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Sakyo: Again! And put some energy into it this time, dammit!
Juza: Sir!
Taichi: You got it, Boss!
Sakyo: I can't hear you!
Taichi: Yessir!
Izumi: (When did this place become a yakuza bootcamp...?)
Sakyo: Start again from the top of the second act, Hyodo, watch your posture even if you're just in the background. 
Juza: Yes, sir!
Izumi: (Sakyo's even more fired up than usual. He must really want this play to go well.)
*start flashback*
Izumi: Okay, so I was thinking the lead for this play should be--
Banri: It's gotta be Sakyo, right?
Taichi: Yeah! It's gotta!
Juza: Agreed.
Sakyo: What?
Omi: You haven't had a lead role yet, Sakyo.
Sakyo: Hmph. It's not like there's a rule saying I have to have a turn being. lead, is there? We should have one of you younger punks take--
Omi: 'You always end up putting others before yourself.'
Omi: Those were your words to me when we were prepping for The Stanger, remember? Come on. It's about time you let yourself be the star of a show.
Sakyo: ...Tch.
Banri: So? You gonna prove to us an old dog can learn new tricks, or what?
Sakyo: Who're you callin' an old dog?
Izumi: To be honest, being a lead would be a great opportunity for you to get some more onstage experience, Sakyo. 
Sakyo: You sure about that, Izumi? I'd better not see any of you regret this decision, then.
*end flashback*
Taichi: Oof...
Banri: Ugh, I need a break...
Sakyo: In your dreams! From the top!
Taichi: Y-yes, sir!
Izumi: (Oh, boy. Looks like they might be regretting their decision maybe juuuuust a little...)
Sakyo: Allow me to introduce myself. I go by Kazama... Ginji Kazama. A pleasure to be in your hands.
Izumi: (I was worried when Tsuzuru suggested we go by a yakuza- themed play, considering Sakyo's... day job, but it IS set in a different time period, so maybe we're okay.)
Izumi: (Besides. we've never done a historical drama before. so it'll be a nice experience! Sakyo's got a great grasp on his character, and his leadership is perfect, too.)
Juza: Kazama... What should I do?
Sakyo: Keep it together, boy. Now that the boss is gone, you have to lead this family as the second in command.
Juza: Well, this 'boy' doesn't think he's ready for that kind of responsibility.
Izumi: (We chose Juza to play Ken Tatsuta, Kazama's charge, because of his demeanor and age difference with Sakyo, and he's absolutely perfect for the role!) 
Taichi: Boss! You're not leavin' without me, are ya? Thought we were in this together! 
Sakyo: I'd be a damn fool to be heading to my death with a kid like you shackled to my wrist.
Taichi: Don't just cut me off like that!
Sakyo: Nanao, you should stay a few steps back here.
Taichi: Sure thing! Is here good, Boss?
Banri: Haha! Looks like we've got ourselves Sakoda: Part 3, now.
Taichi: I could learn a lot from him!
Izumi: (Taichi fits the role of Kazama's underling Kojima, to a tee as well. Then again, with a model like Sakoda, this should be a piece of cake.) 
Banri: The hell happened to our deal?! You promised that you'd make me top dog if I brought you Ken Tatsuta!
Omi: Our deal? Well, turns out there wasn't much left that was worth takin' from the Tatsuta Family.
Omi: The only trash that'd be happy to take 'em over is a pathetic mutt like you. Not worth my time.
Izumi: (Omi doesn't look like he's having any trouble with his role as our protagonists' archnemesis! Neither is he losing out to Sakyo in terms of stage presence.)
Izumi: (I bet playing the lead in The Stranger was what helped him get to this point, and I'm positive Sakyo will have much to gain from this experience, as well.)
Izumi: (Everyone's doing so well already, I'm starting to feel left in the dust! I have to do my part, too!)
Sakyo: Izumi, what do you think we should do with this scene? 
Izumi: Hmm... Well, since we want it to have a heavier tone, we should...
Sakyo: Excuse me.
Boss: Good, good. You're here.
Boss: Here ya go. A little allowance.
Sakyo: I thought I told you I don't need money form you anymore.
Boss: Nah, take it. You took good care of that one job for me, remember?
Sakyo: Nothing about this allowance is even remotely 'little', dammit...
Boss: Quit your yappin' and just take it. Have a nice dinner with your boys or something.
Sakyo: ...Yes, sir.
Boss: So, you almost got enough saved up to make the purchase yet?
Sakyo: I do. It'll be a load off my mind once it's all ready.
Boss: God, how long has it been?
Sakyo: Nine years.
Boss: Nine years, huh?
*start flashback*
Sakyo: Huff ...huff...
Boss: That's enough.
Ichiro: Tch! Tough li'l bastard, isn't he?
Sakyo: Get the hell outta my way, geezer! I have to deliver this or I don't get paid!
Ichiro: This li'l punk's still--
Boss: I said enough! 
Sakyo: Huff ...huff...
Boss: What do you need money for so badly?
Sakyo: I--