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Blazing Beachside Passion
Citron: Oh, boy... Japanese summers are so very hot and sticky. They are, how do you say...? Humbug?
Izumi: Umm, do you mean, 'humid?' You're right, though. The humidity's quite high today.
Citron: I feel like gold will grow all over me in this humidity!
Muku: That is so wonderful, Sir Citron! Just imagining you covered in gold... Wow!
Tasuku: Pretty sure he means 'mold.'
Kazunari: Speaking of summer, you know what we really need? A nice vacation by the ocean!
Izumi: If it's the ocean you're looking for, we already have one in our very own courtyard!
Tasuku: In the courtyard? Do you mean the pool Tetsuro built for us?
Kazunari: That set-up's super legit and all, but it's still not the same as chilling by an actual ocean!
Kazunari: Just imagine it! The bright, blazing sun! The fluffy, puffy clouds! The salt-scented breeze! C'mon, Mukkun, you're with me on this one, right?
Muku: I guess you have a point! Since we're already on summer vacation, going to the beach might be, um, really fun.
Citron: That is a very nice idea! I would like to see a real-life Japanese ocean!
Tasuku: Calm down, you're going to overheat yourself.
Omi: Hey, I'm home.
Izumi: Welcome back, Omi.
Omi: Hahaha. You all look like you're melting from the heat.
Kazunari: The problem with this heat is that we're not soaking it up on a nice, sandy beach! Omimi, you agree with me, don't you?
Tasuku: Give it up already...
Omi: The beach, huh?
Omi: That reminds me, one of my friends from college just asked me to help out at their beach hut.
Omi: They're okay with people spending time relaxing on the beach after work, but we still don't have enough people, so--
Kazunari: Ooh! Say no more, Omimi! I volunteer! Pick me, pick me!
Citron: I, too, will go! Take me to your beachside!
Izumi: Ahaha! That sure got you guys fired up!
Omi: Haha. Sure thing. The more the merrier! Anyone else want to tag along?
Izumi: Since we don't have a whole lot going on right now, I'd like to go too, if that's okay!
Tasuku: I'll pass.
Kazunari: Aww, Tax! Don't be like that!
Tasuku: Why would I want to go somewhere hot in this heat? Thanks, but no thanks.
Muku: I-I don't know if I can be much help, but... May I go, too?
Omi: Of course! Juza'll be there, after all.
Muku: Huh? Juchan's going, too?
Omi: Yeah. We were planning to ride by the beach sometime, anyway, so I invited Juza to come and help out. It worked out really well.
Kazunari: Oh, man! Is there anything cooler than the sight of you and Hyodle zooming down the road on your bikes? That's so badass!
Izumi: Wait, so that means you two will be going together on your motorbikes, right?
Omi: That's the plan.
Citron: Oh, I see. Then what about us? How will we go?
Kazunari: No way! Don't tell me we've hit a roadblock already! Literally, too!
Omi: Hmm. You could take the train there, but it's a pretty long ride. Not to mention, the beach itself is a bit far from the station.
Omi: Your best bet might be to go by car.
Muku: By car...
Kazunari: With this many people, we'd probs need a station wagon or something!
Izumi: Hm...
Kazunari: Hmmmm...
Citron: Hmmmmmmmmmm...
Tasuku: ...What?
Kazunari: Tax! You gotta help us out here! Please?
Citron: Tasuku, this is my one and only dying wish! I beg of you to help us!
Tasuku: Why are you asking me? I already said I don't want to go.
Kazunari: Pretty please with whipped cream and a cherry on top?! C'mon Tax, we're friends, right? Right?!
Tasuku: Since when?
Izumi: Tasuku, I know it's an imposition, but could you consider it? We'd really appreciate it!
Muku: Please!
Omi: Well? You gonna say no to that?
Tasuku: Seriously, you guys...?
Tasuku: Haah. Talk about forcing my hand... All right, but only this one time, okay?
Citron: Yes! You are so very generous and gracious!
Kazunari: Tax, you're my hero! Take all my love, you handsome hunk!
Tasuku: Don't get ahead of yourselves.
Izumi: Thanks so much, Tasuku! Lucky us, huh, Muku?
Muku: Uh-huh! I'm so, so excited for a proper summer beach trip!