Part 1
Masumi: "Let us move forward. Together."
Izumi: Perfect. This is a good place to stop anyway, so let's take a little break.
Citron: Good job.
Masumi: How was that last line?
Izumi: You did amazing! You were so much more emotive than when you started, and you've got your motions down pat.
Masumi: ...I practiced extra hard to impress you.
Tenma: Masumi is crushing hard on our director, huh?
Kazunari: It's not fair that Massu gets all the attention. I want her to watch me practice too!
Masumi: Shut up.
Citron: But you also make faux pas at our director often, Kazu!
Itaru: It's 'makes passes at'. How do you even know the word 'faux pas'?
Citron: What is it that you like about Izumi, Masumi?
Masumi: Everything.
Tenma: Didn't even have to think about that, did you?
Masumi: I've liked everything about her since the moment I laid eyes on her.
Itaru: I'm almost impressed.
Citron: How very wonderful! such true guppy love!
Itaru: Puppy love.
Izumi: Ahem, I would really prefer it if you saved these conversations for when I'm not arou-
Kazunari: Massu's love for Izumi can't hold a candle to mine though.
Masumi: Your feelings can't even compete with mine.
Kazunari: Nuh-uh, my love is massive compared to yours!
Citron: I do not care to lose, so I must throw my cat into the ring as well!
Itaru: Hat.
Citron: Yes, that! My heart burns with the intensity of a head covered with a hat on a hot day!
Izumi: ...Hello? Anyone listening to me here?
Izumi: Alright, the flyers for the new show are all posted. Now just to deliver some to the shops, and hand some out at the station if there's time-
???: Is that you, Izumi?
Izumi: Huh?
Kazano: I knew it was you! It's been ages. Do you even remember me?
Izumi: Oh, Kazano! It really has been too long!
Kazano: I don't think I've seen you since we were in the same troupe together. You really haven't changed at all.
Izumi: I could say the same about you, Kazano. Are you still acting?
Kazano: Yeah. I'm not attached to any company in this area, but I do come around pretty frequently to watch performances to study. Is that a flyer for a theater company?
Izumi: Yep. I'm working for them right now.
Kazano: Really? You're at the Mankai Company? I hear that name a lot lately.
Izumi: Seriously?
Izumi: (Oh, I'm so glad. Maybe we really are getting our name out there then!)
Kazano: I'm relieved to hear you're still acting, Izumi.
Izumi: Actually, I'm more of a director now. It's kinda a crazy story, but-
Kazano: Sorry for making you walk me all the way to the station. I'm really glad we got a chance to talk though. We'll catch up some other time.
Izumi: Of course. Come see one of our productions if you have the time!
Kazano: I will. Bye for now!
Izumi: I'm back.
Tsuzuru: Oh, welcome home. Are we having curry again tonight?
Izumi: That's right! I'll get started in just a sec.
Tsuzuru: I'm free, so I'll help.
Masumi: .....
Izumi: Huh? You just got back too, Masumi?
Masumi: .....
Izumi: What's wrong?
Masumi: ...Nothin'.
Tsuzuru: Hey, Masumi! Dinner will be ready soon!
Izumi: ...?
Izumi: (I wonder what's wrong with Masumi.)
To be continued...
Part 2
Izumi: Masumi! You really nailed the emotion in that line!
Masumi: .....
Izumi: (He ignored me again...)
Kazunari: Yo, Izumi! Massu's acting pretty weird lately, don'tcha think?
Izumi: Yeah...he's been acting like that since this afternoon. He won't even respond when I try to talk to him.
Tenma: Hard to imagine Masumi avoiding you of all people.
Itaru: Maybe we should check the weather forecast in hell right now.
Kazunari: I'll get my skis, 'cus you know it's as cold as the way Massu's been treating her! I wonder what happened to him.
Tenma: How would I know? Ask him.
Itaru: That said, I sorta doubt he'd talk even if you did.
Tenma: He'll probably be over it and back to normal by tomorrow.
Izumi: I hope so.
Kazunari: don't be naive, Tenten! Massu's not that fickle.
Tenma: What would you know about Masumi?
Izumi: (Masumi really must be acting oddly if everyone else has noticed...)
Tsumugi: ...
Izumi: Hey, Masumi, I-
Masumi: .....
Izumi: (I guess that isn't going to work after all... I wonder what I did to upset him.)
Tsumugi: ...
Tsumugi: Izumi, you said you wanted to stock up on ingredients for curry today, remember?
Izumi: Huh? When did I-
Tsumugi: ...Remember?
Izumi: O-Oh, right.
Izumi: (Tsumugi's smile just now was terrifying...)
Tsumugi: I'm sure you'll have a ton of bags, so I'd love to offer you a hand, but unfortunately I have plans at the moment.
Tsumugi: Though, come to think of it, Masumi, you're free. Could you help Izumi out with the shopping?
Masumi: Huh?!
Izumi: Wait, seriously?
Masumi: Why do I have to-
Tsumugi: You'll do it...right, Masumi?
Masumi: .....
Izumi: (Smooth, Tsumugi. And still a little terrifying, but I'll take it.)
Izumi: Thanks for coming with me.
Masumi: .....
