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Earn Cash Conversations

Spring Troupe

Sakuya Sakuma - Provocative Partner
Veludo Station
Azuma: Saaaaku...♪
Sakuya: Whoa! D-Don't whisper in my ear like that!
Sakuya: My heart was racing...
Azuma: Hehe. You're so cute and innocent, Saku.
Veludo Park
Sakuya: You've got a really strong aura about you, Azuma.
Azuma: Do I? Guess it's hard to pick up on myself.
Sakuya: Must be that special appeal only a grown-up has...
Azuma: Thanks for the compliment.
Azuma: Your hair is so fluffy. Looks like it'd be so soft to the touch.
Sakuya: Really? Your hair is always so silky.
Azuma: You can touch my hair if you want. Only if you let me touch yours.
Sakuya: What?! Umm... Um...if that's okay...
Masumi Usui - Easygoing Guys
Veludo Station
Masumi: You walk slow.
Azuma: Do I? Maybe you just walk fast.
Masumi: I wanna go home...to her...
Azuma: Then let's buy her a cake on our way ♪
Veludo Park
Azuma: Oh hey, there's that stage actor the director said she likes.
Masumi: Won't let him have her.
Masumi: Once we get home, I'll ask her who's cooler, me or him.
Azuma: Maybe I shouldn't have said anything...
Veludo Library
Azuma: Tasuku yelled at me the other day for not listening.
Masumi: Tsuzuru says that to me all the time.
Azuma: It sucks that just being type B gives you a negative image.
Masumi: I don't get it at all.
Tsuzuru Minagi - Need a Part Time Job?
Veludo Station
Tsuzuru: Crap...I'm gonna run out of money for the month...
Azuma: Oh? Want me to tell you about a good part-time job?
Azuma: It's really simple, shifts are flexible, and it pays well.
Tsuzuru: Why does this sound suspicious?
Veludo Park
Tsuzuru: Remember that really good part-time job you told me about it? What was it?
Azuma: Hehe. A professional cuddler! You can follow in my footsteps! ♪
Tsuzuru: Yeah, I'm not the guy for this kinda thing.
Azuma: It's easy. You listen to your client, then sleep with them all night long.
Veludo Library
Azuma: Would you like to follow in my footsteps?
Tsuzuru: First you were just gonna get me a hob, now I'm gonna be your successor?!
Azuma: You're really not going to try it? The hourly wage is XXX...
Tsuzuru: H-Hang on, let me think about it...
Itaru Chigasaki - Frivolous Visitors
Veludo Station
Itaru: If we don't meet our quota, we're only allowed one side tonight.
Azuma: Is that what Sakyo said? Guess we just gotta do it.
Azuma: We just missed meeting our target. Oh well, we can always buy a side dish.
Itaru: That's a genius idea.
Veludo Park
Azuma: I feel my energy drop when it's too sunny outside...
Itaru: Plus it makes a glare on my phone screen.
Azuma: I'm exhausted... Let's have some tea.
Itaru: Sign me up.
Veludo Library
Azuma: Our skit today is supposed to be about anger.
Itaru: What a pain. Let's just do whatever.
Azuma: We're done! ♪
Itaru: Back to the event...
Citron - Mahjong Masters
Veludo Station
Citron: Azuma, let's have another match tonight!
Azuma: Okay. Be prepared to lose, though.
Citron: Thank you for the night of passion, Azuma.
Azuma: You're very welcome.
Veludo Park
Azuma: Sakyo almost got us yesterday.
Citron: Kazunari also has a sharp eye. Two very strong players!
Citron: I was the one who stood in the way of Azuma's double chan!
Azuma: I can tell how serious you are, Prince. I can't wait.
Veludo Library
Citron: We will start at midnight when the children are asleep and silent.
Azuma: And then...it will be grown-up time.
Azuma: Hehe, I guess I can't let down my guard in front of a prince.
Citron: The mahjong table is a battlefield.
Chikage Utsuki - Rare Sake Buyer
Veludo Station
Azuma: Hey, Chikage. There's this alcohol I'd like you to buy for me sometime.
Chikage: Sure thing. Tell me more about it later.
Azuma: It's this one. Next time you're out on business, can you get it?
Chikage: ... I won't be traveling that far for a while.
Veludo Park
Chikage: I bought you some liquor on my last trip. It's a pretty rare one.
Azuma: Hehe, tonight's late night drinking session should be fun.
Azuma: This bottle is exquisite. It has a nice fragrance, too.
Chikage: I hope you enjoy how it tastes.
Veludo Library
Azuma: I really misjudged that alcohol you gave me. It was quite strong.
Chikage: Can't judge a book by it's cover and all. ...I could say the same of you.
Azuma: Let's try out some drinks together, just the two of us. Are you free tonight?
Chikage: I'm not sure if I'm mentally prepared for this.

