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Captain Sky's Pirates
Misumi: Everything still looks the same...
Izumi: Has it been a while since you've been here?
Misumi: Mm-hm. I haven't come by ever since I ran away from home.
Izumi: I wonder if Madoka is in. Should we try ringing for him on the intercom?
Muku: B-but what if Misumi's dad comes out instead?
Misumi: I'll try to look for him from the roof!
Izumi: You'll try to look from where, now?!
Muku: Wait, Misumi! That's too dangerou--!
Izumi: Oh... There he goes.
Muku: I-I supposed he's used to climbing up there, since this is his childhood home...


Misumi: Hmm...
Madoka: ...
Misumi: Yay, I found him!
Misumi: You've grown up so much, Madoka... Thank you for everything.
Madoka: Yawn... 
Madoka: Hm?
Madoka: What was that just now? I thought I saw something fly by...
Madoka: Huh?
Madoka: A paper airplane...?
*start flashback*
Misumi: Let's make paper airplanes together, Madoka! We can make ones that fly really, really far!
*end flashback*
Madoka: ...Misumi?
Madoka: You haven't changed at all, have you?
???: Dammit, I can't think of anything good...
Madoka: ...
???: I'm back.
???: Madoka, are you home?
Madoka: Welcome home, Dad.
Misumi's Father: What's wrong?
Madoka: Nothing. Nothing's wrong.
Misumi's Father: Hm, if you say so. Here, can you sort these documents for me later? It's urgent. 
Madoka: Okay.
Misumi's Father: Hello?
Misumi's Father: I'll be able to finish the first draft by tomorrow... No, by today! I can finish it by today, so please, give me just a little more time, Mr. Kamikizaka!
Misumi's Father: Yes. Yes, of course... Goodbye.
Misumi's Father: You heard everything, didn't you, Madoka?
Madoka: ...Yes.
Misumi: My heart's a triangle~! A warm and happy triangle~
Izumi: Misumi, it sounds like you got a really good glimpse of Madoka!
Muku: I'm so happy for you, Misumi!
Misumi: Me, too! It's thanks to everyone that I was able to!
Izumi: Huh?
Tenma: Hm?
Tenma: Oh, hey, guys. Fancy running into you here.
Kazunari: Aww, Tenten, you don't have to hide the fact that you came out to meet them halfway because you were worried! 
Yuki: What was that just now? Your sad attempt to throw them off your trail or something? 
Tenma: Sh-shut it! I didn't even want to come out here! You were the ones who dragged me along!
Kazunari: But that's 'cause you were so worried about Sumi, you couldn't sit still!
Yuki: It was less annoying to drag you out here than to have to watch you fret and tut like a fussy mother hen in the dorm.
Tenma: I-I never asked you guys to--!
Misumi: Thank you, Tenma! You get some head pats for being a good boy! Pat pat, pat pat!
Tenma: Cut that out!
Yuki: That took you guys a while.
Izumi: Yeah, it sort of did. I didn't even realize it had gotten so late already.
Muku: Um, if it's okay, could we hang out together, please? There's something I want to do with everyone. 
Yuki: You mean right now? It's practically dark out, though.
Muku: Yes! It has to be dark, or else it won't be as pretty.
Kazunari: Oh! Am I thinking what you're thinking, Mukkun?!
Misumi: Ooh! Is it fireworks?!
Muku: Uh-huh! After all, we still haven't granted your request from when you won our paper airplane flying competition, right?
Tenma: We've already done fireworks like a million times this year, though.
Kazunari: But this is the first time this year we'll be doing it with just the Summer Troupe, Tenten!
Muku: And those times don't count for Misumi's request, either.
Tenma: Fine, fine. I'll join you guys.
Misumi: Yay! Where should we do it?
Kazunari: I wanna try setting off some really cool one this time!
Tenma: Don't use that as an excuse to buy the friggin' scary ones.
Yuki: You're the only one that has a problem with them, scaredy-cat. 
Tenma: You guys are the ones who traumatized me in the first place!
Muku: Come on, everyone! Let's go buy some together! 
Izumi: (Being able to overcome any hardship thrown at them with strength, grace, and laughter is truly what makes the Summer Troupe so bright and unique...)
Izumi: (I bet that's something they inherited from the original Summer Troupe. Wouldn't you say that's right, Dad and Hakkaku?)
Kazunari: Izumi, you coming?
Tenma: We're gonna leave you behind.
Izumi: Oh! H-hey, wait up for me, guys!