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Alex in Wonderland
SCENE: MANKAI theater - Stage Curtains. 'Alex in Wonderland' costumes.
Itaru: Thank you!
Masumi: ..... (Bow)
Sakuya: Thank you very much!
Citron: I am indebted to your services, comrades!
Tsuzuru: Quit talking like you're in some period drama already!
SCENE CUT: MANKAI theater - Audience Seating Area.
Izumi: (Closing night has come and gone... I can't believe it went so fast.)
Izumi: (They got better each performance during the second half of our run. I honestly have no complaints.)
Izumi: (The show was so popular there was standing room only in the back. It was amazing.)
SCENE CHANGE: MANKAI dorms - Lounge. Nighttime. Casual clothes.
Izumi: Great job, everyone!.
Tsuzuru: Congrats!
Itaru: GJ.
Citron: Splendid job to one and all!
Sakuya: Let's have a speech from Masumi since he's the leader!
Masumi: ...Cheers.
Tsuzuru: Seems so, haha.
Sakuya: Cheers!
Tsuzuru: Cheers!
Citron: To your health!
Izumi: The last performance was really amazing. The place was packed, even in the standing room only section.
Sakuya: I could't see the audience that well, but it did seem pretty full!
Izumi: It was. We were out of same-day tickets in minutes. Matsukawa tried to deal with all the requests, but even then there were still people who couldn't get in!
Tsuzuru: I heard we had more people coming back to see the show again during the second half of the run, too!
Izumi: Masumi and Itaru's acting got so much better after our day off. What happened?
Sakuya: Oh, right...!
Sakuya: That was the day Itaru suprised Masumi by picking him up at school.
Sakuya: He lied and said he was Masumi's brother and now all the girls at school keep begging him to introduce them.
Izumi: Well, Itaru DOES stand out, after all.
Tsuzuru: Oh, so he kidnapped you? Then what?
Masumi: ...Nothing, really.
Citron: Ohh, did you clear a special event together? It appears to have tripped a flag!
Sakuya: I really want to know what you talked about!
Izumi: Yeah, just how did the two of you get closer?
Itaru: Wasn't anything special, really. I just beath the crap out of him in a fighting game.
Izumi: B-Beat the...?
Sakuya: Fighting game?
Tsuzuru: It all goes back to games with you!!
Masumi: It sucked.
Citron: Ah, so it was a meeting of the fists! Just like a street gang manga!!
Sakuya: Oh, I get it. Sometimes you have to fight to get closer to someone, huh!
Izumi: So you played a game together and that's how you got to understand eacht other?
Masumi: ...Yeah, understand that we'll never understand each other.
Itaru: Basically.
Tsuzuru: The heck is that conclusion?
Sakuya: So, wait, you two DIDN'T come to an understanding?
Citron: What a mysterious development!
Masumi: I did learn from Itaru's failures, though. I'm never growing up to be...that.
Itaru: Damn, you're cold.
Tsuzuru: Man, he's really whaling on you, Itaru.
Sakuya: Um, is it just me or are they not closer at all...?
Izumi: (Maybe, but even when they're arguing, their banter is totally in sync. I have a feeling they do understand each other better now.)
SCENE CHANGE: MANKAI dorms - Upstairs Lounge.
Izumi: (Phew, I think I drank too much... Maybe I'll take a bath to sober myself up.)
Izumi: (Huh? the door to the balcony is open.)
Itaru: .....
Izumi: Itaru?
Itaru: Ah, hey Izumi.
Izumi: Hi, Itaru. Mind if I scoot over there by you?
Itaru: Hm, sure.
Izumi: Thanks.
Izumi: So, what did you think of the play this time around?
Itaru: Well, for one, I lost out on a ton of gaming time. My event ranking has dropped way below average.
Izumi: That's not what I mean, and you know it!
Itaru: I guess it was pretty fun. I learned a lot about myself.
Izumi: You did?
Itaru: Yeah. I learned how it feels when I'm not being myself.
Itaru: We were all talking about how Masumi wasn't acting normal, but it was the same for me. For some reason I just got really worked up, which just isn't like me.
Itaru: I'm the oldest of the Spring Troupe, so I thought I had to pull it together since I'm the grown-up here. Even though I've never been good at socializing.
Izumi: You're not?
Itaru: Nope. I'm a geek through and through.
Itaru: And yet there I was, going around in circles as I forced myself to fight a losing battle. Even I knew I was being dumb.
Izumi: Itaru...
Itaru: But in the end, you're here to help us with this kind of stuff. So really, I should have done things my way from the start.
Itaru: I mean, that's how we do things here, right?
Izumi: That's right.
Izumi: (This is a place where everyone can be themselves. A place where everyone can shine. And that goes for both this troupe and their performances.)
Izumi: Keep being yourself, Itaru. Okay?
Itaru: Right! I'm gonna start clawing my way back up the ranks tomorrow! Sleep is for the weak.
Izumi: I know what I just said, but PLEASE cut back on the gaming a bit, okay?!
Itaru: Yeah, I'll try. Well, good night.
Izumi: Good night!
Izumi: (As long as he's himself, I know he'll shine on stage.)
SCENE CHANGE: MANKAI theater - Audience Seating Area
Izumi: (And here I am again.)
Izumi: (I just came here to sober up, but it's become somewhat of a tradition for me to look at the set after closing night.)
Izumi: Staring tomorrow, Alex's Wonderland will dissapear... Even though I've been through this tons of times before, it still makes me sad.
Izumi: (Hm? Someone else is here?)
Masumi: .....
Izumi: What are you doing here, Masumi?
Masumi: Just chillin'.
Izumi: Oh.
Masumi: How 'bout you?
Izumi: Just ended up here.
Masumi: ...Man. Thought you came looking for me.
Izumi: Ahaha. Sorry to burst your bubble.
Izumi: What did you think of the performance?
Masumi: What do you mean?
Izumi: How did it feel doing it this time around?
Masumi: ...It was fun, I guess.
Izumi: Really?
Masumi: At first I was acting because of you. It made me happy when you complimented me, and I had a lot of fun.
Masumi: But at some point, I stopped thinking about that and I just had fun, regardless of whether you complimented me or not.
Masumi: I'd never felt like that before.
Izumi: I see...
Izumi: (I remember how when we did Romeo and Julius, he lost sight of why he wanted to act. But this time it looks like he was genuinely able to have fun.)
Izumi: (It looks like his feelings towards acting have definitely changed.)
Izumi: I'm glad to hear that. It sounds like you've really fallen in love with acting now, and that makes me super happy.
Masumi: It's all thanks to you.
Masumi: If it wasn't for you, I never would've had this much fun. That's why you're my soulmate.
Izumi: Now, now, let's not get dramatic.
Izumi: (I really find it amazing how he can say all of that with a straight face.)
Izumi: Masumi, I'm positive you're going to start to love acting even more, and have lost more fun while you're at it, too.
Masumi: I think I will too. So that's why I'm gonna stay with you forever.
Izumi: Haha, okay. Looking forward to working with you even more, Masumi.