Summer Troupe

Tenma Sumeragi - Always On Guard
Veludo Station
Tenma: ......
Azuma ......
Azuma: Tenma...do you hate me?
Tenma: ...No, it's not like that...
Veludo Park
Azuma: You always keep a distance between us. Why is that?
Tenma: Instinct?
Azuma: That's not nice. I just wanna be your friend.
Tenma: Just what does 'friends' mean to you...?
Veludo Library
Azuma: What are you so afraid of, Tenma? Go on, say it.
Tenma: U-Um... I think I'd rather not say it out loud...
Azuma: Hehe, you're like a scared little puppy. I could play with you all day.
Tenma: This is what I'm talkiing about!
Yuki Rurikawa - Mankai Beauty Club
Veludo Station
Azuma: Yuki, your skin is looking rough lately.
Yuki: I've been pulling all nighters making costimes. It'll get better soon.
Azuma: Ah, to be young again...
Yuki: ...Just how old are you?
Yuki: How old are you, Azu?
Azuma: You really wanna know?
Azuma: Age is just a number.
Yuki: Says the person who looks super young.
Veludo Library
Yuki: Your hair is shinier than usual.
Azuma: I got some camellia oil so I tried it out.
Azuma: You probably don't need it, but I'll give you the leftovers.
Yuki: Thanks. I'll try it.
Muku Sakisaka - Future Heartbreaker
Veludo Station
Azuma: Have you gotten taller?
Muku: Ehehe. Just a bit.
Azuma: You might even out grow Tasuku in about five years!
Muku: Will I really get that big?
Veludo Park
Azuma: You're gonna be a great man someday. Just like a prince.
Muku: What?! R-Really?
Azuma: I can't wait to see you all grown up and as princely as ever.
Muku: I'll do my best to get bigger!
Veludo Library
Muku: How can I be sexy like a grown up?
Azuma: Hehe. I think it's a bit too early for you.
Azuma: Just stay cute and innocent while you can, okay?
Muku: I guess I'm still a kid...
Misumi Ikaruga - Grown-up Triangle!
Veludo Station
Azuma: Here's a triangle snack.
Misumi: Yay! Yatsuhashi! Triangles, triangles!
Azuma: We got so many tips. Good job. Let's take a detour on our way back.
Misumi: Yaaay! I'm the MVP!☆
Veludo Park
Misumi: What kind of triangle are you, Azuma?
Azuma: I wonder. Why don't you try and find out?
Misumi: I'm sure you're an adult triangle.
Azuma: An adult triangle...I like the sound of that♪
Veludo Library
Misumi: Tra-la-triangle!♪
Azuma: You're in a good mood. Did you find a nice triangle?
Misumi: Can I go to your room? I want to look for adult triangles.
Azuma: Hehe. Sure. I'll be waiting.
Kazunari Miyoshi - Love to Travel
Veludo Station
Kazunari: What countries do you want to visit?
Azuma: Russia, maybe? I heard borscht is good for your skin.
Kazunari: It's Hawaii for me!
Azuma: You love scuba diving, after all.
Veludo Park
Kazunari: You racked up a ton of miles, huh?
Azuma: Yeah, I just keep getting more.
Kazunari: Let's go to Macao, then!♪
Azuma: Nice idea. I know someone there who can guide us.
Veludo Library
Kazunari: Who'd you go on that trip with?
Azuma: Hehe, it's a secret.
Kazunari: Let's go on a trip! To Europe or something!
Azuma: Sounds good. I bet it would be fun to go on a trip with you.
Kumon Hyodo - Superfood Testers
Veludo Station
Azuma: I heard you're a health nut, Kumon. Is that true?
Kumon: Well, I do my best to learn as much as I can! Do you have any reccs for me?
Azuma: I can teach you all about superfoods.
Kumon: Isn't that the stuff celebs eat?! Thanks a bunch!
Veludo Park
Azuma: If you're interested, we could have some Moringa tea when we get home.
Kumon: Yuki was talking about how we wanted some to other day!
Azuma: It's good for your health and beauty. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.
Kumon: Just the name makes it sound healthy! I can't wait!
Veludo Library
Kumon: Those nuts you gave me were really good! They had a strong-sounding name...
Azuma: Oh, you liked the Tiger Nuts? They make a good snack.
Kumon: If you can be healtheir just by eating superfoods, I guess the name fits!
Azuma: Indeed. But you'll need proper sleep and exercise for good health too.

