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Sakyo: Is this everything we need from this store?
Izumi: Yep! Now we just need to get some fresh produce. Let's head to the supermarket nex--
Yuzo: ...
Izumi: Hey, isn't that Yuzo jogging over there?
Sakyo: So it is.
Izumi: Hey, Yuzo!
Yuzo: Oh, it's you two. What're you doin' here?
Izumi: A lot of stores are having sales today, so I asked Sakyo to come out and do some bargain hunting with me.
Yuzo: Hah! Never thought I'd get to see Sakyo bein' used as a pack mule.
Sakyo: Shut it, you geezer. 
Izumi: That'd be funnier if it was just our groceries and not the purse strings to our finances he was holding... By the way, why were you jogging?
Yuzo: The Night Walk's happenin' soon, so I was preppin' for it. You guys're participatin' in it too, right?
Izumi: Uh, well, I have no idea what that is, so...
Yuzo: You ain't telin' me you've never heard of it?
Sakyo: ...
Sakuya: The 'Theatrical Night Walk Competition'...? What's that?
Izumi: Apparently, it's an event where theater stories from Veludo compete by putting on street acts during a night walk course. The group with the most points wins!
Yuki: Why at night, though?
Tsumugi: It's meant to allow people to enjoy the long autumnal evenings. After all, it's not often that street acts are held at night.
Misumi: What's the 'night walk' part mean?
Tsuzuru: It's probably just as the name implies. I assume you walk around at night while enjoying the night scenery and starry sky. 
Homare: A singular event that combines walking and performance, is it? I should have expected no less from the Theater Heartland!
Kazunari: If the participants are troupes from Veludo, does that mean the God Troupe'll be part of it, too?
Tasuku: Unlikely. They've never participated in it before.
Manager: Generally speaking, only troupes that are a bit down on their luck take part in the Night Walk. There's no reason for the God Troupe to participate. 
Itaru: Not a surprise, considering how lined their pockets are.
Omi: Is there a reason why it's only troupes struggling financially that participate?
Sakyo: It's because the Night Walk offers a monetary prize for the winners. 
Kazunari: What?! You mean like, actual cash?!
Sakyo: Since we're barely scraping by, this event is perfect for us. We'll all be participating. Or else.
Banri: You serious?
Muku: This sounds so fun! It's not often you're encouraged to take strolls at night, after all!
Itaru: It doesn't have to be ALL of us, does it?
Sakyo: To increase our chances of winning, we will split into multiple teams to renter the competition. so, yes, it has to be all of us.
Itaru: Isn't that cheating, though?
Izumi: I checked the rules already. Splitting into separate teams to represent a single troupe is allowed. Other troupes will be doing the same, too.
Banri: The street actin' part's fine an' all, but havin' to go out an' walk around in the middle of the night? Thanks, but no thanks.
Itaru: Agreed.
Sakyo: I knew you good-for-nothings would whine about this.
Sakyo: Let me sweeten the pot for you lazy asses, then.
Sakyo: If we win, the prize money obviously goes straight to the Mankai Company, but I'm willing to give a percentage of the cash to the winning group.
Taichi: What?! You'll really let us pocket some of the money?