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This guide teaches true beginners the bare basics on how to play A3!. For more details, check out the subpages dedicated to each category under Gameplay in this wiki.


1. Practice to Rank Up and Unlock more of the Main Story!

Missions 1
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  • Ranking Up in Practice allows you to read more of the Main Story. You will be rewarded with Gems Diamond.png after reading through new chapters.

2. Try Earn Cash to get Coins and other Items!

Earn Cash page
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Earning Cash

  • You can only Earn Cash once within a certain time period in each location. As you Rank Up, more places will be available (3 in total)!

3. Level Up and Bloom your favorite Actors!

Actors tab page
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Level up complete
  • Train your Actors through 1 on 1 Practice and Special Training! Your Actors will become stronger during performances with more training, so make sure to add trained Actors to your team.

4. Put on Shows to get Lots of Coins!

Missions 2
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Clear show
  • Shows can be accessed from the bottom of a Play's Practice menu. Get Coins Coins.png by meeting the audience's expectations (Points) during them. Use Coins to train your Actors further!

5. Complete the Newbie Missions to learn more!

Newbie Missions
  • Your first task is to clear the Newbie Missions to learn more about the game. Complete them all to get an SR card and tons of other rewards!


If you still have any questions unanswered, please go to the "Help" section under Menu or go to the pages you don't understand on this wiki.