Autumn Troupe

Banri Settsu - Same Salon
Veludo Station
Banri: Did you trim your hair?
Azuma: Just took off the split ends. You've got a good eye.
Azuma: I can't believe we got to the same hair salon.
Banri: Try not to go when I do, okay?
Veludo Park
Azuma: Banri, you've got some split ends.
Banri: Dude, get out of my face.
Azuma: Hair care is important. I'll give you a salon-grade hair treatment.
Banri: I can do it myself.
Veludo Library
Banri: You ever think of cutting your hair?
Azuma: Think short hair would look good on me?
Banri: Nah...can't imagine it.
Azuma: Hehe. Maybe I'll cut it off just to shock everyone.
Juza Hyodo - Super Sweets Time
Veludo Station
Juza: Thanks for the raindrop cake the other day.
Azuma: It tastes better when you eat it with everyone.
Juza: The sweets I ordered came, so I'll bring them tonight.
Azuma: Awesome. I'll make some tea and wait.
Veludo Park
Azuma: I like Japanese snacks because they're elegant and sweet.
Juza: Red bean paste is good stuff.
Azuma: Let's eat some on the way home.
Juza: !!! I'm in.
Veludo Library
Azuma: The jelly you gave me was super good. The brown sugar syrup was amazing.
Juza: You understand...!
Azuma: I've procured a nice little treat for you, too. Let's eat it in secret.
Juza: I-I'm looking forward to it...
Taichi Nanao - Owner & Pet
Veludo Station
Taichi: Lookin' great today, Azuma!
Azuma: Hehe, thanks.
Azuma: Dogs are so calming. Call it animal therapy.
Taichi: Not sure what you mean, but I'm happy for ya!
Veludo Park
Azuma: Shake, doggy.
Taichi: Arf! ...I'm tellin' ya, I'm not a dog!
Azuma: We got tons of tips thanks to you! Good doggy!
Taichi: I guess I don't mind getting petted.
Veludo Library
Azuma: Hehe. It's like I own a dog.
Taichi: Wouldn't mind if you were my master. ...Whoa, never mind. That sounded bad!
Taichi: We made enough tips today!
Azuma: Hehe. I can see your tail wagging.
Omi Fushimi - Thanks for the Snacks
Veludo Station
Omi: Want to drink again tonight?
Azuma: Sure. I'm thinking white wine.
Omi: Do you want pears or peaches wrapped in prosciutto?
Azuma: Hmm, peaches.
Veludo Park
Azuma: I got some good sake. Want some?
Omi: Sure. I'll bring some snacks.
Azuma: Could you make some fried shrimp and veggie tempura?
Omi: Coming right up.
Veludo Library
Azuma: Our company's chef is the best ♪
Omi: I'm an actor too, you know.
Omi: Thanks to you, I've increased my snack repertoire.
Azuma: Hehe, glad to hear it. Looking forward to tasting more.
Sakyo Furuichi - Evening Drinkers
Veludo Station
Sakyo: You're in an awfully good mood.
Azuma: Hehe, can you tell? I got some good alcohol ♪
Azuma: It's a 10 year old vintage. Let's share it with everyone.
Sakyo: 10 year old vintage? It'd be wasted on 'em.
Veludo Park
Azuma: Hehe...
Sakyo: What are you laughing at?
Azuma: Just thinking about yesterday. You're an interesting drunk.
Sakyo: ...Can't believe you saw me like that.
Veludo Library
Azuma: You're really cute with glasses off.
Sakyo: ...! When did you see it?!
Azuma: Alcohol makes people crazy, huh?
Sakyo: ......
Azami Izumida - Mankai Beauty Club
Veludo Station
Azami: Your skin's looking even better than usual, Azuma.
Azuma: Hehe, you can tell? I recently changed my moisturizer.
Azami: What brand are you using? Tell me when we get back.
Azuma: But of course. How about I share some with you?
Veludo Park
Azuma: There's this lotion I'm interesting in. Seems like it's from a new brand.
Azami: Really? Tell me what it is later.
Azuma: Here's the brand I was talking about earlier.
Azami: ...Bet I can try it out for free for #Cosmetics. I'll give some to you.
Veludo Library
Azuma: Azami, I got a big delivery of those face masks I told you about.
Azami: Thanks. I'll hand them out when we get home.
Azuma: Hehe, I can't wait to see howyour month of skin care basics turns out.
Azami: I'll be able to tell who's slacking off, that's for sure.

