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Izumi: Please accept this going-away gift. We were still neighbors, if only for a little while.
Reo: Thank you. You're too kind.
Izumi: ...I wish you a bright future.
Reo: Ngh...!
Kota: Huh... Reo?
Reo: Don't tell me you're...
Izumi: To think you were right under my nose...
Kota: What's with you guys?
Izumi: Oh, filthy creature of the night. Thou shalt be eradicated in the name of my blood pact!
Izumi: (Suddenly, Izumi, who has been nothing but a kind neighbor, does a complete 180... Tsumugi's really showing what he's made of with this chilling performance.)
Kota: What are you even saying?!
Reo: Get out of here Kota...!
Kota: Don't be ridiculous! THere's no way I'd leave you here when you're so badly wounded!
Izumi: That wasn't enough, I see.
Kota: Stop it!
Izumi: ...!
Franz: Oh, my.
Izumi: Another one?!
Franz: I thought I'd finally join the party, but it looks like I got the short end of the stick.
Izumi: Hngh...!
Franz: Still wanna go? Unlike my friend here, I won't pull any punches.
Izumi: Tch...
Kota: Hey, Reo! Are you okay?!
Franz: I can help him.
Kota: You're the guy who was with Reo before...
Franz: I'm the same as him.
Kota: Can you really save him?
Franz: Probably.
Kota: ...Fine. Please take care of him.
Franz: That's a good boy.
Kota: But you'd better come back and tell me what the hell's going on.
Franz: ALl right. I'll let him know you want to speak.
Reo: Argh...
Franz: You finally awake? You've got to be more careful. I had to use all my emergency rations on you.
Reo: Kota...
Franz: He's fine. Don't worry, I didn't demand that he share his blood or anything. You should be bowing down at my feet to thank me for my generosity.
Reo: ...
Franz: Now that you're up, my work here is done. It's up to you to figure out what you want to do from here on out.
Franz: Our cover's been blown, so we can't stay here any longer. Headquarter's already informed me that we need to decide our next move soon.
Reo: What exactly have we done wrong? We only live a little longer than normal humans.
Franz: Anything unorthodox must be eliminated. That's how things have been from time immemorial. That's the true nature of humans.
Reo: ...
Franz: Oh, but before you leave, you should talk to that Kota guy. I promised him you would.
Reo: ...
Kota: Reo...? Reo?!
Reo: Hngh...
Kota: Geez, back on the ground again?
Reo: I wasn't planning on coming back, but there's something I need to tell you...
Kota: That's enough. Just relax for now.
Reo: ...
Izumi: (Reo finally reveals his true identity as a vampire to Kota, who has been taking care of him this whole time...)
Reo: This is goodbye, Kota. I'm so thankful that I met you.
Kota: I understand everything now. But that doesn't mean you have to leave.
Reo: If I stay, it'll only put you in danger.
Reo: Humans like you make even this mundane life worth living. Thank you.
Kota: Wait! Do you really plan on going out alone and passing out somewhere again?
Reo: I'll be more careful from now on.
Izumi: (Tasuku’s doing a fantastic job bringing forth Kota’s ambiguous feelings for Reo, which float between friendship and compassion.)
Izumi: (And then there’s Reo, who wishes to continue living in solitude, while also wanting to cling to Kota…)
Izumi: (Reo and Kota’s tenuous connection, which runs like intersecting lines that will never meet again, is remarkably similar to Azuma and Tasuku’s relationship.)
Kota: Do you plan to continue wandering aimlessly, all by yourself?
Reo: That's the fate of my kind.
Kota: ...Take me with you, then.
Reo: What...?
Kota: I'm saying that I'll keep you company. I'll become a vampire and do whatever it takes to help you.
...Thank you, Kota. Those words alone mean the world to me…
Kota: Reo...
Kota: Are you biting...?!
Reo: Good night, and sweet dreams...
Izumi: (It's a simple line but from it, Reo’s sadness and pain of having to leave comes through clearly, as does his kindness and acceptance of Kota…)
Izumi: (This is the Reo that Azuma ended up bringing to life.)
Kota: Re...o...
Nonomiya: Seo! Are you alive?!
Kota: Ngh...
Nonomiya: What, you just overslept? You had me worried since you didn't show up to work.
Kota: I... overslept?
Nonomiya: What's wrong?
Kota: Reo...
Nonomiya: Oh? Has your freeloader finally gone?
Kota: Yeah, he left me behind...
Nonomiya: What on Earth are you talking about?
Kota: ...
Nonomiya: Hey, you okay? Seo?
Kota: That idiot...
Izumi: (Oh... That last line was an adlib. He poured so much emotion into that one line...)
Izumi: (Kota looks so pained as he thinks of Reo continuing to live in seclusion... No, wait. His gaze isn't filled with pain but with unwavering determination.)
Izumi: (His eyes make it clear that he's ready to chase after Reo. I see… So this is how Tasuku decided to portray Kota at the very end.)
Tsumugi: We did it.
Izumi: Congrats on a wonderful opening night, guys!
Hisoka: ...That was great.
Azuma: What a big relief.
Homare: Let us carry this momentum with us until closing night!
Tasuku: We still need to fine-tune some things, though.
Izumi: You're right. But good job everyone! You all did so well.
Azuma: I want to go on a drive, Tasuku.
Tasuku: Huh?
Azuma: Remember when I said that we should go to the beach with everyone sometime?
Tasuku: You're not saying you want to go now, are you?
Azuma: I would never demand anything that unreasonable. Why don't we go on our next day off?
Homare: A recreational drive, you say? A fine suggestion.
Tsumugi: I remember the time we all went out for one during the run of our first performance together.
Hisoka: ...I wanna go.
Tasuku: Can't we wait until after the play's over?
Azuma: I want to go before then, so we can improve our performance. You might be able to get something out of deepening our relationships together.
Azuma: There's a chance it could also help our interactions on stage as well.
Tasuku: I guess you have a point.
Azuma: You changed your mind so quickly... You really will do anything for a performance. How cute.
Izumi: The Winter Troupe’s dynamics have changed so much. They're heading in a great direction together.)
Izumi Even though they're still maintaining their boundaries, their bonds have grown deeper.)
Izumi: (All four of our troupes have such different ways of building their relationships with each other.)
Izumi: (For the Winter Troupe, they come from different walks of life, so sharing their pasts with one another really benefited them and brought them closer.)
Azuma: Of course, you'll be joining us, won't you, Izumi?
Izumi: I wouldn't miss it for the world!