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Haruto: ...
Reni: I will now announce the members who will be participating in this year's Halloween contest. First is Hibiki. Next is...
Haruto: ...
Reni: And last is Haruto Asuka. 
Haruto: Yes, sir.
Reni: I won't accept failure, understand?
Haruto: I'll make sure we win no matter what.

(I'll lead our troupe to victory and claw my way back to the top...)

Reni: Hmm... I like that look in your eyes.
Reni: Very well, Haruto, this year, you'll be dressing up as...)
Manager: Trick or treat!
Kamekichi: Fork over some candy if ya don't wanna get pranked!
Izumi: What's up with you two?
Manager: Come on, don't be like that! Halloween's just around the corner, you know! I can barely contain myself!
Yuki: Ew. What's a grown adult like you so excited about it for?
Kazunari: OMG, Sukecchi! Don't tell me you're actually one of those partiers who walk around the city all dressed up for Halloween?!
Banri: Isn't he more of the type to just sit around an' eat candy all day?
Manager: You're both wrong! 
Manager: Halloween's a super big deal here in Veludo!
Izumi: Now that you mention it, I'm pretty sure I've heard about an event called 'Halloween on Veludo' that happens every year...
Manager: And you heard exactly right! People from all over the country come to visit Veludo Way during the Halloween season!
Manager: Different troupes all dress up and participate in the event, and tons of people come to see both the costumes and performances!
Yuki: Hmm. I guess that means the costumes would be pretty high-quality, if they're being made by theater costumers.
Manager: During the event, participating troupes will perform street acts in pairs while in costume, and instead of tips, they can receive candy!
Banri: Sounds like a good blend of theater and Halloween.
Tsumugi: I've checked it out before, and it's a really lively event.
Kazunari: That sounds super duper fun! I bet I can take a ton of great photos there! Count me in on this for sure!
Manager: There's' even more to it, though! The event also serves as a competition, and there's a wonderful prize at the end of it!
Manager: Whichever pair receives the most candy is declared the winner, and they'll get to perform on a huge, special stage!
Manager: There will be camera crews filming everything, too! It's the ultimate press coverage and our chance to have the whole country learn about the Mankai Company! 
Kamekichi: We should seize this chance and take our place in the spotlight!
Izumi: Wow, I didn't know it was such a big deal! This could be our big break!
Tsumugi: We've participated in a lot of contests before, but this might be the biggest one of them all.
Tasuku: ...