Winter Troupe

Tsumugi Tsukioka - Grown-up Part-timers
Veludo Station
Azuma: Why are you a tutor?
Tsumugi: It pays well and I like talking to people.
Tsumugi: Why are you a professional cuddler?
Azuma: Hehe, that's a secret.
Veludo Park
Azuma: You used to be a civil servant? Haha, I can see it.
Tsumugi: You can? It was a pretty nice job.
Azuma: I'd like to try it just once.
Tsumugi: I can't even imagine you working at City Hall...
Veludo Library
Tsumugi: Is professional cuddling a good paying job?
Azuma: Hehe. Tsuzuru asked me the same thing.
Azuma: I'd recruit you as a pro cuddler, but I know someone would get mad at me.
Tsumugi: ???
Tasuku Takato - Knight & Queen
Veludo Station
Azuma: The directer suggested I play a queen. What do you think?
Tasuku: Sounds good to me.
Azuma: Will you play my knight?
Tasuku: I don't care as long as it's not a prince.
Veludo Park
Azuma: Hey, take me on a drive tonight.
Tasuku: You really love driving around, huh. Maybe after practice.
Azuma: I love the way you handle the wheel, Tasuku.
Tasuku: Thanks, I guess.
Veludo Library
Azuma: Join me for a nightcap sometime.
Tasuku: You just want someone to pour for you.
Azuma: You're no fun, Tasuku. Although that's kind of what I like about you.
Tasuku: ???
Hisoka Mikage - Deep Sleepers
Veludo Station
Hisoka: You're like a luxury pillow.
Azuma: Hehe. That's the best compliment I could get.
Hisoka: I'm gonna sleep in your room again tonight.
Azuma: Sure! I'll be waiting.
Veludo Park
Hisoka: I wanna move into your room...
Azuma: Hehe. You're welcome at any time!
Azuma: But won't Homare be lonely if you sleep in my room?
Hisoka: Better sleep's more important.
Veludo Library
Hisoka: I'm hungry... for a second you looked like a marshmallow.
Azuma: Hehe. Wanna taste me?
Hisoka: Sleeping is the best way to distract from an empty sto...mach...Zz...
Azuma: He fell asleep. I'll call Tasuku to come get him.
Homare Arisugawa - Petals in The Wind
Veludo Station
Homare: I find you hard to read, Azuma.
Azuma: Oh? I could say the same to you.
Homare: I sang Hisoka a lullaby but he didn't like it...
Azuma: You can be so cute sometimes, Homare.
Veludo Park
Homare: You think I'm 'cute'? What a strange one you are.
Azuma: I must be pretty bad if you're calling me strange...
Azuma: Come to my room sometime. I promise you'll have a good time.
Homare: The words 'good time' coming from you have quite a ring to them...
Veludo Library
Azuma: Your poems are catchy but completely nonsensical. Just like you.
Homare: A writer's work mirrors his soul.
Homare: If I were to describe you, I'd say you're a sensitive, sensual democracy.
Azuma: Haha. I have no clue what that means, but thanks.
Guy - Mature Roommates
Veludo Front
Guy: I got some cheese from Zafra. I think it will go well with drinks.
Azuma: Well, well. Shall we open a bottle of wine together, then?
Guy: Allow me to select the wine. I will choose something nice for the occasion.
Azuma: Really? All right, then. I can't wait.
Veludo Park
Azuma: The cheese and wine you prepared were delicious.
Guy: I'm happy to hear that. I'll order another one soon.
Azuma: Maybe I should go traveling in Zafra.
Guy: It's a good place. I can handle any preparation you need.
Veludo Library
Azuma: I got some unusual liquor from Chikage the other day.
Guy: He must be in a good mood...I wonder about that man.
Azuma: Let's invite Sakyo and Itaru and make it a party! ♪
Guy: How many people are you intending on drinking under the table?