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Backstage Stories
Icons Card Name Story
Azuma Yukishiro N 【Winter Is Coming】
Azuma Yukishiro N 【Winter Is Coming】
【Winter Is Coming】 The Trickster of Winter Troupe
Azuma Yukishiro N 【Suit & Tie】
Azuma Yukishiro N 【Suit & Tie】
【Suit & Tie】 Everyone Loves Raindrop Cake
Azuma Yukishiro N 【My Master's Mesmerized by Mystery】
Azuma Yukishiro N 【My Master's Mesmerized by Mystery】
【My Master's Mesmerized by Mystery】 Role Study: Shizuma Kusanagi
Azuma Yukishiro N 【Nocturnality】
Azuma Yukishiro N 【Nocturnality】
【Nocturnality】 Role Study: Reo Kuto
Azuma Yukishiro N 【Die by the Sword】
Azuma Yukishiro N 【Die by the Sword】
【Die by the Sword】 Role Study: Orin
Azuma Yukishiro R 【Standing Rehearsal】
Azuma Yukishiro R 【Standing Rehearsal】
【Standing Rehearsal】 Azuma's Adult XXX
Azuma Yukishiro R 【Sympathy for the Angel】
Azuma Yukishiro R 【Sympathy for the Angel】
【Sympathy for the Angel】 To The Beat of His Own Drum
Azuma Yukishiro R 【Devilish Cupid】
Azuma Yukishiro R 【Devilish Cupid】
【Devilish Cupid】 Rise of the Demonic Cupid
Azuma Yukishiro R 【A Celeb's Airport Style】
Azuma Yukishiro R 【A Celeb's Airport Style】
【A Celeb's Airport Style】 The Tastes of a Refined Adult
Azuma Yukishiro R 【Violet Santa】
Azuma Yukishiro R 【Violet Santa】
【Violet Santa】 Christmas Plans
Azuma Yukishiro R 【Le Fantome de l'Opera】
Azuma Yukishiro R 【Le Fantome de l'Opera】
【Le Fantome de l'Opera】 Manly Bravado
Azuma Yukishiro R 【Eye-Catching Roll Cake】
Azuma Yukishiro R 【Eye-Catching Roll Cake】
【Eye-Catching Roll Cake】 What You Want
Azuma Yukishiro SR 【About to Bloom】
Azuma Yukishiro SR 【About to Bloom】
【About to Bloom】 A Lively Home
Azuma Yukishiro SR 【Chocolate-Dipped Strawberry】
Azuma Yukishiro SR 【Chocolate-Dipped Strawberry】
【Chocolate-Dipped Strawberry】 The Valentine Prince
Azuma Yukishiro SR 【The Other Me in the Mirror】
Azuma Yukishiro SR 【The Other Me in the Mirror】
【The Other Me in the Mirror】 Short-Haired Beauty
Azuma Yukishiro SR 【Wait Until Dark】
Azuma Yukishiro SR 【Wait Until Dark】
【Wait Until Dark】 The Solution to a Sleepless Night
Azuma Yukishiro SR 【Blooming Trail】
Azuma Yukishiro SR 【Blooming Trail】
【Blooming Trail】 Never Too Careful
Azuma Yukishiro SR 【Wishing on a Flower Crown】
Azuma Yukishiro SR 【Wishing on a Flower Crown】
【Wishing on a Flower Crown】 A Flower Crown's Meaning
Azuma Yukishiro SR 【Like a True Beauty】
Azuma Yukishiro SR 【Like a True Beauty】
【Like a True Beauty】 Let the Geisha Games Begin!
Azuma Yukishiro SR 【Blooming Journey】
Azuma Yukishiro SR 【Blooming Journey】
【Blooming Journey】 Secret Beauty Ingredient
Azuma Yukishiro SSR 【City Lights】
Azuma Yukishiro SSR 【City Lights】
【City Lights】 A Game of Chicken on a Rainy Night
Azuma Yukishiro SSR 【In The Cool Breeze】
Azuma Yukishiro SSR 【In The Cool Breeze】
【In The Cool Breeze】 Wishes on the Evening Wind
Azuma Yukishiro SSR 【Limitless Thirst】
Azuma Yukishiro SSR 【Limitless Thirst】
【Limitless Thirst】 Nocturnality: Epilogue
Azuma Yukishiro SSR 【Mankai Birthday】
Azuma Yukishiro SSR 【Mankai Birthday】
【Mankai Birthday】 Impromptu Birthday Trip
Azuma Yukishiro SSR 【Elegant Riding Club】
Azuma Yukishiro SSR 【Elegant Riding Club】
【Elegant Riding Club】 Glassblowing Challenge
Azuma Yukishiro SSR 【Primordial Deity's Descent】
Azuma Yukishiro SSR 【Primordial Deity's Descent】
【Primordial Deity's Descent】 Advent of the Earth Godess

