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Muscular Desire.png
Tasuku: .....
Tasuku: (The Winter Troupe needs to build up their stamina. Think I'll add more exercises to our morning training...)
Tsumugi: Oof...
Tasuku: Huh?
Tsumugi: Hmm... I guess I took on too many of these boxes at once...
Tasuku: Hey, Tsumugi.
Tsumugi: Whoa!
Tasuku: Watch out!
Tsumugi: Uh!
Tasuku: What the heck are you doing?
Tsumugi: Tasuku... Thanks for catching those for me.
Tasuku: There's no way you can carry all those boxes yourself. Gimme some, I'll help.
Tsumugi: Don't worry about it. I can do it.
Tasuku: Listen, it’ll be faster if I help. This is painful to watch...
Tsumugi: Sorry... Thanks.
Tasuku: Where are you carrying them anyway?
Tsumugi: The storage room over there.
Tasuku: The storage room, got it.
Tsumugi: You're amazing, Tasuku. I could barely lift them up!
Tasuku: Yeah, well I work out more than you.
Tsumugi: I guess I should start working out some more, too...
Tasuku: I was just thinking about that, actually. You know, adding some exercises to our morning training to increase our stamina.
Sakuya: .....
Sakuya Stamina, huh...
Muscular Desire 2.png
Tasuku: Phew...
Sakuya: .....
Tasuku: (I still have some time before rehearsal, so maybe I'll go for a jog.)
Sakuya: Hmm...
Tasuku: …..
Sakuya: Hmm...
Tasuku: …What?
Sakuya: Ah, s-sorry!
Tasuku: If you've got something to say, then say it.
Sakuya: Um, more like I've got something to ask you. It's no big deal, though.
Tasuku: What is it?
Sakuya: It’s kinda dumb... Are you sure?
Tasuku: Just hurry up and spit it out.
Sakuya: Um… How can I get big and muscular like you?
Tasuku: Huh?
Sakuya: When I saw you carrying those boxes, you looked so strong and cool!
Tasuku: Oh, so that's what this is about.
Sakuya: I wanna be big and brawny like you!
Tasuku: I dunno if I'd say I'm brawny.
Sakuya: You’re definitely brawny! How do you do it? And how can I?
Tasuku: I'm not sure how to answer that...
Sakuya: S-sorry, for the weird question. I know it was kind of out of nowhere.
Tasuku: It's fine.
Sakuya: Don’t worry about it. Sorry for bothering you again!
Tasuku: Ah. Why don't you just move a little every day?
Sakuya: Just move?
Tasuku: Well, not just move. You gotta eat a lot and sleep a lot. You're still not done growing yet.
Tasuku: Just doing light exercise and concentrating on growing is better for you than pushing yourself with weight training.
Sakuya: Oh, I get it! Thanks!
Sakuya: But what do you mean by light exercise? What should I do?
Tasuku: Well, I'm about to go jogging. Wanna come?
Sakuya: Can I?!
Tasuku: Sure.
Sakuya: I might slow you down, though. I've only exercised at school and during rehearsal.
Tasuku: We can start slow and build up to it, then.
Tasuku: Once you get used to it we'll speed up. I'll be right there by your side the whole time.
Sakuya: Really?! Thank you!!
Tasuku: All right. Get ready and meet me by the front door.
Sakuya: All right!
Muscular Desire 3.png
Sakuya: Here I am!
Tasuku: You're gonna run in that?
Sakuya: I thought it'd be easy to move in. Is it no good?
Tasuku: I wouldn't say it's not good, but... What are those shoes?
Sakuya: My sneakers!
Tasuku: ......
Sakuya: Tasuku?
Tasuku: They're not the right size.
Tasuku: They're fine for everyday use, but it's gonna hurt if you run in those after a while.
Tasuku: You need proper running shoes if we're going to do this. I'll take you shopping sometime.
Sakuya: Okay!
Tasuku: All right, let's go for a light 10 km jog.
Sakuya: 10 km?! That's light?!
Tasuku: Yeah, piece of cake.
Sakuya: I-I’ll try my best!!
Muscular Desire 4.png
Sakuya: Huff, huff... Can't... Breathe...
Tasuku: Hey, you okay? Bought you sports drink.
Sakuya: T-Thank you! Ahhh! That really hit the spot!
Tasuku: Sorry. I totally thought you could do it. I used to run 10 km every day in junior, so...
Sakuya: I-It's fine! It's my fault for not being in shape!
Tasuku: I forgot that Tsumugi always used to say I'm obsessed with keeping up my stamina. Now I see what he meant.
Sakuya: So you've been working out every day since you were a kid, huh?
Tasuku: Yep... Exercise was like a hobby to me. Never really gave it much thought, though.
Tasuku: But thinking back on it, I've jogged every day since grade school.
Sakuya: So those muscles were built up little by little ever since then! I've gotta keep up, then!
Tasuku: Sounds good. Keep at it.
Muscular Desire 5.png
Sakuya: Tasuku, look at this! They’re having a sale on athletic wear!
Tasuku: Hey, perfect. Let’s go there tomorrow, then.
Tasuku: And while we're at it, let's get you some new clothes too. Since you can jog more now, it's time for you to get the right gear.
Sakuya: Okay!
Tasuku: You could barely make 10 km at first, but now you're doin' great.
Sakuya: It’s all thanks to you! Do you think I've grown stronger?
Tasuku: Yeah, and you’re looking a bit more muscular too.
Sakuya: Now I wanna try even harder!!
Tsumugi: ...Since when did those two get so close?
Itaru: That's a rare sight.
Citron: It looks like they have unlocked a special event!
Itaru: Ooh. Gotcha.
Tsumugi: What's a special event?
Citron: You know, an event that doesn't normally occur!
Itaru: You usually need to clear a bunch of achievements to unlock 'em. They're rare but also super hard.
Citron: The rarer the better, I say!
Itaru: Same.
Tsumugi: U-Um, okay...?