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Alex in Wonderland
SCENE: MANKAI dorms - Lounge. Daytime. Casual clothing.
Izumi: You want to do Alice in Wonderland?
Tsuzuru: I'm still working out the plot right now, but yeah, that's what I'm thinking of doing for the next Spring play.
Itaru: You got a thing for gender-swaps, or something?
Sakuya: Come to think of it, when we did Romeo and Julius, you made Juliet a boy too.
Izumi: I'm curious-how are you planning on tackling Alice? Gender-swapping is one thing, but she's also pretty young.
Tsuzuru: I was planning on re-imagining him as a male college student this time around. An Alex instead of Alice.
Izumi: Ooh, so you're even messing with the setting. That's a pretty fresh take on a popular title like this.
Tsuzuru: Right? I was thinking of centering the play around him and the Mad Hatter, and their odd banter.
Sakuya: Nice! I'm already super interested in where this is going!
Citron: Indeed! Alice in the Motherland is a very famous tale in my country too!
Tsuzuru: It's Wonderland, dude. I'm not sure if I even want to know what the Motherland is...
Masumi: Huh.
Yuki: What's this about Wonderland? You guys doing Alice next?
Muku: Is this about the Spring Troupe's next play?
Izumi: That it is. You guys came at the perfect time.
Tsuzuru: Here's the plot of the Spring Troupe's next play. Take a look at it.
Kazunari: Ooh, sweet! So who's gonna play Alice?
Yuki: ...I can go all out with these costumes, right?
Muku: Yuki... You're kinda looking maniacal right now...!
Tsuzuru: I've got a bad feeling about this...
Yuki: I mean, obviously Alice is going to wear Lolita style clothes. That's standard. This is right up my alley I'm gonna make this super cutesy.
Sakuya: C-Cutesy?!
Yuki: It's your job to pull off whatever I make for you.
Itaru: Yeah, that's gonna be tough.
Kazunari: I can't wait to design these flyers! Better hype up the whole lolita theme!
Muku: Have you already decided on the cast?
Tsuzuru: I was thinking Citron would make a good King of Hearts.
Sakuya: Oh, so the Queen of Hearts is going to be the King?
Citron: A king...
Izumi: Citron? What's wrong?
Tsuzuru: Not feeling it?
Citron: Oh no, it is fine. I am just physically repulsed by those who put themselves up to be high and mighty, is all.
Tsuzuru: Well, he's a king. That's kinda in the job description.
Izumi: Okay, Citron if you don't have any complaints, we'll have you play the King of Hearts. Sound good?
Sakuya: I think he'll be perfect for the role! He's got the presence for it!
Muku: He already looks like a king without even trying!
Izumi: Definitely.
Tsuzuru: As for the key roles of Alex and the Mad Hatter... I'LL be honest, I'm stumped on who to pick.
Izumi: Hmm...who would be a good choice here?
Izumi: (Looking back at this plot, the Mad Hatter and Alex seem to have some pretty surreal conversations. Take this conversation for example. The Mad Hatter says, "You'll wake up if you drink my tea? Never heard that one before. Right, everyone?" And a bewildered Alex responds with, "Who else are you talking to? I'm the only one here.")
Izumi: I feel like Itaru and Masumi might be a good pair for the dry, laid-back banter we're going for here. What do you think?
Tsuzuru: Ah, good point. I can see what you mean.
Sakuya: So which one of them would be Alex?
Itaru: No one wants a twenty-something Alice, or Alex for that matter.
Izumi: Okay, since Itaru's clearly unwilling here, what about Masumi?
Tsuzuru: Honestly, that would work better with their ages. The Mad Hatter also doubles as Alex's college professor.
Izumi: Is that all right with you, Masumi?
Masumi: You're choosing me for the lead?
Izumi: Yep. And the leader for this performance too.
Izumi: (I'll admit it, though. While I'm confident in his acting abilities, I'm worried about him being able to get everyone to work together...)
Masumi: I'll do it. And then I'll make you fall in love with me all over again.
Izumi: Since when did I...you know what? Sure. Go for it.
Tsuzuru: Your motives for doing things are always so sketchy...
Izumi: Anyway, give it your all! With the play, I mean.
Masumi: Thanks.
Izumi: All right, that settles it. We'll have Masumi and Itaru playing our lead and and co-lead.
Itaru: Man, this is gonna cut into my game time.
Izumi: Oh, c'mon, don't be like that.
Muku: Whoa, Yuki! Your costume sketches look amazing!
Yuki: It's only the first draft.
Kazunari: Looks like the Cheshire Cat and White Rabbit are gonna have ears, huh?
Sakuya: E-Ears...?
Tsuzuru: Wait, for real?
Itaru: ...
Izumi: So how about it, Itaru? Want to switch to another, less intensive role?
Itaru: Nah, I'm good. A salesman well in his twenties in cat or bunny ears is pretty cringe.
Tsuzuru: I'm cringing and I'm not even in my twenties yet...
Izumi: So now we're left with the Cheshire Cat and White Rabbit. Sakuya, Tsuzuru- which roles would you like to play?
Sakuya: Since the White Rabbit is the one who guides Alice to Wonderland, I think Tsuzuru should do it.
Tsuzuru: Do I really have to choose between bunny or cat ears...?
Itaru: Not gonna lie, I'd totally equip this gear on anyone other than a college boy.
Citron: I recommend the kitty ears!
Tsuzuru: Easy for you to say, Citron...
Masumi: This play was your idea.
Tsuzuru: Ugh...
Itaru: Heh. And so it comes full circle.
Izumi: Let's go with Tsuzuru as the White Rabbit and Sakuya as the Cheshire Cat, then.
Sakuya : Got it!
Tsuzuru: Bunny ears...
Itaru: RIP, man.
SCENE CHANGE MANKAI Dorms - Entrance. Daytime. Casual clothes.
Masumi: Alex in Wonderland, huh... I play a college guy. How do I do this in a way that'd impress Izumi...?
Taichi: Hmm... Nice, this month's feature is "5 Simple Steps to Acting Mature"... If I follow this, I wonder if I can get myself an older chick as my girlfriend...
Masumi: ...
Taichi: Hm?
Masumi: Gimme.
Taichi: Huh?! H-Hey! I wasn't done reading that yet!
Masumi: ...
Masumi: 5 simple steps...