Cross Backstage Story
Icons Cards Story
Azuma Yukishiro SSR City Lights unbloomed icon
Yuki Rurikawa SSR Sewing Lullaby unbloomed icon
Azuma Yukishiro SSR 【City Lights】 &

Yuki Rurikawa SSR 【Sewing Lullaby】

The Magic of Beauty

Mini Chat

A Springtime Snooze
Side Azuma Yukishiro (1/3)
Azuma: The last time the Autumn and Winter Troupes went on a training camp together, the little pup and everyone else brainstormed so many fun ideas for Sakyo and me.
I want to pay it forward this time by planning a fun training camp for everyone.
I traveled a lot, but I only started going on large group trips after joining the Mankai Company.
Hehe. It's delightful spending time with everyone. Even though I've been here before, it's an entirely different experiene with our group.
The fun here has just begun, Izumi. Let's make the most of our time here with everyone.
Side Azuma Yukishiro (2/3)
Azuma: I've been thinking this for a while, but Chikage has a high alcohol tolerance, doesn't he? He never turns red or acts any differently than normal.
He said he doesn't really care for sweet sake but enjoys prety much everything else.
He's rather knowledgeable about different types of alcohol, too. He even told me about some foreign brands that I had never heard of before.
I'd like to have drinks with him sometime. I wonder what we'll end up talking about when it's just the two of us?
It'll be a mature conversation, for sure. I'm looking forward to when that day comes.
Side Azuma Yukishiro (3/3)
Azuma: Hehe.
Oh, sorry for staring. I was just thinking about how cute you look while you're eating.
The lunch here is delicious, right? I really like it, too.
I had a feeling you'd like the food as much as I do. I'm so glad that you're enjoying what I've planned for us so far.
Look forward to dinner, too. I made sure to buy sake that I think would suit your palate. Let's drink it together later.
And after that...perhaps we can sneak off on our own.
Hehe. Just kidding You really are too adorable.
I was kidding about sneaking off, but I would like to spend more time with you.
The ir is clean here, so the stars look especially beautiful. We should relax under the night sky and enjoy the spring constellations together tonight.
Sound Sleep: Azuma & Itaru's Talk
Itaru: ...Oh, this sake's great.
Azuma: Hehe. Isn't it just? I splurged a little and got us something nice for the occasion.
Itaru: Way to go, Azuma. It's real smooth. I'd better watch myself and not drink too much.
Azuma: I don't think I've ever actually seen you drunk, Itaru. Do you not drink that often?
Itaru: I don't really drink by myself or when I'm gaming, and when I do, it's usually for work parties and whatnot. Well my sister forces me to drink whenever we're at home together.
Azuma: Oh, that makes sense.
Itaru: Things've changed a bit since I joined Mankai, though. Now I drink at our troupe-related events and out little drinking parties in the lounge from time to time.
Azuma: Drinking with everyone is such fun. You get to see a different side of people that you normally wouldn't get the chance to when you do.
Itaru: That's true. Since I've only ever really drunk for work functions. I've always thought drinking parties were just a pain in the butt. But whenever the troupe gets together for drinks, I can just chill out, chat and laugh with everyone, and have a good time. ...Oops, I guess I'm kind of buzzed already.
Azuma: Hehe. So you're the talkative type when you get drunk. It makes me happy to hear how you really feel, Itaru. Thank you.
Queen Camellia!
Side Azuma Yukishiro (1/3)
Azuma: The offer to perform on the cruise ship came in at just the right time, didn't it? I suppose you could say our ship came in... in more ways than one.
I've traveled by ship before, but spending a short holiday aboard one has its own charms, wouldn't you say?
The ship we'll be boarding is rather big and equipped with all kinds of different facilities, so I'm sure we'll find a way to enjoy ourselves.
And of course there's the murder mystery we'll be performing in. I have a feeling this'll be an exciting trip.
I've often watched shows on cruises, but this will be my first time being an actor in one. I'm sure it'll be a refreshing experience.
I have no doubt we'll be able to put on a wonderful show. I'm already looking forward to our little cruises.
Side Azuma Yukishiro (2/3)
Azuma: Since Sakuya and I are on this trip, Guy and His Highness will be rooming alone until we return.
And since that's the case, I suggested that they could spend some time together in our absence.
His Highness said Guy would probably feel lonely all by himself, so he offered to join him for some drinks at night.
Then Guy replied that he'd prepare some of the sake that I recommended to him for their little drinking parties.
Do you think they're having a drink about now? They might try to pretend otherwise, but I think they're actually rather close friends.
I wonder what those two talk about when they're alone together? I should ask Guy when I get back.
Side Azuma Yukishiro (3/3)
Azuma: Say, Izumi, do you have any plans for tonight?
If not, how about you and I get a drink at the bar together?
It has a lovely atmosphere, and they serve an original cocktail that I highly recommend.
Since we're the only ones old enough to drink in this little group, I might just use that as an excuse to keep you all to myself.
I'll come pick you up after everyone else has returned to their rooms.
Or would you rather meet near the entrance hall? It would feel more like a date if we did. Perhaps we should do that instead.
Can you imagine it? A private date on a luxury liner after dark with just the two of us... Let's enjoy our alone time together tonight, Izumi.
Azuma & Taichi's Chat
Taichi: Every inch of this ship is sooo fancy!
Azuma: Hehe. I'm glad you're enjoying yourself.
Taichi: Man, I'd love to have a date on this kinda ship!
Azuma: A date on a cruise liner, is it? That would be nice since there a lot of activities you could enjoy together.
Taichi: Yeah! I'd love to swim in the pool with my date in the afternoon. And we could go shopping and watch shows together, too.
Azuma: That sounds lovely. And when the day wanes, you could watch the sunset from the deck.
Taichi: Whoa! That would be super romantic!
Azuma: Then, you could have a bath with a nice ocean view and relax in the sauna before having dinner. And of course, you'd finish the day by talking the night away at the bar.
Taichi: That's such a grown-up date...! Just listening to it makes my heart race!
Azuma: Hehe, does it? Well, you could use this little cruise as practice for when the day comes for your date.
Taichi: Yeah! I'm gonna make the most of this trip! And when I get the chance to go on a cruise date, I'll be the most gallant partner on board! Thanks for the advice, Azuma!

