HisokaMikaMika HisokaMikaMika 27 March

Animal Crossing New Horizons A3 Designs

Don't know if I'm allowed to post this here, but I hope so. Enjoy  I tried

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Chrismh Chrismh 13 January

A3! Anime

Are you guys excited for it? I am x3 But I am a little disappointed by how they're going to do it. But at the same time it makes complete sense in my opinion.

Anyway, the reason I was writing this was because I was wondering, do you think we should cover that on this wiki on top of the game stuff? Or should it have its own wiki? I was asking because I'd like to contribute with that and I couldn't find an Admin around here to ask them about it, so I thought I'd ask you guys; should there be a seperate A3 wiki for the anime, or is it okay to put its content on here? By content I mean like, an official anime page, an episode page, pages for episodes, screenshots, etc.

Also this is just a little side note, I think the front page needs updated? I'd…

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