!
Yuki: Bet he's still bitter that I made him wear bunny ears for the Alice show.
Tenma: Man, cat ears, though. There goes my reputation.
Muku: We're all gonna be kitty cats together!
Yuki: So I have to make a bunch of cat ears and tails again? That took a crazy amount of time...
Kazunari: Kitty ears? I'm so down! Betcha I'mma get 1000 likes on the 'Blam! At least!
Misumi: Cat ears?! Yay! Triangles!
Muku: I'm so exited for my catboy debut!
Izumi: Okay, everybody give it a read and then we'll decide the casting after.