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Normal Home Screen Quotes

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Occassion Line Audio
Morning Mornin’. Now get that face moisturized.  Info icon.png
Noon Looks like we're having pickled crap for lunch today...gonna give myself the least amount possible. File:Azami noon line.ogg Info icon.png
Evening Ran into some punks on my way back from school. ...Don't worry. I taught 'em a lesson. File:Azami evening line.ogg Info icon.png
Night Should you stay up this late? It’ll reflect tomorrow’s makeup, you know.  Info icon.png
Regular Being with you's pretty relaxing. You might be the first older lady who's made me feel this way. File:Azami regular1 line.ogg Info icon.png
Regular This moisterizer is ranked number one on #Cosmetics. Wanna try it out? I got a sample. File:Azami regular2 line.ogg Info icon.png
Regular Hey! Y-you can't just touch me like that! Leave that shit until after marriage! File:Azami regular3 line.ogg Info icon.png
Regular You promised you'd let me try some makeup on you, remember? I wanna test out my new brushes. File:Azami regular4 line.ogg Info icon.png
Regular Ah...I'm just chillin'. You got something for me? File:Azami regular5 line.ogg Info icon.png
Regular I try out a lot of makeup on myself, so I gotta keep my skin in good condition. File:Azami regular6 line.ogg Info icon.png
Regular Shifuto and I go way back. I dunno...just feel like myself when I'm with him. File:Azami regular7 line.ogg Info icon.png
Regular That shitty old man never shuts the hell up... Can I change rooms? Please? File:Azami regular8 line.ogg Info icon.png
Regular Hm? I'm in a good mood? That's 'cause Ken said he's coming over later. File:Azami regular9 line.ogg Info icon.png

Special Days Quotes

Occassion Line Audio
2nd Anniversary My makeup skills have improved, huh? I'll be staying with you guys, so just leave everything to me. File:Azami 2nd anniversary line.ogg Info icon.png
Valentine’s Day 2021 You can't just give out chocolates like that! You've skipped way too many steps! File:Azami valentine 2021 line.ogg Info icon.png
White Day 2021 Here, for White Day. Got you some makeup. I don't really know what to do for days like these... File:Azami white day 2021 line.ogg Info icon.png
April Fool’s Day 2021 I had to think up something quick, so here goes... "I love you, Sakyo." Think that'll work? File:Azami april fool 2021 line.ogg Info icon.png
Children's Day 2021 Eye makeup for the koi nobori? ...What makes you think I'd do something pointless like that?  Info icon.png
Tanabata 2021 The chirashizushi Ken made is really good. Did you make sure to enjoy it properly? File:Azami tanabata 2021 line.ogg Info icon.png
Last Day of Summer Break 2021 Summer homework is a huge pain. But I'll finish it before that shitty old man gets on my case. File:Azami Last Day of Summer Break day 2021 line.ogg Info icon.png
Halloween 2020 Line up here if you want me to do your makeup. Hey, want me to make you into a zombie? File:Azami halloween line 2020.ogg Info icon.png
Halloween 2021 I learned some new makeup techniques just for today. Can I use your face to try them out? File:Azami halloween line 2021.ogg Info icon.png
Christmas 2020 Hey, Merry Christmas. How did I spend the holidays before? I spent them with Shifuto. File:Azami christmas day 2020 line.ogg Info icon.png
New Year 2020 I don't wanna spend the new year at my house. I can't relax with the whole Family out in hakama... File:Azami new year 2020 line.ogg Info icon.png

Birthday Quotes


Birthday Line Audio
Player’s Birthday File:Azami Player birthday line 2020.ogg Info icon.png


