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Mourner A: I can't believe their entire family got into an accident...
Mourner B: Didn't their oldest just enter college?
Mourner C: They were talking about how they could finally take things easy with him out of the nest, too...
Azuma: ...
Mourner A: Who's going to take this one in?
Mourner B: You're technically the closest next of kin, so he should go to your place.
Mourner C: He can't come to my house. I already have three kids to feed. You only have one, don't you?
Mourner B: My apartment's too small. There isn't enough room for one more.
Azuma: ...
Mourner A: The poor thing...
Mourner B: He was the only one left behind...
Azuma: Oh, that's right... I'm all alone now.
Izumi: Coming!
Deliverer: I have a package for Mr. Yukishiro. Sign here, please.
Izumi: Thank you very much.
Deliverer: Thank you.
Izumi: (Who's this from? Oh, it's the Long-Legged Witch again. There must be more coloring books.)
Izumi: (I wonder what kind of books she sent this time?)
Azuma: I'm home.
Izumi: Welcome back, Azuma! Perfect timing. A package just came in for you.
Azuma: Oh, I was wondering when it'd arrive.
Izumi: Is it another batch of coloring books?
Azuma: That's right. Would you like to join me in coloring them this time around, Izumi?
Izumi: I'd love to!
Hisoka: ...I'm back.
Tsumugi: What are you two up to?
Izumi: Oh, welcome home, guys!
Azuma: Did you just come back from work?
Hisoka: Yeah. I'm pooped...
Izumi: It must've been a tough day for you. How about joining us for some coloring after you guys take a quick breather?
Tsumugi: Coloring? Of what?
Azuma: These coloring books I just received.
Tsumugi: Oh, that sounds fun. Sure, I'll do it.
Hisoka: ...Me too.
Azuma: You sure? Aren't you tired?
Hisoka: ...My brains' the one that's tired. This will help me relax.
Tsumugi: Same here. I had to make a bunch of tests today.
Azuma: Sounds like a busy day.
Tasuku: I'm back.
Homare: I have also returned home.
Izumi: Hey guys.
Azuma: Welcome home. Did you two go somewhere together? 
Tasuku: Nope, I just got back from a workshop.
Homare: And I was on my way home from a meeting with my editor when I chanced upon Tasuku.
Tasuku: What are you all doing out here?
Izumi: You know what? Since you're here already, both of you should join us as well!
Tasuku: Join you? For what?
Homare: Hmm, very well. Though it is still a mystery as to what it is you are inviting us to, I shall gladly participate. 
Homare: It must be fate that beckoned us all here. 
Tasuku: What kind of fate would that be? And don't just go agreeing to things that haven't been explained to you yet. 
Tasuku: So you were talking about coloring books... 
Homare: I must say, breaking in a brand-new book is rather exhilarating. 
Izumi: Haha. Sitting around like this kind of makes me feel like I'm back in preschool, coloring with my friends. 
Tsumugi: Hehe. We're pretty big for preschoolers, though.
Azuma: ...Huh? That's strange.
Izumi: What's wrong, Azuma?
Azuma: I can't find my colored pencils. I always keep them here, but...
Tsumugi: Did you check these drawers yet?
Azuma: Not yet. Could you take a look for me, please? 
Tasuku: We'll help, too.
Azuma: Sorry. Thanks.
Hisoka: ...Oh.
Azuma: Did you find them?
Hisoka: ...Found a whip.
Izumi: Um, I don't think that's what we're looking for!
Izumi: (Why in the world does Azuma even HAVE that?!)
Azuma: Hehe. I bet you were having some naughty thoughts just now, weren't you?
Azuma: It's a riding crop. I used to go horse riding with one of my regulars, so they gave me one.
Tasuku: You didn't have to be so weird about it.
Azuma: I guess you also have quite the imagination, Tasuku.
Tasuku: I think anybody would jump to conclusions in this case.
Izumi: (I'm kind of afraid to see what else he has in his room...)
Izumi: ...Hmm?
Izumi: (What are these two keys doing here...?)
Izumi: Sorry, Azuma. I think these fell from somewhere...
Azuma: Oh, could you put them in that drawer? They're the keys to my old apartment.
Tasuku: You haven't moved out of that place yet, right?
Azuma: It's too much of a hassle.
Izumi: (Are these really keys to the same apartment? They look like they're for different locks to me...)
Homare: It is almost aff if the harder I look, the further from my grasp the colored pencils become.
Tsumugi: Hmm. Where else haven't we looked yet...?
Kazunari: Azu, you here?
Azuma: Hm?
Muku: Thank you for letting us use these, Azu.
Azuma: Oh...
Tsumugi: Those colored pencils...
Azuma: I forgot that I let you two borrow them.
Tasuku: No wonder we couldn't find them anywhere.
Azuma: Sorry about that.
Azuma: Wonderful. Now we can finally get to coloring. 
Tasuku: Getting forgetful now, are we?
Azuma: That's not very nice. I'm not that old, you know.
Tsumugi: These drawing are just as beautiful and intricate as the ones in your previous books. 
Homare: I shall try my hand at this one.
Hisoka: ...I pick this one.
Izumi: Then I'll color this one!
Tsumugi: Coloring without a care in the world is actually pretty relaxing.
Azuma: Strange, isn't it?
Homare: The beauty of art can cleanse even the most impure soul.
Hisoka: ...My eyes hurt from looking at your color choices.
Homare: My word. I am utterly shocked that you cannot comprehend this divine fusion of hues...
Azuma: The colors you chose are so gentle, Tsumugi. It really matches your personality.
Tsumugi: And your coloring style is really delicate, Azuma. It carries a hint of sensuality, as well.
Izumi: You really like bold colors, don't you, Tausku?
Tasuku: I'm just naturally drawn to them, I guess.
Tsumugi: You're using a lot of bright ones, Izumi. It makes me happy just looking at it.
Izumi: Looking at everyone's art makes me realize how much our personalities shine for them.
Izumi: Let's see. How yours coming along, Hisoka.
Hisoka: ...
Homare: You have hardly used a splash of color! We are not here to make grayscale art! You need to let the tones of your heart bleed onto the paper, Hisoka!
Hisoka: Arisu... stop talking.
Azuma: Now, now, Homare. Art is all about self-expression.