Stage Play

Captain Sky's Pirates is the Summer Troupe's third play. Minagi Tsuzuru struggled coming up with a new idea but shortly got inspired after seeing an unfinished script of the old Summer Troupe's play by Misumi's grandfather. The play follows suit like all their other plays, another interesting comedy. The characters' personalities all fit them pretty well except for Miyoshi Kazunari. Ikaruga Misumi plays the lead role of Sky, the happy-go-lucky pirate captain but extremely broke. This was his first time being lead. Sakisaka Muku plays Henry, the ship navigator; the second lead. 

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

The Age of Exploration is an era where adventure and treasure await. Sky, a captain of a small and poor pirate ship, lives in this era. At a stop in a port one day, Sky finds out that someone named Black Beard has a bounty of 1 million dollars on his head, and...

Performance[edit | edit source]

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