Birthday Line Audio
Player’s Birthday It’s your birthday, right? Come. I’ll do your makeup. Can’t have you looking drab on your big day.  Info icon.png
Itaru chibi icon
Happy Birthday, Itaru. Your skin’s doing well, but you still need to take care of it. Please.  Info icon.png
Citron chibi icon
Happy B-day, Citron. Let me try a wider variety of looks on you. Bet you'd make a gorgeous girl.  Info icon.png
Chikage chibi icon
Happy birthday, Chikage. Winged eyeliner would really suit you. Lemme try it on you someday. File:Azami Chikage birthday line 2021.ogg Info icon.png
Tenma chibi icon
Happy B-Day, Tenma. You can check out our bonsai, but is it ok for a celeb to be at a yakuza house. File:Azami Tenma birthday line 2021.ogg Info icon.png
Yuki chibi icon
Happy B-day, Yuki. We could do an awesome fashion show if we worked together. Lemme think about it. File:Azami Yuki birthday line 2021.ogg Info icon.png
Muku chibi icon
Happy B-day, Muku. Please don’t lend me shojo manga with those kinds of scenes in the future... File:Azami Muku birthday line 2021.ogg Info icon.png
Misumi chibi icon
Happy B-day, Misumi. I can do triangle makeup for you, but you’ll end up looking like a clown...  Info icon.png
Kazunari chibi icon
Happy B-Day, Kazunari. Thanks for giving me so many cool tidbits. I’ll use them well. File:Azami Kazunari birthday line 2021.ogg Info icon.png
Kumon chibi icon
Hey Kumon. These are the shoes you wanted. You’d better get me something nice for my b-day, too. File:Azami Kumon birthday line 2021.ogg Info icon.png
Banri chibi icon
Happy B-day. I thought of a great way to annoy Sakyo. He’ll forgive you since it’s your B-day. File:Azami Banri birthday line 2021.ogg Info icon.png
Juza chibi icon
Happy B-day, Juza. Can you get Kumon to stop telling me all those stories about you? File:Azami Juza birthday line 2021.ogg Info icon.png
Azami chibi icon
Another rap battle in the dorm? Talk about chaotic. But I gotta thank them for the B-Day wishes. File:Azami Azami birthday line 2021.ogg Info icon.png
Tasuku chibi icon
Happy B-day, Tasuku. Let’s play futsal today. I knew you’d be happy if we got enough people to join. File:Azami Tasuku birthday line 2021.ogg Info icon.png
Azuma chibi icon
Happy B-day, Azuma. I got this before, so here. I think it’d suit your skin really well. File:Azami Azuma birthday line 2021.ogg Info icon.png
Guy chibi icon
Guy doesn’t seem like he needs much. Maybe he’d be happy if I got him an abacus…? File:Azami Guy birthday line 2021.ogg Info icon.png

Practice Quotes

Hey, let's get to practicing already.
Banri and I should join forces to beat Sakyo's ass.
Juza's a good guy. His brother clings to him way too much, though.
Taichi's overly friendly, but for some reason I don't mind. It's weird.
Omi's really nice, and I'm grateful but...it's hard to know how to react.
That shitty old man never lets up with the nitpicking. Pisses me off.
This is barely exercise at all.
This makeup could do with some lowlight contouring...
Man, this action scene's intense.
Like hell I'm letting that shitty old man gripe at me.
Ugh...why is this line so friggin' long...
Dehydration is your enemy. Keep hydrated, or else.
Better check out #Cosmetics for the reviews of this new makeup.
Think I'm about to run out of brushes...better stock up.
Good work. Remember to wash your face and take care of your skin.

Other Quotes

Occassion Line Audio
Downloading Screen It's loading. Just throw on a face mask while it's going. Moisturize like your life depends on it. File:Azami download line.ogg Info icon.png
Voice Volume Ah, check check. You heard me over there? I'm glad.  Info icon.png
SSR Tryouts Line File:Azami ssr tryouts line.ogg Info icon.png
1 on 1 Practice I guess I can try, in moderation at least.  Info icon.png
Special Training Is there anywhere I can improve?  Info icon.png
Blooming Buh-buh-blooming. I have to show that shitty old man who's boss. File:Azami blooming line.ogg Info icon.png
Ultimate Blooming I don't have any overwhelming love for curry or anything...but your curry's different. File:Azami ultimate blooming line.ogg Info icon.png
Earn Cash Intro All right, guess we're going out for a raid. I'll earn more than Sakyo for sure. File:Azami earn cash intro line.ogg Info icon.png
Earn Cash Outro Feels like we're going on rounds like the yakuza do for funds... Guess I have to give my thanks for these. File:Azami earn cash outro line.ogg Info icon.png
Dissmiss Actor Guess I'm back to being a runaway now. Or whatever else. But I won't cause more problems for you anymore.  Info icon.png
Show succeeded Succeeding feels kind of nice. File:Azami show success line.ogg Info icon.png
Show failed ...I haven't thrown in the towel yet. File:Azami show fail line.ogg Info icon.png
Skills used in Show File:Azami show skill.ogg Info icon.png
4th Play (2nd Anniversary) C'mon, it's time to go. My stupid partner is just raring to go hunt more undead. File:Azami 4th play line.ogg Info icon.png
5th Play (2nd Anniversary) I can make ramen better than Chan can. I'll make some for you if you want. File:Azami 5th play line.ogg Info icon.png
Full SP Notification Your SP's full. We're putting on a show, right?
Full LP Notification Your LP's ready. Better practice before that shitty old man gets mad.