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Banri: I've been thinkin' 'bout just entering any ol' college and calling it a day, since I can keep acting as long as I'm still part of the Mankai Company.
Banri: I always thought other people were like me an' didn't really care 'bout their futures.
Banri: But after seein' how seriously you're thinkin' 'bout your future, it made me think that I really need to figure out what I wanna do, too.
Banri: I was thinkin', it might be a good idea to major in performing arts at college and bring back what I learn to the rest of the company.
Yuki: ...
Banri: I dunno if that's what I'll end up doing, though. I'm still just thinkin' 'bout it.
Yuki: Hmm.
Yuki: It's weird seeing you act so serious.
Banri: What? I don't wanna hear that from you, you little brat.
Yuki: H-Hey! Stop mussing my hair!
Banri: Heh. Lookit you, gettin' all embarrassed.
Yuki: Weird... I think I feel a little better about all this now.
Yuki: Just being around everyone in the troupe is teaching me a lot, and I feel like I've learned a lot about myself, too.
Yuki: What you said was right, though...I'm still young, so there's no reason why I need to be so worried about my future already.
Tsuzuru: I can't believe all three of our teams ended up finishing the course last, even though we were so close to winning...
Manager: In the end, we got a huge amount of points docked because of how long it took Itaru to reach the finish line...
Tsuzuru: What even happened to Itaru anyway?
Azuma: Apparently, he got lost in the mountains while wandering around, trying to get signal on his phone.
Banri: Man, why the hell did we even work so hard, then?
Yuki: Okay, they're ready. Feast your eyes on our lovely grand losers.
Banri: Bahahaha! Holy shit, this is hilarious! That looks great on you, man!
Itaru: Zip it, you.
Citron: Wow! Tenma and Sakuya look very cute, too!
Tenma: Dammit! Why do I have to wear this stupid thing?!
Citron: It is because you got so lost with your bad, bad sense of directions! We went through much trouble to find you!
Sakuya: I'm so sorry, everyone...If it weren't for me, the B Team would've been able to reach the goal much faster...
Kazunari: Aw, don't be so down, Saku-saku! You were just trying to find Massu for us!
Manager: Wait, what happened with you guys?
Tsumugi: Masumi kept saying he wanted to meet up with your team, so he left us and ran off ahead.
Sakuya: I tried to go after him, but I lost him right away. By the time we all found each other, we had already fallen behind all the other teams...
Tsuzuru: So none of our teams were free from their share of woes...
Itaru: Hey, can I take this off already?
Yuki: Are you serious? This is your punishment for making us lose. Don't think you can get away with just wearing it for five minutes.
Sakyo: Exactly. I want you three out on Veludo Way promoting us in those costumes until you've earned enough to make up for losing us the competition!
Tenma: What?!
Passerby A: Hey, look over there! The pajamas those guys are wearing are super cute!
Passerby B: They totally are! And look how hot the guys are, too!
Passerby C: It looks like they're about to do a street act. Let's go check them out!
Itaru: This sucks...so bad...
Tenma: How did things end up like this...
Itaru: At least you have sunglasses on! Lucky...
Sakuya: Look on the bright side, though! Thanks to these costumes Yuki made, lots of people are stopping to watch us!
Sakuya: Let's do our best to put on some great street acts for everyone!
Sakuya: We are the cutest Dream Bunnies you'll ever meet! Our job is to give everyone the sweetest dreams they can have!
Itaru: Ugh... No choice but to bite the bullet...
Itaru: I want everyone to fly through soft, fluffy clouds of the sky in their dreams!
Tenma: Not you, too, Itaru!
Itaru: What about you, friend? What kind of dreams do you want to bring everyone?
Tenma: D-dammit! I'll show you guys what it means to be a pro!
Tenma: Ooh, I want to bring people onto a biiig, sparkly stage, where they can dance and have fun in their dreams!
Sakuya: Wow, that's wonderful! I bet everyone would love to have a dream like that!
Audience Member A: Awww! They're adorable!
Audience Member B: Excuse me! I'd like a flyer, please! And when will your next performance be?
Sakuya: Wh-whoa, everyone really loves us!
Tenma: I'm glad...but at the same time, I'm really, really not...
Itaru: Hahaha.
Itaru: Sigh...