My dearest friend,

You must be surprised to be getting a letter like this so suddenly.

Even after all this time, I don't know if I'm doing the right thing in contacting you.

Still, I've wanted to apologize to you so badly that I couldn't stop myself from writing.

I've always felt terrible about what happened back then.

I won't blame you if you can't accept my apology.

Even so, there's something I have to tell you.

...I have always been, and will always be your biggest fan.

Mizuno: To put it simply, our company would like to offer you financial support. Would this amount be agreeable?

Izumi: That's...a lot of zeroes!

Sakyo: ...

Mizuno: If there is anything you find lacking, I'd be more than happy to iron out the details with you.

Izumi: Lacking? You're kidding, right? This is way too much!

Izumi: With this amount, we could reform the entire theater, and still have enough left over to expand our production budgets.

Mizuno: Wonderful.

Sakyo: ...Mizuno, you said your name was?

Mizuno: Yes, that's right.

Sakyo: I'm assuming you're from Mizuno Enterprises, a leading firm in the entertainment industry with multiple agencies, theaters, and record labels to the name. Correct?

Sakyo: Care to educate me on why such a large corporation would be interested in investing in our tiny theater company?

Sakyo: The president is your father, right? Is he really all right with the level of sponsorship you're offering us?

Mizuno: Of course. This matter has already gone through all the official channels.

Mizuno: We believe it's vital to invest in promising troupes like yours to ensure the future of the theater community, and by doing so, secure the future of the industry.

Mizuno: This will also help promote a positive image for our company.

Mizuno: I understand that it might seem odd of an undergraduate like myself came to see you with this proposal, but I really wanted to present you the offer myself.

Sakyo: Why?

Mizuno: if I'm being honest, I personally a fan of the Mankai Company.

Mizuno: I've seen every show since the Winter Troupe's act-off with the God Troupe.

Izumi: Oh, that makes more sense.

Mizuno: Ah, but if you'd rather not deal with a fan, I can bring another representative with me next time to continue negotiations.

Sakyo: ...

Mizuno: If I may ask, is your playwright working under optimal conditions?

Izumi: Our playwright...?

Sakyo: What does that have to do with anything?

Mizuno: Well, what carries the Mankai Company's brilliant actors to even a higher height is without a doubt its scripts!

Mizuno: For the playwright to produce his best work, he has to be writing under the best conditions possible.

Izumi: I mean, I don't know what you'll call optimal conditions, but Tsuzuru usually just types the scripts up on his his dorm room.

Mizuno: His dorm room?! You mean, he doesn't have a designated room to carry his work in?!

Izumi: Well, no. I'm afraid we're at full capacity, even with everyone sharing rooms, and-

Mizuno: As if that weren't bad enough, he's in a double?!

Mizuno: That is preposterous! How is a playwright supposed to be able to focus under those conditions?!

Mizuno: Please allow us to fund a fully-outfitted, soundproof study for your playwright!

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