Die by the Sword
Side Azuma Yukishiro (1/3)
Azuma: I wore traditional clothing for our second play too, but this will be the first time I get to wear a women's kimono.
Everyone tells me I look great, but I can't help but feel a little pressure as the first one to play a woman in the Winter Troupe. I'll need to work hard.
It's interesting to think that I had to practice making my mannerisms and speech more masculine for Phantom.
And now, it'll be the other way around. I'd like to surprise the audience with a grace and elegance they've yet to see from me.
I'll do my best to capture Orin's captivating charms.
Side Azuma Yukishiro (2/3)
Azuma: I organized a small tea party with Yuki and the little pup yesterday?
Both of them played female roles in the past, so I wanted to ask them for some advice on their characters and how they approached practice to prepare.
We did some improv skits as female characters afterwards and, though it was a simple exercise, I feel like I learned a lot.
It really felt like we were just some girls having a chat over tea.
Maybe I'll stay in character the next time we have some tea together, and I'll show you how much my practice has paid off.
Side Azuma Yukishiro (3/3)
Azuma: ...You think I smell a bit different today? I'm surprised you noticed.
I tried some new perfume cream today. Here, take a look at this tin.
You could try some if you'd like. Come, let me hold your hand for a bit.
Applying it to your wrists helps highlight its gentle scent, and you can also apply some to the tips of your hair if you'd like.
...Mm, it smells good. This scent suits you.
Now we smell the same. Doesn't that make you feel excited? It feels a little like when someone leaves their scent on your pillow the day after.
Hehe. The others might get jealous when they find out.
Azuma & Tenma's Chat
Azuma: Tenma, did you hear that there'll be a bonsai sale and exhibition next week?
Tenma: Yeah, I'm planning to go. I even made sure my work wouldn't get in the way. I'm surprised you heard about it, though.
Azuma: I ran into my old friend, Ichida, the other day. He's the one who told me all about it.
Tenma: Ichida? Wait a second... You don't happen to mean THE Goemon Ichida?
Azuma: Oh, have you heard of him? That's the one.
Tenma: Who hasn't heard of him?! He's a celebrated bonsai master who's earned worldwide renown! He's won countless prizes! AND he's been published in Bonsai Friends Monthly! How could I not know someone whose bonsai are that amazing?!
Azuma: Hehe, yoiu're cute when you get so excited. Ichida will be attending next week's exhibition. How about I introduce the two of you then?
Tenma: Really? You'd do that?! That'd be amazing!
Azuma: I'd be delighted. I'll make sure to send him some of the movies and magazines you've appeared in. And I'll also need to share some insider pictures and stories.
Tenma: Wait, what?!
Azuma: ...Hehe. I jest. I'll just let him know that you'd like to meet him. The rest will be in your hands.

