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Captain Sky's Pirates
Tucked in a far corner of the vast, vast world was a deserted seaside village. In it lived a humble man who was enamored with the sea.
He became a pirate, made many friends and even more enemies along the way, and eventually came to be known as the 'Great Pirate Captain.'
In his last moments, after being captured by the Navy and bounty hunters, he made a declaration to his crew.
'Listen well, ye scallywags!'He said. 'Upon but a wee island in the great expanse of the sea have I hidden me treasure!'And thus unravels the tale of a humble man who lived his life upon the open sea...
Izumi: I'm home!
Izumi: Huh? What was that just now?
Izumi: A paper airplane...?
Izumi: Whoa! Why are there so many flying around? Who in the world is...?
Izumi: (Wait... I'm getting a major sense of deja vu right now.)
Misumi: Here comes a triangle jet plane!
Muku: Wow! Misumi, your airplanes fly so far!
Izumi: Yep. Just as I thought.
Kazunari: Mine's a Leaning Tower of Pisa plane!
Yuki: Quite overcompensating. You just folded it weird.
Kazunari: I thought that would help it go farther!
Tenma: ...
Misumi: Tenma, where's yours?
Tenma: Hang on. I'm working on a new and improved version of my earlier prototype...
Izumi: Hey. guys. Having fun making all these paper airplanes?
Misumi: Oh, Izumi! Hello!
Muku: Misumi was making them on his own earlier, so I decided to join him!
Muku: Then, before I knew it, it was all five of us.
Misumi: Matsukawa gave us lots and lots of paper!
Izumi: (It's always good to see the Summer Troupe getting along so well!)
Kazunari: Izumi, get in here with us!
Yuki: We're playing a game to see who can fold the best airplane. The person with the plane that flies the farthest can ask for anything they want.
Izumi: That's some incentive! I'm in! Pass me a sheet?
Tenma: Okay, done. This is perfect.
Misumi: Let's go to the courtyard to fly our planes once Izumi's done!
Tenma: Are you serious?! That's the best Lightning No. 1 can do?!
Yuki: You actually named that pitiful attempt? Wow.
Tenma: You got a problem with that?! Don't you know that paper airplanes fly farther if you put all your love into them?
Muku: Really? I had no idea! Who said that?
Tenma: Heh. Me. I thought it up just now.
Yuki: Yeah, well, seeing as your plane went exactly nowhere...
Tenma: Ngh...
Kazunari: Huh? Aw man, I def thought that would go better. My plane just did a U-turn on itself...
Yuki: No duh, it did. Just look at how much you bent that thing.
Kazunari: I even calculated the wind speed and direction and everything! Guess it changed before I threw my plane.
Muku: Mine went all the way to the base of the tree!
M+Izumi: Mine made its way to the hedges.
Yuki: Huh, your planes got pretty far.

Mine's on the roof!

Izumi: Wow, the roof?! That's amazing!
Yuki: Guess Misumi's the winner, to no one's surprise.
Kazunari: So it's Sumi in first place and Izumi in second.. then it goes to Mukkun, Yukki, me, and... Tenten's last!
Tenma: D-dammit...
Muku: Congratulations, Misumi! You can ask for anything you want! Which is...?
Misumi: Umm...
Yuki: Do we even have to ask? I bet he wants something to do with triangles.
Misumi: I wanna do fireworks together with the Summer Troupe again!
Muku: Oh! Fireworks?
Kazunari: Ooh, that's a great idea!
Tenma: It's too early for fireworks, though. The stores aren't even selling them yet.
Izumi: In that case, why don't we play with fireworks after the Summer Troupe's coming run?
Misumi: Mmkay!
Izumi: For now, let's clean up all our paper airplanes!
Misumi: 'Kaaay!
Tsumugi: Hm, it's about time to start paying more attention to the fertilizing schedule...
Tsuzuru: ...
Tsumugi: Tsuzuru, ould you do me a favor and hand me that bag over there, plea--?
Tsuzuru: Hmm...
Tsumugi: Tsuzuru?
Tsuzuru: Oh, sorry. You needed this bag, right?
Tsumugi: Yeah, thanks.
Tsumugi: Are you brainstorming ideas for the next play?
Tsuzuru: Yeah.
Tsumugi: Sorry for making you help me when you're so busy yourself.
Tsuzuru: No, it's fine. I find that the ideas come more easily when I'm working rather than just sitting around, actually.
Tsumugi: Really? now that you mention it, I have heard that taking walks helps get the mind working, too.
Tsuzuru: After getting through that writer's block I had while writing our last play, my current problem is that I now have more ideas than I know what to do with...
Tsumugi: That's a great problem to have.
Tsuzuru: It is. Oh, what should I do with these flowerpots?
TsumugI; Could you stack them over here, please?
Tsuzuru: Sure.
Tsuzuru: ...Hm?
Tsuzuru: What's this paper airplane doing here?
Tsumugi: Oh, that must've been left over form this afternoon. the Summer Troupe was out here flying them then.
Tsuzuru: Talk about free-spirited...
Tsuzuru: They don't need this anymore, right? I'm going to throw it away.
Tsumugi: Yeah, I think that's fine.
Tsuzuru: ...
Tsuzuru: Wait. this is...
Tsumugi: What's the matter?
Tsuzuru: Take a look at this.
Tsumugi: Oh!