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Audience Member A: Haruto's doing an improv battle!
Audience Member B: Wait, isn't he going up against Tasuku? He used to be in the God Troupe, too!
Audience Member C: Wait, are you serious? Let's go watch them!
Izumi: Whoa... People flocked over here in an instant. 
Tsuzuru: I've never seen such a big crowd gather for a street act before.
Haruto: Let's begin, shall we?
Audience Member A: Ahh! You're the best, Haruto!
Audience Member B: I love you!
Audience Member D: The God Troupe is beyond compare! They're really a league above the rest!
Tsuzuru: It sucks to admit it, but that was good...
Izumi: It's no wonder they're the most popular troupe on Veludo Way...
Omi: They're on top of their game as usual...
Taichi: ...
Tasuku: ...Nanao.
Tasuku: We're not part of the God Troupe anymore.
Taichi: Tasuku...
Tasuku: You want to perform on that big stage, don't you? I'll cover for you even if you mess up, so stand tall and show them what you're made of.
Taichi: ...!
Taichi: All right!
Taichi: Take me to the heavens, oh magic broom.
Taichi: Huh? AHHH!!
Tasuku: Master, watch out!
Taichi: Ngh...
Taichi: Dammit! Why can't I do this?!
Taichi: Aren't you sick of hanging around a wizard who can't even fly?
Taichi: And yet, you're a top-class familiar. You must hate working for someone like me.
Tasuku: That's not true at all, Master.
Tasuku: Maybe you're not the most well-versed in flight and your personality and appearance are rather lackluster...
Taichi: You didn't need to tack on that second part!
Tasuku: But you never give up. You keep looking toward the sky as you're certain you'll make it up there one day.
Tasuku: That's why I'm not sick of you at all. I'll always e here to help you practice. 
Tasuku: I'm a werewolf, after all. I have the strength and ability to save you whenever you're in trouble.
Taichi: Hey...
Taichi: ...Thanks. You're right. I won't give up. Like I'd ever! I'll do whatever it takes to fly!
Taichi: All right, one more tie! Here I go!
Izumi: (Taichi's really nailing it! He has such a powerful presence!)
Omi: ...
Audience Member A: Oh, the wizard was so sweet! He really makes me want to cheer him on!
Audience Member D: Seriously! And the werewolf's words of encouragement almost made my cry!
Omi: Looks like we've got our winners.
Haruto: Tch.
Haruto: Here, whatever! Take this!
Haruto: You might've won this time, but once I get to wear the wizard costume, you guys will be history! 
Audience Member D: That was a lot of fun to watch!
Audience Member B: Mr. Wizard! You were so cool!
Taichi: Did we... win?
Tasuku: Of course. I told you we would.
Taichi: Tasuku... Thanks for your help! 
Announcement: Good job to all of our participants. We'll start totaling everyone's candy soon, so all contestants, please head to the main stage!
Izumi: I wonder if they're almost done counting everything.
Kazunari: I'm so excited I could just explode!
Azuma: I can't believe you managed to round up so much candy, little pup.
Emcee: Thank you for your patience, everyone. We've finished counting all of the candy.
Emcee: This year's winners of Halloween on Veludo are... Takato and Nanao from the Mankai Company!
Izumi: All right!
Taichi: W-we really did it, Tasuku!
Tasuku: Yeah.
Kazunari: OMG! Congrats, you two!
Tsuzuru: Haha! Way to go!
Azuma: Good job. I'm so proud of you two.
Omi: Congrats, guys! You did it, Taichi!
Taichi: Thank you, everyone!
Emcee: Could the winning pair please come up to the stage? Hello, and congratulations. How are you feeling right now?
Tasuku: I stood on this stage as last year's winner, too.
Tasuku: But I couldn't be happier to be here as a member of the Mankai Company this year along with my partner, Nanao.
Taichi: Tasuku...!
Tasuku: Whoa, hey!
Taichi: I'm so happy to be here on this stage with you, too!
Taichi: I'm super grateful to be here as Taichi Nanao of the Mankai Company! 
Taichi: We did, it guys!
Tasuku: Oh, geez...