Izumi: (Even with Tsumugi's generous "assistance", he still refuses to talk to me...)
Izumi: Um... That's not too heavy for you, is it?
Masumi: ...
Izumi: Everyone in Spring Troupe has their parts down. I really can't wait for our next performance.
Masumi: ...
Izumi: (Ugh, this isn't working! I have to find some way to get him to talk.)
Izumi: Um, so, Masumi, I-
Kazano: Oh, Izumi!
Izumi: Kazano?
Masumi: ...!
Kazano: I'm so glad I ran into you, I had a feeling I might find you here.
Masumi: .....
Kazano: Is he from your company?
Izumi: Oh, right! Yes, this is-
Masumi: ...Ugh.
Izumi: Masumi?!
Kazano: Huh? What's wrong?
Izumi: I'm so sorry, Kazano. I'll text you later!
Izumi: (Oh no, where did he go?)
Izumi: What on earth is wrong with you, Masumi...
Azuma: Huh? You're home early.
Izumi: Oh, Azuma! Um, has Masumi come back yet?
Azuma: Masumi? No, I don't think so.
Hisoka: ...Haven't seen him.
Yuki: Wait, didn't he go out with you?
Izumi: He did. Which means he really hasn't come back yet. I'm sorry, I'll be back!
Hisoka: ...Huh?
Yuki: What was that? Did something happen?
Azuma: So it seems. Haha, looks like the hunted has become the hunter?
To be continued...
Part 3
Izumi: Where could he have gone?
Izumi: (Where else haven't I looked... The theater?)
Izumi: I knew it. It's unlocked.
Masumi: .....
Izumi: (There he is.)
Izumi: So this is where you've been hiding.
Masumi: Uh!
Izumi: Don't just run off like that! Do you know how long I've been looking for you?
Masumi: ...
Izumi: Masumi, talk to me. Did I do something to upset you? If I did, I'm sorry if I hurt you without realizing.
Masumi: ...
Masumi: ...You're in love with him, aren't you?
Izumi: Huh? Him who?
Masumi: That guy from earlier. You looked like you were having so much fun talkin' to him the other day too.
Izumi: The other day...?
Izumi: (Wait, is he talking about Kazano?)
Izumi: (I see what happened. Masumi must've seen me talking to him and...oh dear.)
Izumi: ...I'm guessing you mean Kazano, right? He's an old friend. We used to be in the same theater troupe together.
Izumi: But that's it.
Masumi: You don't have to lie to me.
Izumi: I'm not lying.
Masumi: But he was so friendly with you.
Izumi: Oh, he's like that with everyone, not just me.
Masumi: ...And you looked so happy when you ran into him again.
Izumi: Of course I was happy. He said he was interested in our performances.
Masumi: ...
Masumi: ...So you're really not in love with him?
Izumi: I haven't seen him in years. I'm not.
Masumi: You swear?
Izumi: I swear.
Masumi: ...Good.
Izumi: Whoa, Masumi?
Masumi: It makes me be able to touch you like this. It puts me at ease.
Izumi: (Well, then. Wasn't expecting him to hug me so suddenly.)
Masumi: When I thought you were in love with him, my heart ached so badly I couldn't stand it.
Masumi: I don't think I could survive if I lost you...
Izumi: ...Don't be silly. You'd survive just fine.
Masumi: I'm not being silly.
Izumi: (Masumi's really attached to me, huh...)
Choose! Choice 1: There, there.
Izumi: There, there.
Masumi: ...I like it when you stroke my hair like that. Do it again.
Izumi: Alright, fine...But just this once.
Choose! Choice 2:I missed you too.
Izumi: You know, I missed being able to talk to you.
Masumi: Really?
Izumi: Well, you're always talking to me, so it felt really weird when you wouldn't even acknowledge me.
Masumi: ...
Masumi: ...I couldn't even see straight when I thought I'd lost you to someone else.
Masumi: I didn't even know how to talk to you anymore.
Masumi: I started thinking I shouldn't even look at you. That I should keep my distance.
Masumi: So I'm glad I was wrong.
Masumi: And it just reminded me...of how much I love you.
Izumi: I see.
Continue after choices.
Izumi: But I'm really not looking for a romantic partner right now, I promise.
Masumi: No, not jut now. Never.
Izumi: Oh, come on... That's asking a little much.
Masumi: You have me, isn't that enough?
Izumi: ...Um, well. Yeah, sure, let's go with that.
Masumi: ...Hehe.
Yuki: Oh, welcome back.
Izumi: Thanks.
Azuma: Looks like you found him. I'm glad everything worked out.
Izumi: I'm sorry I'm so late. I'll get on dinner right away.
Masumi: I'll help.
Izumi: Really? Thank you.
Masumi: You don't have to thank me. I just want to be near you. I'll do anything for you, all you have to do is ask.
Azuma: Looks like all's well that ends well.
Yuki: Sounds like his stalker tendencies have only gotten worse.
Kazunari: I'm home!
Kazunari: ...Huh? Massu's hanging all over Izumi like he always does again.
Tsuzuru: What do you mean, "like he always does"? This is way worse than usual. But I guess he wouldn't be Masumi if he wasn't like this.
Hisoka: ...A happy ending?
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