A3! is a Card collecting game where players collect Cards, also know as Actors. Players can form their own team of 6 Cards that can be used in Practices, Shows and Theater, as well as Earning Cash.

Each Card has their own attributes: "Comedy" or "Co Comedy.png, "Action" or "Ac" Action.png, and "Drama" or "Dr" Drama.png as well as Lead Skills and Ad Lib Skills. Card rarity ranges from N.png (Normal), R.png (Rare), SR.png (Super Rare) and SSR.png (Super Super Rare). Cards can be sorted by their Acts, as well as by their Troupe (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter) or Other.

Cards can be gained mainly through Tryouts, or during Events, but Practices and Shows also have a random chance of dropping N Cards. To raise the Card’s stat players can do practices, 1 on 1 Practice, Train or Bloom them. The Cards level can also be raised by doing Practices, however it is a slow process. Cards can only be bloomed twice and trained three times.

Each Card has their own Affection level (hearts) depending on the Card rarity, which can be raised by doing Practices. For each full heart a Backstage Story will be unlocked.


On the Card's Stats, you can see the following information:

Card stats.png
  • Card Title
  • Image of Card
  • Troupe
  • Which Act
  • Level
  • Stats
  • Affection
  • Blooms
  • Train
  • Lead Skill
  • Ad Lib Skill
  • Locked or Unlocked

On the Actor's Profile, you can see the following information:

Card profile.png
  • Card Title
  • Troupe
  • Which Act
  • Backstage Story
  • Card Quote
  • Locked or Unlocked


  • Age
  • Birthday
  • Height
  • Blood Type
  • Flower
  • Occupation
  • Hobbies
  • Voice Actor

Lead Skill

Lead Skill are used during Shows to increase the score. The max level of Lead Skills is 10 and it can only be increased by using a R or above practice partner in 1 on 1 Practice.

For more information about how it is used see here.

Ad Lib Skill

Ad Lib Skill are only used during Improv Battles in Improv Events. Ad Lib Skills can be increased by Training. The max level of Ad Lib Skills is 4. Levels are show with đŸ”„ fire symbols.

Card Caps

Below you can see the maximum Level and Affection each rarity Card can take. Anything over the limit will overflow and have no effect.

Rarity Max lvl (bloomed twice) Affection
N 40 100
R 60 200
SR 80 200
SSR 100 300
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