Oh, Exquisite Gaia!
Side Azuma Yukishiro (1/3)
Azuma: I'm glad we can travel with the troupe again.
Since the theme park we're going to is based off Santorini, I'm sure the atmosphere and the scenery is going to be wonderful, too.
Kazu told me that they'll be selling authentic Greek food and merchandise inside of the park.
Santorini is quite famous for its delicious wine, so I hope we'll be able to find some fine alcohol while we're there.
The marketing materials for Santorini Resort say that it's a park that's just as fun for adults as it is for children.
We'll have to uphold that proposal and put on a good show for the guests. Of course, we can't forget to enjoy ourselves to the fullest, too.
Side Azuma Yukishiro (2/3)
Azuma: I took a peek a the shops earlier. They were filled with all kinds of Greek goodies, just like Kazu said.
They had alcohol and all the usual souvenirs you'd expect of course, but they also carried a huge selection of chocolates, cookies, and other sweets.
To the Japanese palate, Greek confectionaries can sometimes be shockingly saccharine. They have sweets that are preserved in syrup, for example.
I think Juza and Muku would love those, I'll make sure to bring an assortment back with me.
Traveling to new locations is enjoyable in and of itself, but picking out souvenirs for your friends back home is half the fun of visiting a new place.
Side Azuma Yukishiro (3/3)
Azuma: The Greek gods are a lot more human than their godly title suggests. They fall in love, they suffer envy, they fight amongst one another...
That's what makes them so very relatable.
It just shows that, god or human, we can all be swayed by the words and actions of those we love. And we can likewise become jealous over or long for them.
As for me, I always cheer up when I hear your voice or see your bright smile.
Hehe. I hope that you feel the same way about me whenever you look my way, Izumi.
Azuma & Omi's Chat
Azuma: Mmm, that smells delicious. What are you cooking for us today, Omi? Oh my, you've gone all out.
Omi: Haha. I tried my hand at making taramasalata, horiatiki salad, souvlaki, and moussaka. What do you think?
Azuma: This is amazing. You've whipped up so many famous Greek dishes.
Omi: I heard that you guys will be doing a play based on Greek mythology soon, so I thought I would give you all a taste of the culture. I'm not sure if it'll help you get into character, but you'll at least be able to enjoy some authentic Greek flavors. By the way, the moussaka on this plate doesn't have any eggplant in it.
Azuma: Oh! You are far too thoughtful, Omi. Thank you. I can't wait to have a taste.
Omi: You're welcome. I'm afraid I couldn't make a side of taramasalata without any fish roe since that's one of the main ingredients, though.
Azuma: Ahaha. I have a feeling Homare and Itaru won't be too pleased about that.